Thursday, August 28, 2008

Journey in LRT

In the previous post, I mentioned about me rushing together with Franky to Puduraya to buy the ticket, didn't I? (those who miss it can press the "X" button at the right corner of your window..haha XP)

When we took the last LRT trip, something caught my eyes (I think it caught Franky's too...)

When we sat down, there was a Chinese woman....erm.... maybe in her middle-age caught my eyes. She was eating her food..... Dinner? Supper? or may it be the combination of her lunch, dinner and supper? From her action, I knew that she's different..... maybe her IQ...

At her side I saw a pair of rubber shoes and gloves.... A dish washer?
I don't know why, but I just can't stop my mind from guessing from what I observed.
This is my HABIT---I like to make short conclusion about someone.(Bcareful....haha XP)
Nightzz...........zzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZZ ZZZZZZZZzzzzzz

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

RUSH!!! RUSH!!!! RUSH!!!!

The National Day is coming very soon, and actually I didn't plan to go back but yesterday I changed my mind. Receiving calls from family in Penang......urging me back to attend my grandpa's 100th day after his funeral because there will be a ceremony or some sort of prayers (I'm not sure actually........) (>__ <>
At the beginning, there were just a few days of holidays. So I didn't think of going back
(it's too rush....and waste...XP) But since they insisted me to go back, it's ok with long as I get back in time....Nevermine lah! once in a life time.
So, yesterday night I suggested to Franky that why dont we just rush to Puduraya to buy the ticket TONIGHT!!! At that time it's already 2259 !!! and
the LRT will shut down at 2345!! (Actually I'm just joking around with him...XP)
But, he said "OK! let's go!"
WHAT? At this time? (I was quite shocked actually...haha)
He said he had nothing to do and he can accompany me....SO?
What are we waiting for? LET'S GO!!!
I keep observing my watch every half minutes because every seconds count!
Finaly ('s finaly!), we reached Puduraya at around 2325 and once I jumped out of the LRT, I keep running and running and running and running and RUNNING AND RUNNING AND RUNNING AND RUNNING.....
(actually it's our first time using LRT to Puduraya and we don't know where to head!)
We just ask a guard and he told us just follow the main road on ur right, following the sign board once you get out of the station.
I managed to buy a Konsortium ticket and again RUNNING!! My legs even cramped (sounds ridiculous, right? but it's true...XP)
Finaly we managed to get the LAST LRT back to Kelana Jaya....Phew------
This is my first time taking the last LRT trip at 2358.....XP.
Feels like participating in "Amazing Race" haha....
ohya! ThankQ Franky for accompanying me, sorry for letting you run for the whole night!
OK! GOING BACK ! Take care guys!

Monday, August 25, 2008


嗯-好吧!(我也同意了!但心中还是有些些担心的,毕竟他一个人过来......(-__- )

我们睡大牛那儿,大牛则睡我的床。。。。z z z z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z

+ U + U ! + + !

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Bearbear's Birthday!

After Ah Beng's B'day, here comes a BEAR! It's not an ordinary Bearbear, it's a species which has extreme height and intelligence. Besides, he's fast in intepreting science theory and can........ much much more which other bears are uncapable. XP
This time, we gathered at Chan's house and planned to give him a surprise!
It's kinda pity when Nicholas told me that the B'day boy bought a SLICE of cake for himself.........(he thought that we're not going to celebrate on that night.....haha...XD)

At around 2300, we all ambushed in Tony's room......when the birthday boy appeared and Chan gave us a signal....We all rushed out!!
He was shocked at first because he just wake's sure a surprise!

masterpiece frm Ji Hong ....hahhhaa! It's sure creative!I like it!
When he saw all of us, he was quite touched (I felt it when he speaks....XP)
Together we sang HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Then, we ate the cake! This time Nicholas bought many types of cakes......bored of eating the same cakes for times-by Nicholas. haha.....I dont mind, as long as there's cake (o^~^o)

Then, it's water balloon time!! (or should I say WATER CANNON?) We had a good time and of course everyone is WET!

Everyone went mad!!! aha!take this! and THAT!
Guess what NEXT?
It's flour-ing time!!! (I feel like as if we're attending a baking class....haha) As you can imagine, a group of young, energetic, active brats (Did I forgotten to put psycotic?....nanti kena belasah) were running and chasing each other in the park, forgetting all the complains they might get.......of course I'm one of the brats...haha.....

