Monday, April 27, 2009

Light exhibition

Event : Light Exhibition 2009
Venue : Annexe Gallery, 10, 1st Floor, Jalan Hang Kasturi, KL.
Admission : FREE!!! (that's why we went for it! XP)
Last week, we were informed about an exhibition at Pasar Seni by Mr. Derick. As a group of future architects, we were encouraged to visit the exhibition in order to gain some inspiration for our future career. At first, we planned to go on the week before our exam. However, we dicided to postpone it to this week so that we can focus on our exam and also have a temporary escape after having our chemistry and physics tests.
But-However-On the other hand-On the contary-Unfortunately-Unexpectedly-Sadly..., everyone seemed to enjoy flying aeroplane pretty much. In the end, only left Nicky and me who are going.....aihhh...kena FFK (fong fei kei!!) Suan-le!!! But, we had a great time there appreciating the art pieces. The whole exhibition room was dimly lit, with only some wall light.
Tangle up your life
Light made from milk boxes. NICE!
Feels like mothers' wombs......warm and secure
Table lamp made from Yakult's straw. Did you notice that?

Uekk......vomitting..... Green day having a BAD day XP
One of my favourite piece of work is the one with numerous little flowers made from used plastic bottles. It's quite impressive for the artist to figure out the way to fold and shape the plastic bottles into flowers. They only use two staples to create a flower. Although this work piece was not as attractive as the others, which have LED light surrouding them, it gives me the feeling of "CHILDHOOD DREAM". When I first saw it, a Chinese song 紅蜻蜓(red dragonfly) comes straight to my mind.
紅蜻蜓Red Dragonfly
飛呀 飛呀 看那紅色蜻蜓飛在藍色天空
Fly! Fly! Watching that red dragonfly flying in the sky

In the sky, he is playing with the wind while searching for his dreams.

天空是永恆的家 大地就是牠的王國
If the sky is his eternal home then the earth is his kingdom

Flying is LIFE

Our childhood growing at a speed of breeze

輕輕地吹著夢想 慢慢地昇空
Gently, it's blowing our dreams. Slowly, they rise to the sky

Red dragonfly, my little hero when I was small and shy.

It was my dream to fly together with it, the red dragonfly.

當煩惱越來越多 玻璃彈珠越來越少
The worries in our lives are replacing the glass marbles of our childhood

I know I am growing up

No one knows when, my red little hero slowly dissapeared from my chilhood

我們都已經長大 好多夢正在飛
We already grown up and numerous dreams are flying

Like the red dragonfly I saw during my childhood

我們都已經長大 好多夢還要飛
We are grown up and there are numerous dreams waiting to fly

They are just like the red dragonfly in our mind

It has been a long time since I last listen to this song. It's about growing up, childhood lives and realizing dreams in our lives. The piece of light work remided me of how many dreams i had in my childhood, the things I believed, the things I liked and disliked, the things I owned, the things I played..... They are like the little flowers made from the plastic bottles, light and fragile. Dreams are light and fragile too. They can set off to the sky and top everything else in our lives. Yet, it may be too light until it stands no weight in our lives.
I would like to call this piece of work "Flying dreams".
Looked like a plant (actually it's made from plastic bottles)
shh....shh.....Don't make any noise.....they are just too NICE!
Nicky : Woei Song, can it fit into my bag?
Dumpling, anyone? It's almost May

BEfore we Ki-siao

SSSsss....... Snake! 蛇拳!!

That's what we call "DEEPLY IN LOVE" (haha...)

Now, I'm deeply in sleep

Bebola Jiwa?

Looked like the tent used by Doraemon everytime they venture, don't you think so?

Mental-retarded kids

Don't vomit, please.....hehe


Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Test around the corner

Due to the coming test, I won't be updating my blog for around 2 weeks, unless something unusual happenned.
Have to study first....(cabut...)

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Ms.Kaemie's mom

Let me introduce my girlfriend to you all. Her name is Kaemie (ya...pronounced as the 'Chemi' in Chemistry). I'm lazy to type again about her story, so just visit the link below :
So, get it? Now, this post is for her mother Ms. Pleema. I don't know how to describe her look but I do sketched it down yesterday during our Kaemies-try class.....It's DAMN freaking boring and it's killing all my brain cells every seconds.

When I am attending that class, I feel like the aging process in my body has been accelerated to it's maximum speed. Arhhh.......

it makes me feels redundant.....

It makes my my eye lids grow heavier......

It makes me lost my way in studies.......

It makes me feel like yelling deep in my heart every time I saw the word 'KAEMIES-TRY'...

It makes me wanna kill myself.......

It makes me feel helpless and defencelss......

It hypnotises me whenever I stare at her eyes.....

It triggers my nerves whenever I heard "XXX, are you understand? Dapat?"

It makes me want to throw all the tables and chairs straight at her face.....

It makes me think that women who wear high heels are arrogant and are B1TC l-l y !!! (only applied on particular people)

It gives me headache everytime I finished that class.....

I have to sleep....I have to rest ......

When there is another lesson after that class, I have to go to toilet.....

Wet face and give myself a few good and hard slaps on my face.....(just kidding...)
It's so vague and I was left in vain.......

But, what can I do?
First, take a deep breath....a deep.... deep........breathe
Breathe in.....(sucking air into my lung....)
and smile....a BIG..... BIG.....REALLY REALLY BIG SMILE....

and shout
(hidden text)

Oh class, I'm so sorli...I know it's my fault for this time...

AND ONLY FOR THIS TIME!!!(something missing)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Small gathering at 'Halia'

Yesterday night, around 30 SC (Student Council) members including Daniel and I, and a few KBU staves spent our night at Sime Darby Convention Hall. We had a buffet dinner at 'Halia', a restaurant located at the ground floor in Sime Darby Convention Hall. Basically, we had a great time chatting while eating. The variety of food was just at an average level. There were Kebab, tomato soup, pasta, roast lamb (no thanks!!), nasi tomato, grilled seafood, salad and some dessert. Everytime I go to a buffet dinner, I will ensure that I will stuff myself with tons of food until I can barely breathe and move my legs. It reminded me of the time when I went to Seoul Garden with Ah Beng.....what an unbreathe-able experience.... (X_X)
As usual, pictures are always taken everytime we went out.
Before we depart


Picture took outside the restaurant

The architecture of the restaurant

Darren waiting for the waiter to serve him the sausages
the chef was preparing the food


The salad

The girls

The guys

Boss and Mrs. Boss (>_<)

d-couple : Yong Jian an dHui Shan

Something is seriously wrong....(-___-lll)'s so wrong....

From left: Jason who refused to wear a formal shirt,
Bernie who BLING-ed,
Daniel - the one who can go hyper without alcohol (-__=lll)
and me with the menu

Daniel, me, Mr. Ho, Mr. Kamal and Ms. Effa


We ate from around 7pm until 11pm. Then, Jade, Daniel and I went back in Jason's car.
Night was no over yet. We met with Ah Beng and watched movie using Daniel's laptop until around 0230. Time for relaxation has to be stopped for a while. Now, it's time for homework and assignment.