Sunday, June 29, 2008

Leaving soon!

Hey! My friends and anyone who ever view my blog, I would like to inform you all that I will deoart to PJ very soon. Due to the inconvinience of logging into the net, I may not update my blog, maybe for a month or several months untill further notice. Hope all my friends will always enjoy their lives and GOODBYE EVERYBODY!!!! May our lives are as colourful as rainbow!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

some pics special for mother & son (haha...sorry ya!!father XP )


my mum's favourite cat - Mambo (he cant dance XP)

someone's sleeping....zzzZZZZZZ

wats up?dude....

Monday, June 16, 2008

Happy Father's Day!! (^ ~ ^)

Yesterday, together with my bro & sis, we celebrated father's day. We gathered our money and start planning on our menu!!
My brother and I decided to cook "mei chai"(梅菜),an authentic cuisine of Hakka and chinese dumplings. My cousins planned on their curry chicken, soup, omelete with prawns and vegetable with oyster sauce.
After we have bargained for the ingredients, we still remain RM32........ We decided to use the rest of the money to buy ice-cream and a few bottles of soft make FLOAT!!
The out-put of the preparation is quite satisfying..... let us see the pics....da lang!!

"Mei chai" It's quite oily, but at least it suites the appetite of the fatherssss XP

Curry Chicken by miss pisces 咖喱鸡

Chinese dumplings..... hills of them......oo000OOOO 饺子

vege with oyster sauce.... too many sauce XP 蚝市白菜
Fried potato leaves 清炒番薯叶
omelete with prawns by loneli boyz 虾仁炒蛋
SO, how are they? The taste is mostly at the average level, coz we have a few
I'm sure I will miss this type of celebration when I go to PJ.....
May all the PAPA or should i call them daddy or papi......enjoy their own day celebrated with their sons and daughters.

Thursday, June 12, 2008







Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New diGIt@l Camera!!

Two days ago, my cousins, aunt and I went to Gurney to hunt for our new digital camera. We walked from counters to counters.........surveying .......

I saw some annoying salesmen and girls, treated us as if we r transparent...... sick of them.

Go home or to beach if u all want to date but not still finding....

(@ o @) OOOOH!!!

the brand I work for during PC-fair

Without hesitation, i told them to go to the counter for further info.....

poor salesgirl... one on SIX...haha!!

After hearing for her explaination, we started bargaining for more upgrades and comparing!!

Among us, my cousin (miss pisces) and I decided to buy it on the spot, while my bro decided to buy another one(by KODAK)

This is it!!! My brand new Digital Camera!!

BenQ C750

The function Ok lah!!! It suits home use and school use.

Shake-Free and High ISO portrait mode With SSF and ISO portrait mode up to 1260, you will no longer be troubled by those blurred photo caused by unexpected hand shaking or by the dark environment.

Smile Catch Mode The BenQ's Smile Catch Mode allows you to continue to capture more smiles by shooting automatically when a smiling face is detected until you press shutter button to stop the mode. This smart feature lets you capture every moments of happiness.
Movie optical zoom Zoom in and out for a sharp and clear view during the video recording.
P/Av/Tv/M mode Equipped with Av (adjust aperture to decide the depth of field), Tv (adjust shutter to decide exposure), Manual (adjust both aperture & shutter), and Program (set aperture/shutter automatically according to the environment) modes to allow you to create photos in a professional way.
The price is RM399.00 including a 2GBmemory card, a tripod stand, some photo printing vouchers from nam loong, a case and BenQ's free gift. Then i top up another RM39.00 for 4 rechargeable 2300 Batteries with charger and another RM75 for a protective len and an anti-glare protective layer..........TOTAL.......DaDang!!!!
KL!!!! Here I come!!! with my new digi cam...haha XP