It's fun and I enjoyed it very much.....friend's B'day is one of the reason("excuses" sound better....XP) for us to do something weird...haha. In the end, all of us turned into half-man, half-dough human beings.....OK! into the oven! haha.......

First group photo! SMILE!

Second one! YES SIR!!!!haha...

(what's wrong with the geisha at the first row?and two knights at the back row? STOP dreaming! haha....XP)

Then, we headed back to Chan's house. On the way back we did something even more awkward...haha have a look by yourself lah! XP

ACCIDENT!!! haha...(whose silly idea is this?)

Time spent with good pals passed like the speed of light. I never thought that my life as a JPA scholar will ever be like this.....haha... I'm glad too that it's totally different with the one I imagined...(^O^) Thanks guys for giving me another unforgetable memory that I'll always carry in my heart. Friends forever!!

From left : Nikkie, bearbear & mee!

Frm left: Ginger, bearbear & Chan. (me: chan, u look like a dutiful househusband in this pic XP)

Birthday boy and I!!!

This time no more Kawai picture from Daniel & Chia Venn....haha

But, something abnormal happended

















Gabriel: WT Fish!! OMG......What's that!!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Crash in of a Chinese.....

As you know (for those who have been following my blog) there is still an empty single room in the unit I'm staying. But, today the single room "was" empty. A Chinese guy moved in yesterday. His name is 李俊逸Lee JunYi, a guy from Shang Hai. He will be taking English course in KBU. I was shocked actually when he first came in together with En. Bukhori
(because I thought it's Franky), that time I was doing my laudry.
We started our conversation with him saying
"抽烟吗?"("any cigaretes?") ohh.....BAD first impression...
"喔。。。我不抽烟的" ("Sorry, but I don't smoke")
seems like we're not in the same boat...or should I say coffin? XP
"真的?" ("Serious?")
WHAT THE FISH!!!(ya,it's FISH!get it? XP) Didn't you hear what I say just now?
Fish your self with that cigaretes......oooooo, sounds rude
"真的..." ("I'm not joking...")
其实我想说 "妈的!你听不懂大马的华语是吗?"
(Actually I'm thinking to say
"What's wrong with your MOTHER?Can't you understand Malaysian Mandarin?")'s surely I didn't say it....XD
I'm a civilised person ....quoted from YB Franky Wee's saying..haha
Then, finaly he keep back his cigaretes and we started chatting.
Actually his attitude is still ok....but still under my probation ....haha
Afterthat, I helped him to exchange some Ren Min Bi he brought here to Ringgit Malaysia
and bought a hp number.
He keep saying "今天真的麻烦你了....." ("Sorry for bothering you today...")
知道就好!It's still not too late that you realize it....haha. XP
He treated me a can of cincau and F&N grape for Franky. Thanks ya!
(He told me he likes to treat peoples......whhhahhh! RICH MEN! XP
So far his performance is still Pro. Wang ...(hehehe...)
But, there is a thing that Franky and I can't stand-SMOKING!
Although he smokes inside his room with his door closed but
when he opened it......WALAU EH!!!!!!!!
I think we can consider of buying an oxygen mask and tank...XP
Franky seems to be very very sensitive to the smoke because he keep coughing....
(I have never saw him coughing for so many times before...OMG)
Today, we'll tell him to smoke outside the building for the sake of our lungs!
STOP committing suicide infront of me!
Hope that our future will be smoke free....haha
Do you smoke? If yes..... then you better don't let me see it! nor smell it!
IF not...... I'll complain to your Mama
hahaha......God save this CHILD!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Just ignore them.....

