Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Things learnt

Practically, tonight will be the last night where I'll still be touring around both Cambodia and Vietnam.
This is because we'll be catching an early bus tomorrow morning (around 0630) from Siem Reap toPhnom Penh and crossing the border to Chau Duc then Ho Chih Minh City before flying back KL.

Vietnam, a country with a strong communist government. It can be said to be lucky if you're viewing from the political perspective *not so much on economy*. Taking Korea as a comparison, Vietnam's economy is clearly thousand miles away. But, things like national unity is relatively hard to gain. If Vietnam wasn't ruled by Uncle Ho Chi Minh, it will most probably end up like North Korea and South Korea in the present.

While for Cambodia, its civil war only  ended around 1992, and this made the country to have a late start in economy. It can be seen that the people here are poorer, even the dogs are skinnier! XP  However, people are more honest (comparing with Vietnam) and simple.

If Malaysia were to be put together with these two, I can say that we are much more worse in the way cultural heritage is preserved. Sad~

Well... you can't expect to have everything, because even animals have problems! *quoted from famous lady, you know who she is*

most probably won't blog about the trip since still have heaps about my graduation trip.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

It's my 5th day in Vietnam and so far, things're not too bad
and got my eyes opened after such a long time.

First, the traffic in Hanoi should be listed as one of the wonders throughout the world. There are so many motorbikes that they make your balls shrink when you try to cross a Hanoi road for the very first time. NO KIDDING.

Second, the people here practice double standard everywhere, every corner. If they figure out you're not Vietnamese, then OMG.... they're so gonna slash you like a pig! Mati habis!

Third, at Sapa, even though people have a simpler life and things are like >10 years backwards, they're happy and content pretty easily. A sugar cane or a free car ride is what made up someone's daily life here.

Last, do I really looked like Korean? haha... 8 out of 10 local and tourists guessed my nationality to be Korean.

Oh Chao! *TQ in one of the tribal languge*