Sunday, February 26, 2012

Night out

Classes're going to resume, starting from tomorrow.
Well..... summer holiday is not even a blink of eyes, and it's already time for us to GET-SET and GO!

Had a small night out with my colleagues at the 'Black Cow', using the tip which we have been pulling for quite some time. It's a good night out, despite the  poorly-ventilated restaurant. Well, way better than winter! Saying it is freaking me out! >_
In all, a short post just before everything's kicking in! oh yeah!

Tonight's a warm night , and it feels just like HOME! oh man~ XD

Thursday, February 23, 2012

This, whatever it's called,
arrived at my doorstep this evening *my housemate passed it to me*
XP *chuckles*

Well, hope to have a real good change this year,
Wish to have TOW-CAR AUNTIE's courage but not her illogical way of voicing out.

柯有倫 ft.艾偉倫- we believe


Monday, February 13, 2012

Dusting off the rod

Well, the title've said what I've wanted to say.
Been fishing today, and not really good day though.
Caught 3 fish, 2 being undersized.
So, ended up with only the big one. =P (I'm not the sapu-all kind)

Then, sinker got stuck twice, and both ended with a broken string. sigh~
But.... looking from the bright side, it's not a bad thing at all.
I switched to a squid jig *cause run out of sinker, and can't fish!*

and got two of them!

A Wrase and two squids

Sunday, February 12, 2012


Watch a chinese movie downloaded from Youtube. *which the quality sucks!*
It's called 《非诚勿扰2》 or  "Your are the One II"
The movie kicks off with a de-wedding ceremony. Where a ceremony is created to celebrate the breaking up of a married couple. It's my first time knowing about this kind of ceremony as *for Asians* big celebration is always for something good, or is it?
The first half of the movie is just an average, revolving around a story of an almost-married couple. Lack with confidence, they decided to have a test-run on how well would they adapt to a married couple's life.
The husband's always truthful and straight-forward, while the wife's the type who knew the actual answer, but always never want to 'know' about it. So.... you can guess what's next.

However, there's a scene which impresses me a LOT! It's about the friend of the main characters, who found himself having Melanoma, and dying pretty soon.
It may sound absurd, but he held the first anniversary of his own funeral, while he's still conscious and alive!
His intention was to see as many people as he could and listen to what they have in their minds about him. After that, he chose to commit suicide and ordered to be planted in a pot.

Odd huh? Not really, it does make sense ... to me. XP

I like the poem recited by his daughter to him
(during the so-call first funeral anniversary):

或者  不见我





默然   相爱
寂静   欢喜"

"Notice me
Or not.
I'm always there,
not being joyful nor
feeling sad.

Miss me
Or not.
The feeling is undeniable
Just like it has never absent
nor present in my life.

Love me
Or not.
It will always be there
Never increased
nor diminishable.

Being together
Or not.
It is your choice.
Knowing my own hand
never leaves.

It doesn't matter
Whether it's your bosom
or my heart.

In silence, we love
In still, we celebrate."
(translated based on my own interpretation)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A week

A week away from home and I noticed a thing:

When you are away from home for a really long time and suddenly you got back,
Back to the state of being a homeboy. THE FEELING IS REALLY AMAZING....

Simple things like...
Seeing people you missed for a long time,
Eating stuffs you thought you would have forgotten how they taste like,
Basking in the warm tropical sunshine till the UV scorches your skin,
Filling your lung with the richly hydrated breeze (especially the one after a heavy downpour),
Gazing upon the sky, which is not purely azure blue, but a little grey.

You know you're back to the town,
The town you expected to have developed into a state where you can no longer recognise.
Yes it did,
but still...everything's so familiar.

I would call this the second-phase of homesickness.
haha.... it doesn't harm much as long as you don't dwell on it.
But it sure strikes more heavily than the first time (which surprises me).

Well, out of comfort zone, and
Again.... WE STRIVE and STRIKE!

Best to those back home and
whoever out there sharing the same thing as me.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

爱情电影三部曲 Love trio

A few weeks more and uni life's gonna begin.
Feeling bored... nothing to do.... baggage's lost....
Well, searching for a few movies to watch.
Used to have thousands of wanna-watch-movies in my mind *especially during assignment period*.
But, the frequent delays have shed most of them from my mind.
Random google-ing does help when you have no idea what movie to watch.
Saw this movie on Youtube 将爱进行到底(电影版2011)Eternal Moment:

Luckily, found a complete series of it on Youtube.
Watched it and frankly speaking, it's quite nice. Way better than Twilight!
*Yes~You got it! I'm one of the hardcore anti-Twilighters*

The movie consists of 3 scenarios, all developed from a TV series a decade ago.
It doesn't matter whether you have watched the TV series or not. (I have not)

Among the 3 stories, I like the first one the most. It's about a typical modern family, where a husband found himself with no significant value in his wife's life, after so many years of striving in the business world, just to make the family life better.
He reach the peak of his life, got all the C's (cars, credit cards, condominium, career etc.), but failed to notice how much his wife's life has changed. She's stepped out of the life being a full-time housewife with no children, no career and no friends, and carve her own niche. Of course, HE didn't notice all these.
A mind-boggling hide-and-seek game was set up by the wife, so that she will be rediscovered by her man. A bit quirky in the way of shooting, especially the animation, but interesting plot indeed.
Well, she's not an ordinary girl. Instead of blaming others or weeping at a corner, she save her own relationship, with just a little help from some friends and strangers.

The other two stories are not bad either, both about ..... hehe.
Watch it if you wanna know about it! XP
Hint: There's a scene where the main female character fly-kicking a condom dispenser in the middle of the night!!! (I was totally cracked up!!!)

Well... ... hope you enjoy it as much as me.


Friday, February 3, 2012

Back to normal

After 10 hours of rushing.... I'm back home, on the Island of Oriental Pearl.

The past 3 weeks were really really AWESOME!!


Met up with some old friends and family members ,whom I have not seen for 2 years.
Had lots of laughter and chatter, those I missed in these two years time.
Chat about life, school, results, environment in Aus, new friends, old friends, BGR....haha
All of us are definitely growing up FAST!

Well, it's not gathering if there isn't any food, especially street food.
(that's why my body weight shoot aaaaaaaaaaaaaalllll the way up to 82+kg in just TWO WEEKS!!! TWO F***KING WEEKS!!! Do your maths and tell me what will happen if I stay there for a month! HOLY SHAIT!) XP

Another 10 hours of rushing..... I'm back, back in Tassie.

It recalls all the departure scenes I had 2 years ago.
14th Februray 2010, the night which I doubt I'll ever forget.
Rahimee and mee, both first time flying overseas.
Having our first-ever air-plane meal on CNY eve,
Only the stormy conditions across Jakarta night sky could describe my feelings.

This time, it's not better than the previous one.
Lost my baggage at Tulangmarine airport..... oh damn~!
Luckily, I kept all my cash and documents in my carry-on bags.
At the same time, I'm glad to meet a few inspirational figures on my journey.
A young (not more than 5 years old) but very independent Vietnamese girl who is born in Melbourne.
Sitting beside a complete stranger, all by herself (which is me), yet she's calm and confident when I converse with her. KAWAII neh!
Another one is the stranger who helped to send my wallet to the information counter.
Amidst the franticness of losing my checked-in luggage, unconsciously, I dropped my wallet when purchasing drinking water from a shop.
Thanks again for saving my time and energy to make a new passport, IC and student ID.

well.... back to normal.
Miss yall!