Thursday, April 22, 2010

2 movies I hope to watch

歲月神偷 aka 1969 太空漫游 (echoes of rainbow. )
It's a Hong Kong based movie. I like the name of the movie and the theme. Watching the trailer just brought me back to my past. XD
I like a quote from the trailer :
"If you want to meet the one who you love the most, you must throw all the things which she/he loves most nto the raging sea. You will be able to see her/him when the sea flooded.
The reason I wanted to watch this movie is because of the special theme.
A doll filled with air which Japanese Otaku often use to fulfill their craving for a soul mate is turned into something touching....and meaningful.

Anyone got these 2 movies?

non main stream movies on youtube and these

two are those which I really hope to watch. One is 歲月神偷 echoes of the rainbow

aka 1969太空漫游. It's a Hong Kong based movie. I don't know why, but the trailer just remind me of all in the past.

Another one would be 空気人形 air doll. It's theme caught my attention.

From an aired doll which Japanese Otaku usually use to fulfill their craving for a girl friend, the director of this film can thought of such a good story, and again..... the trailer is interesting!

Friday, April 16, 2010




话说当年, 我们都还很年轻。


有些收获不在终点 只在过程


Monday, April 12, 2010

Selamat Hari Jadi to My new housemate!

p/s: this post contains high level of privacy and confidential
Sometimes, a birthday can be very simple, yet enjoyable. (cheh~)

-2 slices of 'PRICE REDUCED' sponge cakes
(the word 'price reduced' really matter a LOT..haha)
-2 big fat candles which are supposedly to be used for craft
-a HUGE chopping knife (whatever knive you can find in your house, even a pen knife)
-a lighter
-a birthday boy who's turning 20 this year
-8 of his friends
-a camera (optional)
-lots of laughter (compulsory)

The birthday boy said no picture that contains his head...... bla bla bla...
whatever, he's BIGGER than usual today, and only for today. XD
Ready.... SUNAT! (oopss...should be potong...haha) XP

ouch....kesian the cake....


Wednesday, April 7, 2010

转 babey~turn around!




幸好,跟小叔学了几手,不致于坐以待毙 XP

留下的只有那空乏灵魂的相机套 和它的‘眼’

tua pui tua lok lok,

pang sai ti jua lok,

jua lok te beh liao....

tua pui jiak ka liao! XD

-random thoughts-

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Just that.....

Since the beginning of this blog, I've been using the same camera. I still remember the 1st day I held her in my palms....... The first ever camera I bought using my own money...... money that I kept for a long time.

I don't really like the brand - BenQ (I bet some of you will be scratching your head)

It's a Taiwanese brand and don't really have a high reputation in Malaysia. I bought it because of its PRICE (this is the main thing a Penangite would look for first, whenever they're buying something...haha). It's the cheapest camera in the entire fair. At first, I don't really feel using it.... But, as time past, I'm literally sticked to it. (what to do? Can't afford an expensive one, have to cope with a cheap one looor)Whenever, there's a trip, birthday party, any special events, a big one, a minor one.... anything, I will bring her along. She's just like my wife....haha
But, she died 2 daysw ago. She rolled down a hill...from my palms..... She left just like how she comes.

So......So......S...O ~ ~..... ????

I officially announce that the owner of this blog (ME laa....stew~) is back to the status of being a boyish, naughty, mature, reliable, dependable, skilled, reputable, sizzling hot single bachelor! Oopsss....
(recently a bit perasaan...haha)

I'll miss you, my dear camera.

Just THAT!

p/s: the last series of random photos is the last contribution of camera....sometimes, it's faith....
This means my blog will have less photo or none untill I get another new wife...Tata~