Saturday, January 30, 2010


I have never thought that just a few moments can made me think of them


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Kuih Kapit

This afternoon, after days of and my brother decided to "PU" Kuih Kapit.
*PU means panggang in Hokkien, not the 'PU' in 'PU-ki' XD

Kuih kapit got many names....Chinese call it 糕加必,鸡蛋卷,夹心卷。。。等等
Malay call it 'kuih kapit' (of course)
But among all, I like it's English name the most!
People used to hide notes inside the cookies!!
(nice but, lousy and unhygienic trick!)
Anyway, girls are going to melt if you give them one....haha

Ingredient list:
20 medium sized eggies
tapioca flour
rice flour
coconut milk
etc. (my brother prepared the ingredient)

After mixing all the ingredient, the baking session kicked off straight away!

Labour of the day:

My aunt-one of the kaki panggang

My brother - the folder...not file?

my cousin - The joker!

Another kaki panggang - me!

The stove
After that you will get something like this....
it's sizzling hot! always burnt my fingers when taking out the still-soft kuih kepit

fold when it's still hot!!
HOT!! HOT!!!

Danglang!! There goes the kuih and the...... middle finger
(It belongs to my brother)

Sometimes, the atmosphere can be quite pressure..
So many inspectors.....


STOP eating and WORK!!! XP
(kesian my dog)

I'm going to miss this when I get to Australia!! (if I can..)

Chinese New Year coming....
I can smell IT!

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Feelings... ...

Yesterday met up with Mr. Turtle and Mr. Cool in Kedah for the last time before they fly.
Times really passes by fast......

A few days more they're flying to Germany to further their education.....
for more than 3 years.
After 3 or 4 years, will we meet again? I think YES, since Penang and Kedah is so close.

But, will we be the same?
Same like what we are now
a teenager,
bunch of youngsters with endless passion for life?

(Be aware, emo factor is in the air now.....)
When I'm emo, I always ask myself:

"Why we are given the ability to feel?"
eventhough I knew the answer deep down my heart.

Feelings made me longing to meet new people,
new friends,
new relationship (not the play boy type!)

Those excitement and thrill
dissapoiment and uncertainty
I don't like the feelings being alone in my hostel
but, it makes me reassure my own feelings
Feelings to my friends and pals.

Frankly speaking, the type of relationship I don't really like is

LOOOOooooooooooNG distance relationship.

To me, all the facebook, friendster, blogs merely have the power

to let me understand my friends better. (but, what to do?)

(kopi-O kau will eventually becomes kopi-si-mai-liao, which means diluted coffee without sugar and milk)

(__ ____ lll)

It's hard to differentiate whether it's a sun set or it's a dawn of sun

when you're far from it......

(Habis EMO!! Yay~)