Saturday, June 27, 2015

A quarter of a century

When ya growing old,
you'll feel like time really has passed.
So fast,
so fast that a quarter of a century
merely equivalent to few blinks.

Looking back at probably the first quarter of a lifetime,
it felt like so.... so much have not been achieved.

25 is a funny age where you start to really ponder about life plans.
Some people might think that it's perfectly fine
to take our own sweet pace in having a plan,
or searching a plan / the plans.

But still, the jittery still get you now and then.
Probably not yall, but sometimes I do. ha~

First birthday spent back home,
not expecting much,
just glad that most people around me are in good shape.
Sounds rather old? *chuckles*
Well, it might take years for the physical toll
to set in, but....
the mental toll sure has shown the tip of  it's tail.

Grateful for things that were blessed with and without.
Be it simple things like the humidity and sweat,
to big things like friends and family around you,
I'm just glad that things are going on (if not awesome)

Had a meet-up with some old (as in REALLY old) friends.
It has been 15 years, and been through time where the bonds weakens
and ... till now.
It's funny how I feel like we are still
a whole bunch of immature brats,
same like 15 years ago,
if not better. =P

 Recently got a new pet a.k.a plant in my merely legal small room.
Bought a Drosera with mum & sis,                          

First gift in a long long time, to those two who know who themselves are

Time to run more, eat moderate and shed some more lipo! haha

Happy quarter-millennium passed!