Sunday, November 22, 2009

Destiny... ...

I still rememberthe moment I entered this building,
Panic, joyful, worried, excited... ...
emotions stirring in my mind
uncertainties awaiting ahead of me

With these
My journey begins.

I stepped into this building on the 1st of July 2008. It's a huge turning point in my life, a really
huge one. Gathering at the main hall, I met quite a number of my future friends (we're not
friends yet at that time). Frankly speaking, I've never expect my self to get this scholarship. On the way after I received it, I had a hard time adjusting myself to the English speaking community. I tried hard and with that, I managed to improve. From a guy who speaks little English and can only last for no more than 5 minutes, I forced myself to adapt. Slowly, 5 minutes become 10, 20, 30 and until what I am today. (thanks to Mr Kok and Mr Dee Dee)

This period of learning in KBU is one of the most interesting time in my education history. The lecturers are so interesting and fun to play with.

EALD lecturer - Mr. Dee Dee, who always address himself as a hot, young thing in front of

a group of students who are actually way.......way..........way.......way.......younger. XP Anyway, I want to tell him that i really cannot bare with your softness when you first came into our class.(susah~~) However, after some time, I start to like your sarcasm and thanks for sharing the SAGGY STORY of the great spherical object. XOXO

Next, the Physics GIANT snow white - Ms say (should be Madam Say), the one who always work like a donkey for the students (I know it sounds quite insulting, but really, I can see that she literally work like donkey for the sake of ensuring all of us being able to fly...... haha). She's one of the pioneer gossip kaki in KBU, not without Atiqah and Syireen which eventually make up the group of A.S.S XD (Picture below: Ms Say in 5 years time)

The applicable Math lecturer - Ms Effa, being friendly and highly approachable is always the her image set among the students. Never ask her about any on coming test coz she'll tell you
"It's VERY easy only ma!!!"
(Ms Say : Effy, please set your reference point)

After that would be our Chemistry lecturer - Ms Jaclyn, the all-the-time Mrs Cool. It's so hard to see her smiles in the college. The main condition to see her smiles is by asking her lots and lots of questions related to Chemistry. The diameter of her smiles is directly proportional to the difficulty of the questions you asked. XD

Last but not least - Mr Wong, our dear Economics lecturer. He's a funny lecturer who deliver knowledge through laughters. All of us like his class as it's like taking a ride in Disney land. It's FUN!! You won't miss him if you meet him in KBU, because he has a pair of sexy, succulent lips.

The environment is also very different from the one I used to have during secondary school time. Friends I met in KBU gave me a total different kind of feeling compared to the one I met previously. Perhaps it's the whole new environment that forces us to be more independent
(those who didn't stay at hostel or student houses will not have this kind of feeling).

However, my journey in KBU is ending soon.......indeed very very soon.

All of us are moving to the next station of our lives. Some going to Germany, while some going to New Zealand and Australia.
(anyone going to marry?Do invite me)

I'm not sure whether we still have the chance to sit down and chat like what we used to do.
I couldn't promise you that I'll be the same person who you used to know, because things change, Man too.
Perhaps the next time we meet, some are already married while a few already have their own
family due to unexpected accident (ooppsss...)

Time flies, it really does. I hope we too......

It's our destiny, to keep moving on
despite of whatever we are holding,
whoever we gonna miss in the future.

I hate the feeling when I am forced leave something that I like, people who I love.
Time is cruel,
but we'll only cherish our present life
with its presence
Freeze those moments we spent together
and keep them in my heart

Annyong hi kaseyo!