Yesterday, we had a test, it's on Malaysian study. The sarcastic Mr.Ouch cracked some jokes before we start. The test was not hard actually. But he didn't mention which chapter we are supposed to revise on. So, I revised all, but only the last two set of notes came out.....
and it's two which I dont really understand (-_-lll)
Luckily I still managed to get a pass....yeah...ngam ngam ....
thanks Jaevon! for letting me pass..haha!
That day, at night, a friend asked me something.
"Why do some people managed to get high marks although they just take a little time to revise?"
My friend who asked me this question didn't pass.........
Sometimes, we can't predict what will happen in the future. Don't be too conscious about the out put of something. It's beyond our expectation and we cant expect everything to run like what we hope for.........(is it too abstract? XP)
Sometimes we should just work out our best and let it run in the way it should are not perfect.....only GOD is. When I was in primary school, I used to think of questions like
"Why I din get this? , Why I get this?, Why should I get this? Why shouldn't I get this? "
I dont like that type of life....... as long as I try my best, I wont worry a lot about the result that come out in the end. It's not my obligation to be always conscious about the come out.
Maybe we are still young, there are too many things that we haven't understand.......
so that's why we are seaching for it -- Now.
Life is just like a game of card, you can't be sure what type of card you will be given.
But, you can manipulate the game using your cards. It depends on how you utilise them........
(It's weird to post something like thislah.....haha XP XP)

Monday, August 18, 2008


Yesterday, whole bunch of the students in the hostel expecially Malaysian and students from China packed up the TV room. Everybody was waiting for the FINAL!
Finally, after the medal giving ceremony for the mixed double, here comes our
Chong Wei and Ling Dan.
Chong Wei started the game not very well and maybe due to the presure from the spectators, his shuttlecock keep hitting the net....arghhh....wasted.
From his face I noticed that he's under pressure and felt very uneasy.
It's true that the way for a athlete to balance up their emotion during a match is very important.
Actually, there was still some hope when I thought they are going to enter the rubber game. But, when Lee was marked by Ling Dan for many times infront of the net, exactly the same spot......hope seemed to fall apart.....the unstable of the ASTRO made the Malaysian's emotion even worse...(it was raining (_ . _)
Then, situation got worse and worse and suddenly I saw him smiled for a few second........
I was not shocked.......maybe he had just shred off all those worries and pressure he have been carrying on his shoulder.
People feel free when something which they are concerned finaly going to end.........
it's sad but ..................
I think you guys should know what is the result.......if you dont know,
there are many drains outside you house...XP
I know it's difficult for Chong Wei to overcome his worryness..... but you made it at the last minutes........
WE ALL KNEW U CAN DO IT ! (maybe in future XP)

Friday, August 15, 2008

明喜的生日 Ah Beng's Bigday

明喜!!!!! 生日快乐 (^)()(^)
口袋感觉有点深.......破洞了!XP (haha....)
明喜。。。。一个对以前的我来说是一个蛮生疏的名字 (虽然我们同班)
现在已变成像哥儿们一样, 无话不说,无话不"酸"(shoot 的意思 XP)
其实想利用我的部落格告诉你一些事 (除了祝你生日快乐)
(一). 不要总是展现你那要笑不笑的脸------------>很"迎建"XP
(Sorry, 网上的中文输入器没有那个字)
(二)。 不要太在意别人的眼光,人总是有缺陷的 (当做我没说过(一)) XD
(三)不要常常玩你的头发,有点怪。。。。。。XP (当做我没说过.....)剪掉吧
Okay..okay....I know Daniel and some friends can't read it....translate for u guys...(my way of improving my writing...(*_*lll)
It's someboday Birthday!! AGAIN....(ya...again..XP)
This time, it's Beng Hee's BIGday....(I think there's a small hole in my pocket...haha)
Actually I didn't mix with him much when I was in secondary school, although we are in the same class (there is always a barrier between his group and mine coz he sit infront while I'm at the back.....that means I'm taller...haha.....sounds very childish XP)
My first impression when I first saw him is "rapist", his half-smilling face is so......ILLUSTRATIVE..XP
But after some time mixing with him, I found out that he is a nice person....but...I think he should have more opinions on his own and hold on to it......Don't care too much about others' opinion. Just act like your-self......
no body can be no body, but everybody is SOMEBODY! (my brother taught me this!)
Pressure is given by yourself and only can be taken away by YOURSELF!
Persevere! I know you can!
but, stop dreaming that you can get band 8.5 in IELTS with just playing DOTA!!
haha....... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Coffee SHaring session-by Starbucks

