Friday, February 20, 2009

The day the one you trust.....

This morning, my lecturer talked about something which I was told before. I am not sure how my lecturer linked the topic to the exercise in the textbook or whatever we were discussing at the beginning. (I'm really impressed by his skill of relating directly related things and topics, keep it up! Mr. Derick! There's just one more opponent to be beat!! WAY TO GO!! But,I won't tell you who he/she is....let you investigate it by yourself) So, what did he mentioned?

At first, we touched on the questions in the paper slip he gave us in the class (I think...). But, if I'm not mistaken, after he mentioned about a question relating the ownership of guns in America, he started to lead us into that topic. "Not everyone around you can be trusted."With the serious expression of his and the face which was actually only a few years older than us, he said, "I know something better than you all. Being just a few years older, I have experienced it and went through it". He just threw everything out (although not really everything) and with the tone of a middle-aged-man, he advised us "Don't judge a book by it's cover" which he eventually repeated it for three times. "Don't judge a book by it's cover","Don't judge a book by it's cover". The whole class just sat there starring at him while listening to his advice. (It's kind of creepy if he does this every time he enters the class) "Trust me, not everything which looked nice from the outside is nice. Things always turn out to be the opposite one" "Maybe a few will start to show their true colours in the end of this sem, I'm not trying know what I mean, don't you?"...... Still...... Everybody was sitting still, like rocks, pausing in the middle of silence for a few seconds......still.
Everything just resumed at the fastest speed as if we were trying to avoid from that topic. Class continued as if nothing happened but I could still hear the sound of the air-conditioner. This is how the topic started and ended briefly, just a bit slower than Tachibanna's death.(only AUSMAT students know this)

While you're proceeding to next section, listen to this :

In my eighteen years and almost eight months living on this Earth, not many people told me about these things. People seemed to avoid it, very hard. Mr. Derick, you are not the first one nor the second I have heard from. The first one was from a girl in a camp which I attended when I was Form 4. It's a motivation camp held by INTI college in Penang and a few schools were asked to send some students to attend it. I attended with my brother and a few friends. (Ah Beng went too!!) It was a 2 day and a night camp. Generally, it's the first time I realised how weak am I in conversing in English. On the first night of the camp at around 10, we had a sharing session called "DROP". (or whatever name, as long as it's EMO) Before the session starts, we were asked to explore the college compound by our own, majorly the field and places which had no light or dimly lit. While we were exploring the place, we were asked to find our own seat and sit therere, close our eyes and let our mind be empty, while listenning to the surrounding sound. I chose a tree at the side of the basketball field facing the college and sat down. It was almost completely silent, just the sound of leaves being blown by the wind. (FOR YOUR INFORMATION, the premise of INTI is located on a small hill. arhh..sounds like Ms. Prema....for your information)

During that period of sitting under the tree, that's the first time I felt so lonely, helpless. My mind just felt so EMPTY. I don't know why, but I just don't like that kind of feeling. Although I felt that my brain was empty, I stil can feel something. I just don't know how to describe.

(eight minutes passed....) We heard the sound of the whistle being blowed faintly from far. It's a sign of the beginning of the sharing session. We gathered and sat down again, in a circle. A candle was lighted by the trainer. "Now, all of you can share whatever you wish to share at here. Anything. Just hold the candle and voice it out..." In my mind, I was thinking "Are you joking, only nerds do that. Besides, you're not my friends or my family members. Why should I?" Looked like everybody was having the same mindset as mine, unwilling to pour out anything, not even a drop of it. In order to make us voice out, the trainer started to talked about his life, career, family, studies, hobbies, love, troubles met by him.......everything. After he had finished his sharing, miraculously, one of the participants took the candle from him. It was a she, a girl from Jit Sin private high school, have dark skin and was short. She talked about how she feels in school who had been the top three in her school but later deteriorates. Later, a few more participants shared about their life and opinion. Then, it was the turn of that girl I mentioned earlier.

She was my teamate and her name was Eunice, a Chinese girl from Penang Chinese Girl School. (I don't think Jaevon will know her because she's an art student) While I first met her in the camp, I get the impression of cheerful and bubly. She always smiles and was rather chatty. But, she was like another person when she shared her schoolife. She said she had a best friend who always be with her since primary school until secondary school. They did their homework, watched movies, went for jogging, talked about craps and boys, attended camp, did their revision and many other things which would be done together by a pair of good friends. They developed a strong friendship between each other but things don't always end in the way you wanted it to end. After PMR, they need to choose which stream to study. Both of them chose to go into the art stream but they were arranged in different classes. For the first time, they were separated. She paused for a while before continuing her story. She said she started to notice that how much her friend had changed. She told us that her result was not bad among all the art students but her friend who used to be the better one started to show the sign of deteriorating. Their friendship faded in just half a year. Unlike those years before, they don't cycle together anymore, they won't call each other in the middle of the night to gossip about school events and they just don't feel like friends anymore. She said she tried to talked to her friend, but everything seemed to just fall further apart while she was trying to go deeper into their problems. Her friend who was overwhelmed with envy and hatred was no longer a friend to her and . She tried to let go but she just can't let a freindship which lasted for years just fall like that. She still grip it deeply in her heart. Things had not ended.

