Friday, May 31, 2013

背包菜鸟 in Vietnam Day 4

From previous post, you should have knew that we took an overnight train.
Maybe I was way too tired form all the walking, I didn't wake up at all till like 4+ a.m..
While JJ told me that he couldn't really sleep as the train's kind of bumpy, especially when it stops to drop off some passengers.

Misty view along the train route in the early morning

We got down at Lao Cai station and were supposed to get a shuttle to Sapa. But, I think we're too blurred and probably still tired.... and we end up being cheated! We felt so stupid...haha
I think we were suppose to pay no more than 100,000 VND, but we end up with 400,000....
gosh~ I didn't thought that we can be such brainless...haha
 L(=(00)=) (------ pig pig

Frankly speaking, I do feel like we're in a van full of pigs 
waiting to be slaughtered at the slaughter house. Especially when you're surrounded by a van full of Vietnamese with only two of us being the 'foreigners'. 
bo huat, 硬着头皮,我们坐了下去。
*Anxiety LEVEL 999*

Scenery along the way to slaughter house XP

After like 25 minutes, we're finally in Sapa Town!

The streetscape

We then check-in to the accommodation that we have booked, forgot the price, but less that 10USD a night for a person.The name is Auberge Hotel.

The front desk

One of the blocks with Sapa's mistical back drop!

Even got its name on the balustrade panel!

The moment we check into our room, we found this!
A radiator fan! First time came across this kind of heating fan!
Heat is radiated onto the aluminium coated parabolic plate 
at the back and distributed using the fan.

Then we did some exploration at the private garden in the Accommodation.
Looked a little bit like Hawthorn flower.山楂花

After that, we headed out for our first destination : Cat Cat Village

A market along the way

The indigenous people in their traditional clothing

The market was wet and muddy... due to the rain

By the way, when we're on our way to the Cat Cat Village, many indigenous craft sellers approached us and try to sell some of their products. We didn't buy any as we're still in the paranoia state. JJ still layan them by saying at least a "Hi", while my face is a total "Fuck-off! and better fuck far-far" face...haha
Can't help it.... 最讨厌被人骗的了

Below is the entrance to Cat Cat Village.  
Doesn't look like one? No kidding AT ALL though.
We're literally stunned when we see this.... 
and even doubted if we took the right route.
But still, we went on.... backpackers' spirit! MAN!
As if a landslide has just occurred 

Lady and the sea of mud  女孩与泥海

first few seconds of my shoes... which turned unbearable not long after.

My shoes weren't that bad, but JJ really struggled with his sneakers.
Wet, muddy, slippery, dirty..... ewww~

I'm sure you can see where my worries come from, from this picture...
一旦设定了目标,我们永不后退 =P


菜圃!!Vegie patch! 
I'm sure my grandma will be so so excited if she gets one for herself

我:嫲嫲,cin eh kiu moh lim shui liao!

My mood got a little bit better when we reached here.... LOVING THE NATURE MAN!

Notice: it cost 40,000VND 
to go into the village (around RM6)

BABI! hahaha.... KAWAII neh!

Quenching thirst

Carefree childhood life

The stepped paddy field in Cat Cat Village
They're not as pretty as the one in summer... 
but still, they're a unique sight for outsiders like us.

Flower..... noooo, orchid lah~


Water buffaloes!!!  First time seeing them in real life!

The indigenous house built from bamboo

Pregnant mama pig.... 
Kesian seeing her inching her steps 
with babies in her tummy

Let the rain wash away all the sorrow and anxiety!

So chubby!

Still remember when's the very last time
we wash our shoes in a gushing longkang water?

I was tempted to buy but afraid I'm not going to use it.
well... better don't waste.

The Tie Sa Waterfall
It's in the full flow condition and we're so glad we manage to catch it!

Temperature was pretty low and the dampness made things colder.

He's guarding his house.
(The dog and house belonged to the Cat Cat Cultural Performance group)

The moment we reached the performers' centre, we noticed the show will start in 45 minutes. So we decided to take a short stroll around the surrounding hills.

JJ and the river

Crossing the river dam =D


Some dudes having their lunch beside the river

ah ma's rattan basket

ah ma and her basket 
(she was collecting some fire woods)

We're back for the SHOW!

Some one left his/her cigarette pipe outside the house

during the show... spin ahh-spin ahh

Victory sign for awesome performance! yay~ =D

The performance last for around half an hour and then we decided to head back.
It's already pass lunch and yet we had nothing since morning... I was damn hungry, cold and fortunately not too tired.

Duck = dinner!!!

I'm imagining this piece of paddy field to super beautiful 
during the harvest festival. too bad.... it's winter. =S

The harvest left-over

I don't want to leave.... 
ng ng~ so beautiful here

Indigo plant used as dye by the local tribes

Really like this picture... so unreal!


some of the more proper route 

We know we're out from Cat Cat village when we come across this piece of mess. 

The moment we're out of the village, we rushed to get some bread and fill our tummy.

If I wore my red jacket and took a photo with them, 
we would have form a complete traffic light...haha

some of the religious flag

Pass by the market again and surprise! surprise!
They're still opened!

After a proper lunch and probably the most expensive lunch
we have during our trip, cost around 95,000 VND (around RM14)
we decided to spend some time walking around the town centre.
The Sapa church

kesi-kesi HDR

Some of the local market

at the Sapa Park

The moment we reached Sapa Park, it's already getting pretty dark.
So we decided to head back to our accommodation not long after.

The moment we reached our accommodation, we were informed by the hotel owner that we're welcomed to have dinner with them (means with him, his family and staffs).
We thought he was just joking, but when I was taking my bath, he actually sent someone up to call us down for dinner.... wahhh!!! ARIGATO!!! 您的厚爱我们心领了!

Waiting for the start

We even got a FREE Hanoi Beer!!
haha.... so touched!

This is our first day feeling that Vietnamese are actually not bad at all!!
Well, this world is filled with all sorts of people, good and bad ones.
again.... 感恩!

In short, we had a terrible and awesome day ! haha.... 
OMG... it has been a month plus and I've just updated 4 days out of 28 days we spent in Vietnam/Cambodia.