It was an usual Tuesday, and I went to the library like what I always do at 0845. Then met with KCV (do u mind i call u like this?because all of us call u like this....starts from Daniel...XP). She was studying. Afterthat, Jia Venn joined in. I continued with my newspaper.....
Suddenly, Mr. Eng crashed in....
"hey!wanna join the coffee sharing session?"(he was asking Jia Ven, so none of my business XD)
"erm......I have class at 1100...I'm afraid whether I can make it or not..."
"nevermine, it takes only half to an hour" Then, Jia Ven looked at Chia Venn and Chia Venn looked at me....y me? WHY?WHY? (with my pinky finger pointing up)...(-_-lll) learnt from Mr. Ouch! XP...vomit..vomit..vomit... At first we didn't have the intention to go because it's so sudden. After Mr. Eng (Mr. free! in Hokkien XP), there comes a Jason..again...
"Wanna go to the coffee sharing session? "
Actually I have nothing to do, since there is some friends going then I went too. I dragged another victim with me - Jynn Jyh.
OK! Let the talk start!

There were afew introduction by the staff of Starbucks and followed by the history telling about coffe and Starbucks. The Malay staff whom called himself Ali was perfect with memorising. He keep throwing scientific names of different coffee berries at us together with all the years and place of origin while I was sweating profusely.....SWT niarrr..(you are from Starbucks or the National Museum ?hhaaaha...)
Then, it's coffee tasting session. The speaker, a Chinese - Amy(forgotten her name...just make something up...haha).

First, she taught us how to enjoy a cup of coffe.
First - Cover three quater of the mouth of the cup and SMELL!
Second - SLURP a little of the coffee and let it lingers in your mouth....wohoo!
Third - Drink some of the coffe and let it float on your tounge....feel the weight of it and where it stays heavier....this sounds deep right? (the coffee was damn fishing HOT!!)
Last - Differentiate the taste of different coffe...THE END!

After trying, I found out that it is true!! every cooffee has their own uniqueness.... mild,regular,bold, extra bold.....we tried Home brew, Kenya, Sumatera and Espresso arhhhh.... cant sleep tonight....haha
Before we left, she also gave us two packet of coffee beans and told us to try it out at any Starbucks branch......It's FREE OF CHARGE!!! (Atiqah! Did sonething cathes your eyes?) (wahh!!! actually I want to take 5 packets punya... but I'm sure you guys know that I'm a civilised person and my skin is so so so so so thin....It will crack even it's blown by the wind....hahahaha XP You! Dont laugh! I'm serious! haha..)
Then, when I went back to library,I met Atiqah and she said "For me arr?"
"You want? here u go!"
She hesitated....(-_-lll)
hahaha......Do my face look so deceiving? haha......but, in the end she took it...(I know she will take it for SURE...haha...habislah image kamu kat blog saya XP..)

COFFEE! My little aunt's favourite!!!

Monday, August 11, 2008


Sunday......Chia Venn's Birthday. Daniel, Beng Hee, Franky, Xiao Fen, Jason and I went to Macdonal to celebrate with her. (it's actually a SMALL small small small small celebration which suddenly pop out from Daniel...ahem...I dont know why?haha...). We cycled to her house and went to Macdonald together (the weather is fishing hot (XoX) . We bought her a SLICE of delicious, mouth-watering, fattening, high calory,weight increasing, 100% transfat cake from S.recepi.(haha..XP just eat it! don worry!XD)
We chat at MacD for about an hour. Then went up to 607D.
To my surprise, my Dad said he will drop by at my hostel for a moment because he came to KL for a meeting on wushu competition....I can speak in Hakka again....I din't speak in Hakka for a long time. Another thing which was also surpising is Jason also speaks Hakka! Perhaps next time I can find him to practice..haha!! After, meeting my father, we went to One-U to do our monthly grocery shopping by his friend's car.
We shopped at Jusco and bought many things (out of budget!)
Then, we took a cab back to centre point because there was too many stuff we bought!
When we reached hostel, the driver asked for RM4 but the meter appeared to be RM2.60!
Then I asked him "bukankah RM3?" (sendiri top up RM0.40 XP)
He answered in a shooting-intonation (means he perlilah!) "Takdaklah, 2.60 tambah 0.40 kerana ada kamu ada empat orang dan tambah lagi RM1 kerana kamu guna butt."
"OH!! What a FISHING theory!"(but never minelah, anggap saja macam dermaan...)
However, the driver added up the LAST word which made me feel
more TULARN!(means blow my top)
"ok! now you all can go down from the left.....follow rules..YA!"
(actually I'm planning to go down using the door on the right side (-_-lll)
that fishing kuai lan (it means like to make others blow their top)
But the main point is :
"I'M A CIVILISED PERSON (ahem...cough-cough-...haha) I DON'T WANT TO QUARREL WITH BARBARIAN...THANK YOU!(haha....)"
-The end-

Friday, August 8, 2008

Wahh!! B'day again!

