Monday, November 15, 2010


It's been almost half a year since I moved into my current house. Fast huh?
This post, obviously, is going to be about my fellow neighbours.

On my left is a blonde woman (probably in her thirties). I've never really talk to her yet, the most is just "Hi! .... Bye!" (=_____= lll)
But, what I noticed is that she owns a female Golden retriever. The height of the fence between my house and her house is not really high. Whenever I'm free, I will go to the fence and call her golden retriever..... and it will come and lean against the fence. Then, I would spend my whole morning petting on its back. Even though my mum used to rear 16 cats, I still prefer dogs as company. They're loyal, loyal, and loyal, unlike cats who adapt to new owners in just seconds.

I miss my pets X(

On the right of my house live a lovely old couple - Mr and Mrs Duke. They lived by themselves and their daily routine is go to the market (supermarket) and gardening, an easy and slow pace life. By the way, Mr Duke owns a garage filled with all the basic gardening tools and some cutting machines. When the grass in my house touches my eyebrows, I always ask for the help of his grass trimming machines.

My housemate always jokes that he actually is a psychotic serial killer.... like what you saw in "The Saw" XD This is because he's always busy sawing something in his workshop and it sounds like somebody sawing human bones or something that is hard.

Across the road is a family migrated from Bhudan. I always see the grandparents walking around Launceston, and I think I've met them more than 10 times in a same supermarket. They obtained their Permanent Residence status 2 years ago, and now the whole family is here and they now owned two houses at the corner of the road.

hmmm..... just as a record.

Saturday, November 13, 2010



Thursday, November 11, 2010

Random.... random...

Few days ago, I switched on the TV, and jumped from channel to channel.... suddenly, I heard somebody's talking in Mandarin and Malaysian HOKKIEN some more!!!
At that point, my instinct told me to stop and stare.....

ohhh.... it's the movie "20, 30, 40". For those don't know about this, it's actually a Mandarin movie which revolves around the life of three women, who are at the different stage of their life.

李心洁, a 20 year old Malaysian Chinese girl who found herself caught between her dream and the reality. Her parents asked her to find a mundane, monotonous job which offers a stable income. However, she insisted to venture to Taiwan, a country which she believes she will find her stardom. That's the final straw of her dream
However, things are not that simple... (=_=)
My comment on this character : 梦想与现实是能共存的,你确定吗?

刘若英,an air-stewardess in her early thirties and still single. She has no confidence in men and relationship. However, she still try her best to find her Mr. Right... ... a middle-age doctor who is other's husband at the same time? or a young artist who has an unstable career, but still single?
My comment on this character : 如果你相信,你就得耐心等待

张艾嘉, with a '4' hanging infront of her age, she owned a happy family and her own flower shop. However, her marriage ended with a shocking discovery of a third party...... A woman with a heart broken.... what's the remedy?
My comment on this character : 天底下最可悲的人是抛弃自己的自己

Actually, I noticed this movie long time ago (it's produced in 2004, which means I'm already in secondary school), just that I thought it is another brainless movie, with tonnes of women flaunting their gigantic boobs and exaggerated body figures in front of innocent viewers. However, I found this movie rather tauntingly meaningful and made me think a lot.

Someone told me before :
"You'll have different opinions on your previous act, especially when you viewed it after some years, when you are more grown-up and tasted more of your LIFE"

currently enjoying 《把悲伤留给自己》

Friday, November 5, 2010

call me part time fisherman

My Uni holidays have commenced since last Friday and even though I got myself 2 casual work, life still seemed to be pretty empty and soul-less. hmm... perhaps going to find more jobs ($~$)

Besides eating, sleeping, breathing, shitting and working, life without Uni would be
FISHING!!! (you've no other choice in Tasmania)
and today, I went fishing again with some friends.
The special thing about this fishing trip is that an old 'pak cik' joint us this time. If not mistaken he's someone's father, and grandfather of 20+ grandchildren. bahagia nyer~~

nothing special actually, just that he reminded me of my grandfathers when I helped him to change his fishing line (because they get tangled up too often and I suggest him to change the whole line)

我就在淡水河的 旁边
我看着太阳 慢慢不见