In a few months later, she hit a low again in her student life. The rumours of she's betraying her boyfriend spead like wildfire spreading in the dry bush in the desert. (she has a boyfriend) Later, they broke up. It was not the worst until she discovered that her boyfriend turned to her friend. She had a doubt in their relatioship. She confronted her frined and finally her friend admitted that the rumour was spread actually by her. The reason was jealousy. That's the first time she understood how it feels when you were betrayed by the one you trusted though she does not deserve your trust. She stopped at that point and we heard nothing but the weeping sound of her.

Before she passed the candle the candle to others, she said "Why? Why can't our relationship endure the corrosion of time?....It won't........ I thought we will." Her face sinked into darkness.


That was the first time i ponder about the
relationship among human beings. It is strong, yet weak. It can last forever while few just last for years. It can bring joy and spice up your life, yet it gives someone the knife to hurt you again and again.......Do you trust the people around you? I won't say it out, it's not my culture,just like what Tachibanna say, "You don't say it. When you say it, its not true."


Sunday, February 15, 2009

V-day convulsion

Today, my group and I went to Kampung Kerinchi to do some shooting for our documentary assignment. On the way back to Taman Bahagia in the LRT station, I sat beside a young Chinese couple and opposite me were another Malay couple. Further a row from mine were another Malay young couple which were the most eye-catchy one….because……scroll down and you will know why.(I keep the best for last!)

The Chinese young couple’s outfits were those usually wear by couple, it’s almost striking kind of PINK. Still can’t get it? ask friends around you who are already in a relationship. Meanwhile, the Malay middle age couple’s were just in their normal working outfit. Let’s put their outfit aside.

My team had just finished our shooting, therefore we were extremely tired and the hot weather made the air-conditioned LRT even more sleep inducing. Inside the LRT, I started to feel sleepy but something caught my ears. When I was almost fell into the hand of sleeping god, I heard the Chinese girl started a conversation with her boyfriend.

“Gosh!! Look! What’s that place?” “啊!你看!那是什么?”(虾/瞎 的也看得出时湖啦)
“It’s just a lake in a park…”

(the boy friend sounds kind of bored receiving that kind of brainless question from his girlfriend)
(With an extreme cuteness, the girl twisted the whole question)

“How about we just go there next year~?” “嗯~我们明年去那边好吗?”

“O.” “-噢-”(The boy was 100% uninterested to continue their conversation)

“ngm..mmm~…wei~…don’t be like that larr? ng~~…”
(It sounded actually like those female manga characters who always use their irresistable BARBIE-voice to converse)
Me at the side : .......VOMITTt......
“………” (无言对苍天) (her boyfriend was showing no respond)

The conversation made all my hair stand straight up, especially the part she tried to act cute which in the end turned out to freeze people around them including me.
In conclusion, not all boys love their girlfriends to act cute…just be natural.

Besides the young Chinese couple, there was another pair of Malay couple, probably in their forties. I noticed that they are trying it to kill all the people around them by conducting electricity. If my little cousin was there, I’m sure she will ask

“What’s wrong with their eyebrow?”
“Don’t worry, this is just a symptom of being in love.”

When they reached their destinated station, the Malay woman stood up abruptly. Then, I heard the guy saying : “Janganlah begitu gesa…..duduklah dulu.”
Then the couple start to conduct electricity again. The girlfriend or wive (whatever!!) started to shock him with all the power she could collect while the husband or boyfriend tried to fight back to show that he has a high ionization energy too….(haha….)
From her face I remembered a song title – Jelingan Manja (Does this song exist?)

In conclusion, stay further from a pair of couple unless you want to be shocked by their electricity. Luckily, I’m a poor conductor of electricity.

Let’s go back to the young Malay couple I mentioned above. Besides wearing identical couple T-shirt, they also did something quite irritating to my eyes. They rubbed each others’ legs using their own legs. Just imagine a pair of couple doing that in an LRT…..

It’s so pathetic and sickening (especially to Nicholas..hehe. But I don’t think he saw that). Looking at their carrots legs, one wrapped in a pair of skinny jeans, another looked like a caterpillar in a 3 quarter pants, creating friction force enough to start a fire by simply rubbing. This will make you even sick if you saw them because they are GUYs!!! Damn it….just imagine guys doing that in LRT!!!

In conclusion, the air-cpnditioner in the LRT may be too cold and this forces the passengers to rely on rubbing each others’ legs to keep themselves warm. hehe….