I found out that there is many August babies around, after Daniel, we have Sarah and Chia Venn.
Operation Time : 10.00pm. onwards
Mission : To celebrate three homo sapiens' Birthday borned in August
(I'm talking as if I am an alien XP)
Venue : A place on Earth called "BU"
Weapons : Cake smuggled from Secret Recepi and some presents (useless weapons...)

(* O *) "CUT!cut!!cut!!!ok! stop acting!"
Everything is well prepared except lighter used to light up the candles
万事具备,只欠火机 (- -lll)
So, kena tunggulah........Finally, it arrived. Somebody lighted the candles (I think there should be 54 candles larr coz 3 ppl (+ ~ +)

As u can see there's a few umbrella accompanying the cake coz it rained in the evening.
After singing Birthday song for thrice (because there was 3 August babies...OK! just shut up and SING! XD) . I think the neighbourhood at there will complain AGAIN.....but, who cares?CONTINUE!

The MC-Nicholas (so hiao~~yucks! haha) with 3 August babies
From left:Daniel, Nikkie, Sarah and siew wen(I know I spelt wrongly)
After singing, the Birthday boy and girls are "commanded" to blow the candle. (Adui!So soft, tak makan nasi ke?nyamuk pun tak dapat rasa tiupan kamularr....haha....just kidding.nanti saya kena belasah lagi..(^>^)hehe.....)
Then, we cut the cake and of course, we EAT it! It tastes so nice!
Poor little cake......XP
Guess what!? Afterthat we went to the playground and of course PLAYlah!(_ _lll)
Jaevon (Yee FUn....rupa2nya ur friend also so childish....haha)
Around 0000 plusplus we walked back lah, kesian..............but at least it's environmental-friendly.haha....

Another sweet memory in KBU!

p/s: something hillarious....I think...


Daniel(right):mm......fingers licking good....
Chia Venn(left) : Wow! u look so cute! KAWAII!
me: (_ _lll) I'm freezing cold...haha
Daniel & Chia Venn,pls don't belasah me,
I like this pictures very much...hahahahaha...

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Big COw's Birthday!!

6th of August is Daniel's BIG day and we went to Macdonald to celebrate. Nothing special...just having some ice-cream while singing together with the guitar(but guitar wont sing) (-_-lll). Actually we stayed at the Birthday zone in the beginning because we didn't want to disturb others .Wah!so nice----(yup!we are GOOD BOYZS!pls don vomit...haha)
Daniel presented some songs (I contributed a SONG too! swt niarr~) which is composed by himself.
I forgotten to charge my camera's only get it half way and sorry....LOW BATTERY Arhh!!
(I forgotten the nama liao....sumimasen Daniel, but it's nice. I like the one describing about friendship)
But don't know which FISHING worker complain to his supervisor (I think so...). Then!? We are invited out from the room,
or in other words : Kita dihalau...LAH! 我们被他们赶啦!(horr.....又有人想歪了 XP)
Then, after being swept out by the McD workers(actually we left on our own), we planned to go to the front of the Greenway(a small minimarket) and continue our celebration. But, I dont think it's a good idea. So, we went to 607D(my room). Then the ceremony begins!
First of all(sounds so formal....XP), Nicholas treated Daniel with some dragon fruits. It's a red-flesh one with something which EXTRA is rich in protein inside.Guess what?
It's a
... ...... ....
.... ..... .....
... .... ....
Wanna know ? Ask the Birthday boylah.....
but I'm sure it's rich in fibre, protein and HALAL...haha XD but in the end he din eat it....ohh.....(he only took the one without EXTRA protein)
Then, we sang some song. ..................But as time goes on, some get more and more sleepy.
(Wei Xin broke his own record....just for Daniel XP Put your hands together!!WOO hoo!)
Then, a few left and remained Franky,Nicholas,Daniel & I. We stopped singing because one of the guard was spying on us....(Brother! nak join tak!Lagu Cina?Lagu Melayu?Lagu Inggeris atau Lagu India?Kalau tidak,balik TIDURLAH...BOOooo XP)
We watched "Jumper". It was nice but I think the plot is too straight forward, not very satisfied.haha....
Finished movie, we dismissed and sleep at around 0330......oklah.
Daniel, happy 18th Birthday!
hope that our friendship can withstand all the obstacles and will never be forgotten!
(it means that if the coffee packet is used more frequent, the lighter the taste will become.
The less frequent we gather, the further we apart)

Monday, August 4, 2008

KL PC-fair!

