Thursday, June 25, 2009

Last year being a TEENAGER!!!

It's so fast!!
It's already my last year being a TEENager!!!

This year is a special year and will be a special year.
A year, which both my Lunar and English calendar Birthday are on the same day!
A year, which will determine whether I can spread my wings and fly high to the land of Aussie.
A year, which I celebrated my 1st Birthday at a place other than Penang.
A year, which I celebrated my 1st Birthday without my Pig Pig twin brother.(sounds disgusting? XP)
A year, which my hair was dyed red. (___ ____ llll)
A year, which I got pet as present..... V(>_<)Y LE MA Leh!!! TORTOISES!!!
A year which I 1st received wishes through handphone
(b4 this, I'm the very anti-handphone type)
A year, which birthday song from my love ones, far from the north was delivered through phone.
A year, which I will always remember in what i always do.
I know in future, there will be more Birthday similar to this one. I will miss the previous one whihch I celebrated. But, things change all the time, don't they?

I wish in this very last year of being TEENager,
I want to do something EXTREMELY CRAZY!!
Something crazier than wearing box,
acting as a halfly-nude guy,
walking in a shopping mall.
Something crazier than having my face painted with a red pumpkin on halloween
which a=later found out, it's damn hard to get rid of the make up!! XP
Something crazier than jumping off the cliff of a waterfall
which make me discover that it's not that hard.
Something crazier than having a talk about hibiscus flower on the lecturer stage
which showed that I'm not bad at talking crap.
With no regrets and never hesitate
(sounds dangerous.....but, of course, it's something rational)

Below are some photos my poor short hair being tortured by my fellow hostelmates....(+_=)V
(T_T) In the process of turning into red hair boy.....haha
one of the culprit - Mamee Monster? (haha...Daniel, this is not taken by me)
A gift from Nicholes, a Sarawak Banana (hahah....he also has one...DAMN GAY!!)
But, thanks Nic!!
Tong Sui (dessert) by my roomate...
wanna taste?
New pet from Daniel, Eve, and Jenny. TORTOISES!!!
Basically, there're only a few photos snapped by my friends. I will upload some more if I get from them.
WHOSE BIRTHDAY IS NEXT???(grinning...hehe)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

早了点?A bit earlier?



HE's like a moutain.
Trying to understand him
Is like hiking.
The more you tried to know him,
The higher you reach,
The harder it will be.

When you reach the top,
You will never be able to see it as a whole.

We seldom talk about HIS love,
Nor express it.
We barely understand it.
Standing from far,
I would like to say to HIM
Happy Father's Day
-Little Potato-

New Semester

My one week holiday passed by so fast, as if I just arried in Penang yesterday night. But this proves that happy hours with family and pals are always short and memorable.
Now, I'm back in my hostel.

It's my new semester.
It's time to review my performance in the 1st semester.
It's another brand new environment
With more thrilling events going to happen (I hope so)
How would I feel?

Would it be different having a new Econnomics lecturer?
Deciding which Universities to apply?
Learning guitar?
Will my academic result fluctuates like how they did in the early of 1st sem?
Everything will run smoothly......I hope

Friends in Form 6, college and thos who are entering local universities very soon......

Friday, June 12, 2009

11th Georgetown South 56th Gathering cum Farewell

On last Wednesday, I went back to my secondary school to check out the gathering organized by my junior. It's our 56th scout gathering and I think my last time attending event organized by my own juniors.

Theme : Pandora's Box, The Fatal Temptation
Date: 10th June 2009
Time : 8.30 a.m. - 7.30 p.m.
Venue : Chung Ling High School Main Hall

I didn't went back just as visitor, but they called me at the very last minute to be the judge. (I was already sleeping when they called, several hours before the gathering) However, it was really an unexpected invitation. I ended up sticking my butt on the chair from morning till evening. hahahah....But, thank guys for inviting.
There were quite a number of competitions. They were modern dance, traditional dance, sketch, singing, masquerade costume, souvenier making, banner drawing etc. The overall shampion was Sri Pinang Scout and the best supporting group is Krian Scout.

They looked so high.....

The banner by Sri Pinang Scout

Masquerade Costume

This is what you get, when you're greedy.

They got two packets of toilet rolls as their hamper

I miss that FEELING!

-School opening soon-

Monday, June 8, 2009

Holiday with Cow

After 2 weeks of preparation for the exam, the exam finally ended. (mengeluh...) Straight after I surrendered my last paper- Economics, I straight rushed back to hostel and grabbed everything.


Due to the delay of my flight, I decided to take bus (Thanks FIR3FLY! I love this flight agency so much!!) I reached Puduraya at around 1.30pm and I bought a 2.30 pm ticket from Konsortium. Lady luck do like to play on people's patience when we need her the most.

My bus was delayed!! MA-LEh!!

From 2.30pm, I waited until 4.30 p.m.!!! Again, I have to thank Konsortium for their punctuality and efficiency in arranging transport for their customers. Did the company ever thought of sending its staff to be retrained? A lot of colleges offer management course and it's quite affordable. XP

With my extremely PISSED OFF mood, I sat on my seat and hoped that the driver will drive faster, maximum speed would be the best. Bak kata pepatah, 'Biar cepat asalkan selamat'. (kekkkeekkk) However, the driver didn't failed to dissapoinment me. He stopped 3 times for toilet, 2 time for I-also-dont-know-what and 1 time for refilling the petrol.

Finally, I arrived at Penang Bus Terminal at around 10+p.m. I waited for my cousin to fetch me back. Luckily, my cousin's driving skill was FU-YOH! If not, I think I'm going to reach my house at around 12am. The moment I arrived at my aunt's party, I was given all the lime light from all the guests for arriving late. All of them were waiting for me, so that they can cut the cake. (haha...Luckily my face was thick enough)

That night was the last party that I can attend with the presence of all my close relatives at ,y old house. This is because it will be demolished soon.....VERY SOON, so do all my childhood memories. That night, I could feel that my aunt and my father were quite emotional (due to the effect of alchohol). It's already quite hard for me to leave a place that I have lived for more than 18 years, I can't imagine how hard it's for my father and auntie.... but GOD GAVE HUMAN THE ABILILITY TO adapt. That night, we chat until around 2 am.

I heard the sigh of the night.......

On the next day, I fetched Daniel from Sg Nibong bus terminal, one of my friend from Perak. "I'm so TOUCHED because he was willing to come to my house and stayover for 2 days!" VOMITTT!!!! Feel SOOooo SICKed with that sentence!!! (haha...Daniel, don't vomit)
We didn't really go around a lot during the period he came to Penang, but we did eat a lot....seriously, 2 days are soo short!!! Nevermine, we'll meet in Penang in future!
I would like to thank him, Jenny and Eve for coming to Penang. I know I'm not really a good holiday planner. haha...... We went to the annual floral festival (which is DAMN HOT), went for kayak, movie at Gurney Plaze, cam whoring in g-Hotel(swt), sand castle building at Paradise beach, feasting at my house(really feasting....can ask them) ...... (___ ____ llll)
Anyway, really special thanks to Daniel, Eve, Jenny and Jinn Jyh for coming all the way here, just to see me.......Don't VOMIT!!

p/s: Sorry Cow Cow and Eve Eve,
for interrupting at the bus station.