Thursday, April 30, 2015


Finally, settle down on a 1-year contract for work.
Came to a city which I used to know pretty well.
It has been 5 years+ since I last stayed there,
things changed, at the same time remained the same.

Been staying in a backpacker for a week now,
moving into a rented room tonight. =D

It's a weird feeling to be back after half a decade.
Somehow you felt assured yet insecure,
comfortable yet not-fitting in,
glad yet anxious.

Probably that's what they call the transition state.

Staying at the backpackers reminded me
so much of the land Down Under.
Back home, we don't really stay at backpackers,
as it is the cheapest mode of accommodation
(besides the street).
Minimal but practical facilities,
and the funny thing is you don't see one local here
besides the owner and his staffs.

Meet a Turkish here who share the same room as me.
He looked like 25, but only 21,
shy but friendly once you get to know him.
Funny how much a stranger could pour out to another,
especially when you have never met.

Every day, after dinner, we would chat in the room.
It's amazing how much ground were covered,
family, friends back home, food, festivals,
religions, politics, cultural practice,
languages, study, work, dreams,
worries and more.

As a local, I treated him a roti canai with syrup bandung,
because he said he missed Turk's baklava the most,
and gonna be his first meal when he gets home.
and guess what.......
roti canai has become one of the best dessert to him.
almost equivalent to baklava.
*HI 5*

Thanks for the friendship man,
hope your surprise for your mum
and snake for your dad works.
till we meet again,

OO-lay oo-lay ("all the best on a new journey" in Turkish).

Alright, time to get going and
let's hope this 12 months gonna leave some good moments.