Hope everyone will be able to live their life with their love ones! Happy Valentine!!(haixx….no chocolate)

extra stuff (I read one of my friend's blog and found this) :

Broad and wide roads never make good drivers
Calm sea never makes good sailors,
clear sky never makes good pilots .
Problem and hassle free Life never makes a strong person.
Be Strong enough to accept the challenges of Life.
Don't ask Life , 'Why Me ? .
Instead say'Try Me!'

Friday, February 13, 2009

Special days for special events.

Homework is piling up like a mountain and test is coming very very soon. But, we still stick with our weekly plan - COOKING. I brought back a multipurpose cooker and also some cooking tools. With all those weapons I brought, I invaded Ah Beng and Ginger's student house. After some negotiations, they agree to join us in our cooking session. But, Ah Beng and his 'special friend' are the one inconsistent....always aeroplane us. Find out more about the cooking session time post some pictures....lazy to continue. Bye.

Friday, February 6, 2009

CNY ending soon!

It has been ages since I last updated my personal blog, thanks to my homework, lecturers and temptation during Chinese New Year. This year, the Chinese New Year I have had was unusual than those I had before. Due to some traditions, my family didn't celebrate CNY. That means no ANGPAUs, no CNY decoration in the house and less visiting. what's the main point of celebrating CNY? To me....ANGPAUs are not as important as the chance of gathering with family members (although I still crave for Angpaus....haha XD). This is the first time I can call the CNY eve dinner as REUNION DINNER. I am already wondering how am I going to celebrate CNY in Australia when I go there to's must be very pathetic to celebrate CNY there without any relatives.'s still long time to go...
Ok!! Back to topic, I don't want to be so emo...(unlike Jaev*n).

we had steamboat as our reunion dinner...saw that plate of dumpling? I made it!!hehe....there's a hole X_X. Although this year is the first time we had less family members gathering together, but I still cherish it very much. Afterthat, when the clock reached aroung 11.55pm, you will heard endless reveberation of the fireworks. But, maybe due to the econmic recession this year, the fireworks this year just lasted for around 10 minutes..haizxx. NOT ENOUGH le!

On the first day, as usual, the whole family went to pray first at our ancestor temple. Later, we went to vegetarian restaurant to eat. The business was DAMN good. But I don't think the vegetarian food sold in restaurant nowadays are as healthy as the one sold 20 years ago. MSG...MSG...and MSG.......(hair and fur falling down like shower....haha)

Photography session!!Helping my grandmother to pose. XP...haha

The new spokesman for the temple....

ErBs!! (+___+ lll)
Way to go Ah Ma!! (not you.. Jaevon....Ah Moi...)

Family photo......RED! RED!! REDDD-rrdd!!! ONG arhh!

Photography session again!! This time is at my old house. I think this year will be the last year I still able to see it standing robustly on the ground. Sayonara!! Inside the photo: my siblings and I!

Part of the BIG family.

2009 is the year of Ox! Happy 牛year!! Mow~mow~~(I think this bunch of cows are seriously affected by the Mad cow disease..kekkkk)

Having our breakfast before my family travelled to my maternal grandparents' house in Kedah.

This photo was taken when we are on our way to my granparents' house. While my father pulled the car aside the road to buy his 4-D, I suggested that we snap some photo at the historical terrace houses. I like this picture the most.

The models : my brother and my sister.

Photographer: of course me laa!

On the third day of CNY, due to the low frequency of visiting others this year and extremely low rate of being visited, my family decided to spend some time on Penang Hill. My aunt booked a bungalow from her friends and we went up there t have a barbeque session.

The barbecue pit provided.

Everybody is busy helping themselves with mountains of food. Everybody! DIG in!!!

The place we had our barbeque - Beleview Hotel. It was the first detergent free hotel in the world. That means soaps, washing powder, dish washer and other cleaning agent are not allowed to be used in or around the hotel. It is to preserve the envirounment surrounding the hotel. Only natural cleaning agent are allowed.

The night view on Penang

Saw Komtar? i think it's the tallest building in Penang island.

A perfect place for couple to spend their leisure time. Why? The light was dimn and others can't see you or what are you doing clearly from far. Besides, the temperature was quite low, so that you all have the reason to hug together....haha....That's what called a perfect spot for dating. Ah Beng heard it? Bring KCV here lah!! But ave to make sure that no one knows....kekekkkk XP

Saw the Penang bridge? The longest bridge in south east Asia. Sorry for the poor performance of my's so blur (?~?)
On the next morning, I woke up quite early and went to shoot for the dawn of the day.
My brother emo-ing....heheh......I shoot this frm the back
Feel the weight of the sun.

Feel the warmth of it.

千手观音。。。。。。六手而已啦. Saw my bottle?

The dog we found along the trail. It followed us along our trip until we went back.

I think that's all.....Hope all my friends and family members will have a prosperous Ox year!

Work hard like an Ox for yor future!!