Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thoughts of 2010

I know it's not 31st of December yet!!!
But I'm afraid I'll miss it
(maybe going somewhere else...just maybe...)
Therefore, I would like to record some useful thoughts I obtained this year.

1. Life is never hard till you said so
After departing to Australia, I start to REALLY feel the stuffs that need to be paid attention to in our daily lives. It's totally different from the time when I was still in KBU or anywhere else in Malaysia. It's really tiring and of course the reward is never disappointing (not to mention the disappointments we had before the reward XD ). Even for something like eventually found a place to really 'TUMPANG' , is very rewarding. (I know you all won't get it >_< ) Anyway..... I still remember the time we got a house, yes... a 'HOUSE'. At first, I don't really feel it. But when I heard my housemates' weeping in the silence, when they're praying during the first evening we got our house...... DAMN!! I just can't hold it........
haha..... nevermind, once in a while. (o_O) I just can't forget the process of getting the house.
感恩·惜福 (o^~^o)

2. Don't let your religion tie you
Please, I'm not trying to spread any propaganda or asking everybody to be free thinker. I have a religion as well, okay~ Just that, I've talked to many people and some are strong in their own religions and some are free thinkers. What I can conclude is, you can be a free thinker if you think that your life is complete without any guide. But that doesn't mean free thinker is no good. Both, being religious and free thinker has good and bad, just the way you see it and live it.

3. Never ever stereotype anything
Stereotyping is never a good thing, no matter you're thinking in a good way or the opposite. The moment you start stereotyping others, you'll either end up stereotyping even more and eventually feel disappointed with it, or you'll straight away eat the shit out of it. Staying neutral is never a bad thing to do if you're not sure.

4. Smile, no matter what happend
Smile is really a useful tool in life. I remember smiling to a local couple (I mean Tasmanian people) during a exhibition in the city which I was alone at that time. Surprisingly, we ended up chatting for the next 20 minutes..... haha..... not a bad day at all. =D I think I can say "You'll never know who's going to fall in love with your smiles"

5. Stock up more on banana and chocolate
You will never know when you will feel depressed or demotivated. So, it's best to have them on the shelf all the time. XD Even if you're not depressed you can always grab one and eat! Banana can make your shit slip out smoothly like it never does, and chocolate..... erm....erm......hmm....
it makes you FAT and HAPPY!!! =D

Happy New Year to all!

Tuesday, December 28, 2010





尝试 · 努力 · 挣扎 · 折翼 · 脱毛 · 放弃









Saturday, December 25, 2010

First time ...

First time celebrating Christmas overseas with a local family.... what can I say....
hmmm.... Nothing more but a decent
It's not a Christmas dinner, but it's a lunch on Christmas day. There're nine of us, the father, mother, 2 sons, Gran (granny in short), the uncle, the aunt , little cousin and me. It's my first time ever being invited to a local's gathering, not to mention my first time experiencing X'mas in Aussie. The feeling was awesome! =D

The photo is blur..... haha
From left: the mother, Gran and me in the kitchen

Rudolf, the red nose raindeer by Robbie

The angel barbie and Christmas ghost (I think) haha...
all done by Alex

The 2 photos above are some of the interesting deco I found on the Christmas tree. They may looked silly to most people, but, they hold great sentimental values respectively. They're mostly done by the two sons- Alex and Robbie (who are already 18 and 16), according to their Mum. It reminded me of my Mum as well.... =') My brother and I used to attend drawing classes when we were very young, and my Mum keep all our drawings... yes.... all of them, including those which are fugly as well. =D Sometimes, things don't need to be beautiful to be beautiful, got me?

Oh ya! I even got a prezzie! XD
(T___T) *touched*

Even though it's just a simple gathering, but I do learn many things from it.
Love you all and may the Frost family will always be showered with joy and love.

Merry X'mas again everyone!


更避免不了成为kopitiam 里安娣安哥的饭后热门话题。

但,有时人们往往只注意到那些CB,LC, KNB 等等。




Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas looo!

It has been some time since I last updated about my recent life.
It's officially summer few days ago!

(I don't know why, I love only and only summer)
\(^____^ lll)/
the feeling of being able to sweat is so nice! haha... weird huh?

Life during holiday is much more compact, busier and more tiring. But it's a good thing to be continuously tiring =] Nothing much but the work at the farm, attended my seniors' graduation and fishing.

I'm sure those in Malaysia are wondering about Christmas in Tassie. Nothing really special, no white Christmas. XD But I do noticed something special about the 尾牙(in Mandarin) a.k.a lunch session held by companies to thank the employees, at the same time, kick off the Christmasy mood to the MAX! At the afternoon on Christmas eve, you will see all the restaurants in the cities crowded with employers and employees. Sure not a common sight in Malaysia.

