Sunday, December 8, 2013


陈奕迅 《稳稳的幸福》。


有一天  我发现自怜资格都没有
有一天 开始从平淡日子感受快乐。。。”



平平且    淡淡的,




Saturday, November 30, 2013



take note kids...哈哈


*虽然还是比较希望能够在archi firm 当intern*


Sunday, November 24, 2013


Just told my parents that mostly
I'm not going back till grad.


First, better for them to save for my grad trip,
NO FXCKING AEROPLANE this time! haha....
(even though I know there still will be)

Second is to prepare for my final. (which is next year)
We have to find a site and I prefer it to be in Aus
(so that we can interact with the tutors better
as they know the local context and get the most out of them
and ourselves.)

Well, at the moment,
applied multiple architecture firms in Tassie.
Many applied saying they don't have spot for a summer placement.

So far, going for one interview next week.
It's gonna be in Hobart *which means have find some where to stay*.
and tomorrow's going to have an interview for a wholesaler position.
sort of like supermarket thing.

VERY VERY worried, 
especially my first ever archi interview!!!!!!
Hope I know what I'm talking.
If not, better shit myself in ma pants

Hope everything runs silky smooth!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Life of Pi

Have been wanting to watch this movie for quite some time.
The excuses were always homework, assignments,
if not, takde kaki nak tengok.

Still remember watching a thought provoking movie
with one of my mates back home.
Conclusion : Better don't watch it,
if you know you gonna torture someone else.

So this time, I watch it alone. *dramatic sobbing on the floor*

It has been years since I last watched Lee Ang 李安's work.
Maybe since Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon?
Not liking his CTH Dragon though,
perhaps too young to understand. haha....

Hmm..... Life of Pi started off with the main actor Pi
(pronouced as π, as in the 'pie' in Mathematics, not Pee-Ai or Pee)
talking about himself, his childhood,
growing up in a zoo with his elder brother,
trying to hand feed a tiger named 'Richard Parker'
and growing up in the most Frech-colonial part of India.

The part that interests me the most is when he tried to get a grasp on his religion.
Growing up as a Hindu, his mum taught him about the Hindu Gods and Goddess.
Later on, with curiosity, he explored the world of Christianity.
Of course, it didn't end there, he later ventured into being a Muslim and
it was mentioned that he became a Uni lecture in studies of Judaism.

Other than that, the other moment that striked me the most is
when he had a discussion with his dad.
about wanting to get himself baptized.
Knowing that his son is a Polytheist,
his father only gave him a short advice:

"... would rather my son believes in something that I'm against 
than him believing in every single thing that he came across. 
Believing in everything is no difference to not believing in anything..."

Frankly speaking, that sentence literally blew me AWAY.
Way way away~ *sheeeww*
Not expressing personal view here coz it gonna waste too much space.

So boys and girls, lets go back to the stories....

I believe that from the trailer, you knew about the ship wreck
and Pi being left with a Bengal tiger, right?
CORRECT! But not entirely!
Pi wasn't left with just a tiger after the shipwreck.
It was the tiger that was left with him in the end.
*Don't scratch your head*
There's a subtle difference between what was left with you
and what you were left with....
It's like money that you were left to spend,
and the money you left with after some spending.
arhhh.... what ever, just grammar, ignore me.

Another thing that Lee Ang was trying to point out is RESPECT.
Appropriate distance should be kept,
even things that benefit you.

