Sunday, October 28, 2012

Almost there...

Has abandoned this blog for quite some time, cause too occupied with school stuffs. As busy as a babee, serious! Really hope that I was back home 钱来伸手,饭来张口,小便后记得洗手。(literally meaning extends my hand when there's money, open my mouth when there's rice)
Well... Live no more that kind of life, even though miss it. =___+
Just left with a single main submission and hopefully I'll be done! really feel like I have had numerous panic attack ... =S
The last piece which is yet to be submitted, is a theoretical shit piece, and an artefact with it as well. I'm not bad at bluffing, but I don't like it. It is like "cakap sendiri, shiok sendiri"
Oh well, hope will be able to make it smoothly. =P

Just had a last dinner with a friend, let's call him Uncle Lau here. He is flying back tomorrow, back to Singapore. He is one of the rare asian 'species' I met here. If following the norm, most the asian students are not more than 25,26 (for undergraduates). But, he is already in his early thirties. On the bright side,  he's more experienced. I like to kacau him. Bogging him with heaps of unexpected questions. Like :
how do you define your relationship with your  wife?
before marriage and after?
any thing changed?
How do you feel about your in-laws?
How do you feel about owning a company?
Do you like Singapore's government?
Why architecture?

well.... In all, really respect his spirit. 一个三十出的男人,竟愿为了两个字 -《梦想》,冒险一搏。搁下妻子,公司,家乡的一切一切,到一个完全没有头绪的地方升学。而且还是班里最年长的。TABIK!

Uncle Lau : "Finishing this degree will help nothing in my business, but it is a milepost which I would like to set..... before having kids"' *applause with giggles*


Here I come!!! My theoretical baby!!!

brainwashed my whole day with this song