On Christmas day, I'm going off to a local family for a lunch gathering. Hope everything is fine! First time Christmas in overseas!

Merry Christmas to all who celebrates it and HO HO HO!
Don't forget to hang up your socks beside the hearth! Who knows, right?

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sing along with me...

Life as a farm worker has already started 2 weeks ago and nothing special about the job, just some apple thinning (which means getting rid of the small apples on the tree and reduce the competition among apples, so that the average and big apples can grow bigger in a shorter period)

The farm is located around 25 minutes drive away from the place I currently staying. It's not really that far, especially when you use the highway.

Hmm.... lets talk about the workers in the farm then. There are around 40 workers in the farm and mostly are locals. We are generally paired up with some one else in the work, so that we can speed up the work progress. There're quite a number of trueblood Aussies, a French, a few Kenyans, some Africans, 2 Malaysians and a Korean.

For the first few days, I had no partner (due to the total odd number of people in our group). When people were moving a head, fast; I was left far far behind..... certainly don't like that kind of feeling, alone in a farm and left to work on your own. =<

Luckily, a few newbies came, and I was paired up with the Korean guy. His name is Seung Huan or normally known as Chuck. He looked like 21 the most, but is actually 26. And he said he thought that I'm at least 26, or more than that. haha.... I think I do need some extra dose of botox and 24/7 using SK II. XD

The funny thing is he learnt Mandarin in his Uni and had a Chinese girl friend. haha.... and he told me "Faster go and find yourself a sexy hot babe before they're all grabbed up!"
(-_____= llll) haha..... what can I say? "sure~" XP

We did something unusual in the farm today.... F*** those who have dirty minds. haha...
We actually sang in the farm.... Just imagine, a piece of land with two ends vanishing in distance that can't be seen... and two asians are singing. So what did we actually sing?

Due to language inefficiency, we had a pretty limited song list.
Song list:
-《对面的女孩看过来》 (he started it first.... haha...and the pronunciation is not bad though)
-《Gee》 he said no Korean guys are not crazy with Girl Generation... I agree...hahak!
-《Selamat Hari Jadi》and Korean version of 《Happy Birthday》
and the playlist just repeat for the whole day... haha
*I almost sang 《Negaraku》 and ask him to sing Korea's national anthem. XD

Cloudless sky
Scorching sun
Towering trees
Boring job
another day!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Bargain Hunters




The word 'shopping' is always said to be women's nature.


Happy?? SHOPPING (again?)

Frustrated? SHOPPING!!

Conclusion: SHOP Till You Drop XD

In Tassie, I found myself started to love that too.


It totally different from the shopping that girls do, kay~
My territory only lies within GARAGE SALE.
It's a sale normally held at the garage or just outside of the house.
You can find a range of useful and dirt cheap stuffs, for example furniture, kitchen equipments, guitars, shoes, sandals, hats, computer, piano, sewing machines, machine used to cut tiles, goldfish bowl, table lamp, BBQ pit, futsal table, make up, bed, mattress, exercise machines, dictionaries, drawing paper, photo frames, clocks, lawn mower, wallets, TVs, microwave, toaster, wok, dictionaries, toys, X-box, PS, fishing rod, tents, trampoline, i-phone, fans, crayons, monster motorbike, cars, helicopters, jackets, speed boats, door knobs, clothes hanger, cutlery, camera, speakers, undies, boots, slippers, washing machines, fridge..... end less.... they're simply endless.

However, it all depends on luck. Sometimes, you will come across lots of bric-a-bracs, which is normally useless.. haha... I think antique collectors would find it interesting. XD

I somehow feel like playing amazing race. It's very common for the locals to go to garage sale during weekend. We normally start hunting at around 8 am, and there're normally 1 driver and 1 map reader.... haha... like in the car race. It's a good way to explore the surroundings as you might find yourself lost somewhere and some how manage to come out of it.

Definitely go again next week.... it's almost christmas and people are buying new stuffs while the old need to go .... and lucky to the hunters.

Monday, December 6, 2010

song song




“你只要give me five 就好,不要虚假的礼貌”
If you guys miss me,you guys are more than welcome to drop by and give me a

Saturday, December 4, 2010

tired..... but okay laa

The fruit thinning job started from yesterday and goes on for around 4-5 weeks.
For my first day, the weather was fine, even though it drizzled, stopped, drizzled, stopped, drizzled again, stopped again.... and repeated like for more than 10 times. XD

Had a tired day.... but okay laaa =)

there're promotion air ticket to Gold Coast..
should I?
hmmm.... temptation lerr~

Goodye everybody!