Okay, this is really getting out of hand.
How about making a list of what I learn then.
(serious and non-serious ones, of course)

  1. Nothing can't be changed but change.
  2. Beauty can be an issue.
  3. Promises are chains.
  4. Have doubt in your belief to make it firmer or the other way.
  5. Learn an instrument. *at least*
  6. Learn how to swim. *at least float, maaan*
  7. Cats're cats. They scratch you from time to time.
  8. Anxiety and fear are needed to create excitement.
  9. Be desperate, be very very desperate!!!!!
  10. Shhhh..... and observe.
  11. Be mercy even if it doesn't pay. *watch out for the biting back!*
  12. Read your enemy's mind 
  13. and let them know about that.
  14. A well fed cat is a happy cat, hence harmless.
  15. Let go before you drown.
  16. No turning of head when saying goodbye.
All in all, like the story very much.
Watch it or read it if you have the chance.
Don't expect it to be anywhere near to Twilight. *chuckles*
Have FUN!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Tropfest feast

Recently, have been watching lots of short films
(just can't stand the longer ones)
Especially those provided by Tropfest.
TROPFEST is the largest short film festival in the world,
and Australia is part of it as well.
If you're into some quirky, not-so-common fun bite,
I would recommend paying a visit to their Youtube channel.
Simply divine and beautiful! =D

Below are a few of my top picks:

About homeless people

Perfect for beatboxers! 

As a man, I truly agree with this piece.
"A True Man is A Boy. Always!"

What goes around comes around

To me, this video should be the winner of 2013.
Simple yet meaningful.

For Life to be meaningful,
Strip it down,
Strip it to its initial needs.
Life's not as complex as
We made it. =D

背包菜鸟 in Vietnam Day 7

Continuing from day 6, we spent another night in the train back to Hanoi.
After all the hiking, JJ no longer complain about being unable to sleep , and so do I. =D

Arriving at approximately 0500, we caught a cab to the meeting place for our next journey.
(Travel tip: Ask the hotel staff how much does it cost to arrive from the train to the hotel, and tell the cab driver no other price can be offered! Take it or xucking leave!)

We have to meet up at a hotel called Tullip Flower Hotel. We contacted the hotel manger a night before and he agreed that they will be opened earlier, just because of us having no other place to go.


and..... We even got a decent shower there!!! with towel provided!
After that, the staff even cooked us a breakkie! Even though it's just a simple omelette and bread, it's better than nothing. Of course, that couldn't satisfy my appetite (I eat a lot for breakkie), but I got some biscuits to top up.
*Full and satisfied*

If not mistaken, the Ha Long Bay Cruise shuttle picked us up at 0930-ish.

Our shuttle van. Advice : Never ever sit at the last row! unless you want a flat bottom!

It's misty outside.
 Occasionally, the shuttle would stop for a toilet break at an art centre.

Sculptures and paintings *nothing suits my taste*


Shells painting


Feels like I'm on my way to grandma's house..... paddy fields!
After almost 4 hours, we arrived at the jetty, waiting to board our boat.

Foreigners have to go through the custom with passports

Waiting... oh waiting


JJ couldn't hide his excitement!

Some of the other boats.

Our boat - The Golden Lotus. It used to be in its original timber colour. But now it's required by the Viet government that all boats painted in white. =S

My bed! OMG..... Simply a luxury!

A pretty toilet
... and it comes with an ocean view

The common room
where the captain hangs out

Scenery LAI LIAO!

Of course, the shutterbug!

Our guide with a kiam-phak face...haha

the shit he's smoking

Smoke more if you wanna die sooner! XP

 Then we headed out for a short cave exploring trip.

Do not litter

The cave, neons and me.

Tour guide giving some background of the cave, the stalagmites and stalactites

New found friends, from Korea and Philippine.

Got a taste of Vietnamese apple, from Filipino friend.

Sublime eh!
Back to the boat
 Then, we had a simple lunch on the boat before our canoe session!
EMO filter

Got shooed by the captain after this photo was taken.... haha

The infamous shipwreck rock

Chilling before the canoeing.

Main filter lagi XD

Floating school, if not mistaken.

Oh my...... crabs and moreton bay bugs!

All ready to paddle and SPLASH!

The Filipino couple.

Me and JJ in a canoe.


Mee Jung and the Aussie dad
At the dinner table

Trying our luck at squid jigging
I got one..... but so small that we don't know what to do with it....haha

The boat crews were having their night time brain exercise before sleep.
All in all, a good day and gonna rise and shine on the next!