Sunday, March 6, 2016

The Walk

didn't thought I would abandon this blog for such a long time.
work, oh work, and
life seems to be surrounded with so much stuffs now.

Watched "The Walk" (2015) just now,
and it's pretty good! if not damn good.

even though it doesn't look like a film with lots of investment,
but the carefully thought-through objective of the story
does create a significance level of resonance within my self.

The idea of the 'le coup' is intrinsic value to all true artists.
Some times, there is no Why,
a value that is so true to yourself
that you don't need anyone to endorse it.
You just need to achieve it.

I also like how the movie touches on different stages,
as you learn not from the outcomes,
you learn from the process.

Before - Just before - Amidst - After

Who can ever thought that
"Highwire walking"
a term which sounds rather circusy,
or even clownish,
can be such inspiring,
inspiring in such a rebellious way.
The highest art is only visible by its artiste.

Another part in the movie that I like is
the just-before-walk part.
Even with a thorough plan,
and years if not decades long of trainings,
the table can be turned by oneself,
just like flicking your fingers.
It's all within yourself,
success, failure, pain & gain.
One can feel like heaven, and
hell within the next few seconds.

"Most highwires walkers die just before their last few steps"
- Papa Ruddy

It's the shortest moment throughout the whole 'le coup'.
But it's also the make it or break it moment.
I really like how Philippe treat it like a modern Mandarin saying
The magic is lost the moment you wrap your arms around it.
Stay focus, aimful, ambitious, but never forceful.

The after and amidst moments were rather mixed up
in the movie. To me, it's all about being thankful,

Do a bow to the main line,
Do a bow to the cavalities,
Do a bow to the buildings,
Do a bow to the audiences,
Do a bow to your accomplices,
Do a bow to your shoes,
Do a bow to your legs
and ....
do a bow to yourself.

Now I feel so pumped to go out there,
and punch my dreams.

au revoir =D

The movie was based on true story of a French highwire
artiste walking across the twin towers of NYC