Monday, February 25, 2013

With or Without FATE

With or without fate, I was brought back to this island.
An island which I had spent my 3-year-bachelor-degree.
It's kind of over to say that I hate this place,
but I'm sure I still love my TJBG more.
The water here is clearer, but colder.
Beach is cleaner, but rarely see anyone on it.

This big yet small island of Tassie,
I'm not sure why I chose it instead of other big major cities like
Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane or Adelaide.
Maybe it's fate and a little spirit of rebellious and yearning for more adventure and independence.

But, the past 2 month holiday made me cherish my home and here as well.

Found a house on my first day back here *GASP!*
but took a risk of maybe over budgeting as the house is meant for 3 person but there're only 2 of us.
HOPEFULLY will find the last kaki soon...! (stay positive)

Nothing much but hope that this year will be a blessful year with things running smoothly.

Having a class tomorrow morning, gonna brush ma teeth and sleep soon.
gute Nacht!

p/s: I doubt I'll have time to update all my trips. =S