Friday, February 28, 2014

As long as a wink

Have not been up here for quite some time,
Just don't have the mood to write,
Or should I say Life's pretty predictable recently?

Started the 1st week of Uni,
Definitely not looking forward to all the submissions.
But, really glad most people are back in school!
Hope fully we'll all sail safely to the END!

So.... fifth year huh?
Boy, I definitely have never dreamt of my self doing this.
Especially doing it overseas.
So much to miss and loathe at the same time.

Was seeking some seniors' opinions the other day,
for the final year project thingy.

Senior : "Wow! Boy has finally grown into a MAN!"
Me      : "ermm.... haha.... I guessed so?"

On the other hand, the Uni hosted a free barbie session,
and of course, I've never successfully refrain myself
from the ultimate four alphabets "FREE".
Saw a 4th year junior who just came in,
and I went over to have a chat with him and his friends.

Juniors : "So you're in 1st year?"
Me       : "Ermm.... you can say so, but you have to count it from the back though".
Juniors : "Sorry...."

Guess I look young to impersonate a first year huh?

Angko popipopi,