Yesterday, Beng Hee, Franky and I hang out at the Pc-fair while helping Beng Hee to search for his new Laptop. We reached there at about 11.30a.m.

It's at the KLCC Convention Hall. When we reached there, it's not as crowded as we thought. But the only difference between Penang PC-fair and KL PC-fair is the size. WOW!! The one in KL is so BIG untill the organiser had to rent 7-halls for it.(ahem...Penang PC-fair step aside...XP)

Basically, we are just surveying on the laptops. I saw many brands that I had never heard before....(maybe I'm a frog under the coconut shell XP)

In the end Beng Hee bought a Ben-Q laptop.

Joybook R45-PE05

From the moment you retrieve the Joybook R45 from your bag to the moment you press the power button to shut down after a session of work or entertainment, you'll know this is a laptop that truly stands out from the rest. The luxurious styling—which evokes a handsome leather-bound folio more than utilitarian notebook—enables the R45 to fit in with any ensemble of exquisitely designed personal accessories, while its finely-tuned features mean using the Joybook R45 is just as much a delight as its appearance. Its cutting-edge technology melded gracefully with a classically-inspired aesthetic—a laptop made for fine living(From BenQ)

Erm.... nothing special, just three of us keep going back after one complete round because there is no way out when you are half way in......swt leh (*~ * lll)It's so tiring, but agood form of exercise..haha

We met with a female promoter at the Accer booth. I couldn't stand her barbie-sound, It was so fishing-fake or known as F*****g-fake XP. But I think Beng Hee like it very very much haha..... When we left she even told us


(I know Daniel need some translation ..hehe)

"You guys don golarh.....don golah....I know u guys cheat me one...remember to come back and look for me-HORrrrh (o^)3^o) (muackx muackx) added by myself"

Actually I wanted to shoot her punya

"Are u a BArbie?No? Then,speak like a human beinglah..."

or should I say

"You're so CUTE, just like barbie, do u know?The barbie without "r" and "e" XP " least she is friendly.(but her makeup is just like the one used by clown....XP

I think she will kill me for sure if she saw my blog...haha nevermind!

Time passed so fast and we left the fair at aroung 6.00p.m.



Friday, August 1, 2008

Celebrating the end of our first month!

Yesterday night, NIcholas came to my room and asked me a question
"Do you guys want to eat maggie mee to celebrate the passing of our first month?"
(sorry I've brushed my teeth (^HH^) haha....)
'as long as you brush your teeth within 55 seconds after ur dinner, then you wont have a decayed teeth' (read from newspaper long time ago XD , but I havent reched that level)
ok...back to main story. Then, Nicholas came back again with Daniel. They asked what do we want to do?
"I dont know..."
(I found out that Daniel like to use this word and with special intonation haha.. XP)
First of all, there was a small press conference with YB Frankie (_ _ lll). He expressed his view on CHIKO(my neighbour whose name sounds like chip&dales) as a CIVILISED person......(Frankie, why you dint answer back with "I'll BE BACK!" ?)
Then, we spy on others' blog.
(salah dari segi moral dan etika tetapi betul dari segi undang-undang .....who knows? :D)
After our spying job, we sang some song with Daniel strumming the guitar.
It reminded me about all the memories when I am a scout (Yes, It's "am" because Once a scout, always a scout!)
It reminded me about all the harshness and hardship we had met together and terrible situations me had encountered.
It reminded me of my juniors ans seniors, may they all lead a happy and contented life.
I wont forget everything in secondary school. It's part of me and no matter what will I become during the next cycle of life, another human being or an ant memory will always remain in the deep core of my heart.......
I think I should stop at here, if not.....ooooooOOOOO
Afterall, thanks Nicholas, Danel and Frankie!