Tuesday, June 29, 2010

2010 Winter trip - 1/3

It's already winter in Tasmania..... which means it's gonna be supa-SUPA cold.
How's Malaysia? How's Penang? I think the scorching heat of sun may have subsided a bit? perhaps....

okay... Winter trip, where should I start?
Perhaps why me and my friends chose to go onto this trip rather than gathering with our ex-classmates in Melbourne and Adelaide. It is all because of the date. When our school holiday has started, our friends were just about to start their exams..... sigh...(X_X)
Nevermind, we still have years to go...hehehe

Okay, back to this winter trip.
Actually we planned to go in our own vehicle but it was sent to the workshop days before the trip started. Therefore, we split up and squeeze into whatever car that we could find. Me and Rahimi ended up with Hassan and Din. It's my veyr very very first time visting Hobart - the capital of Tasmania. (visited the Hobart airport during my 1st arrival doesn't mean anything) It's located at the south of Tasmania, which is like in the opposite direction from Lonnie aka Launceston. From Lonnie, we took around 1 hour reach the Bonorong Wildlife Park. Even though the park is just a small scale one, I felt kind of satisfied.... because a larger wildlife will mean that the wildlife will have a higher probability of being neglected....erbs~ Why am I thinking about anima rights out of a suddent? XD

The day started off with a raining morning. Luckily, as we moved further, the weather turned better and better. Phew~ "RAINY DAY!! F l_l CK AWAY...oooppss!!"
p/s: I noticed I've been using this word more frequent than in Malaysia... what to do? 入乡随俗嘛。。 masuk kandang kambing mengembek, masukWestern komuniti? F@K! F@K! F@@K!!

Picture took somewhere in Campbell Town. A small town we passed by before reaching Bonorong Wildlife park.
"Our hair has grown long long long..."

Nice? We see this whenever we use the highway. XD

"Country road..... take me home.... to the place I belong...."
I felt kind of relief and secure whenever I heard the locals singing this song, when I went for the rating trip (refer to the post months ago)
Below are the pictures we have taken in the Bonorong Wildlife park:
The Wildlife park has it's own principle in caging the animals inside the park. For the Kookabura Bird on top, it's rescued from the nature. Why? It is because it has not sufficient nutrient when it's growing up, and this cause serious malnutrition and it ended up with a SUPER-KAWAII size wings which can do nothing but flapping around as it jump fron bark to bark.
I know I sounded bit pathetic , but this is the truth!!!
You better take your breakfast EVERYDAY!!! EVERYDAY!!!!
(specially directed to all my architecture seniors, juniors and friends)

"I like black colour...coz it's cool...my name is RAIN"
(all the visitors fainted~ (>_<) )

If you came to Tasmania and failed to see the Tasmanian Devils......
then, you're like in the situation where you went out from the toilet without peeing or shitting, but just simply washing your hand..... haha... got it?

In the park, we met up with families of kangaroos.... They are so adorable, cute, chubby, and their shit stinks like the one produced by my dogs. "Eu...."
Just hat they looked rather spherical and exactly like those hazel nut chocolate you bought from the supermarket and give as a present to your friends during their Birthday..... Mmmm...Yummy! =)

Then, here comes this animal with BIG ARSE, gigantic cylindrical body and a peanut size brain. This is how the tour guide described the Koala (just that I edited it a bit in my mind... just a little! XP ) Besides, I also learnt some thing new (no more shit and poo), the leaves that the Koala's eating is actually poisonous to most of the other animals. Just that Koala has a special digestive system which enables it to break down the hazardous element in the leaves. However, there is a disadvantage, the leaves contains mainly moisture and fibre, with very limited amount of nutrient. This is why they always sleep.....
Conclusion: Shit and poo are actually more nutritious because we can see that pigs are more active than koala. XP

Come one brother! Let me hug you!!
Kangaroo: Hai~Yah! (a detrimental kick in my ......) >_<
One of my seniors - Nik Aziz (yes... the one who leads the PAS, Persatuan Alam Sekitar)
"Come on..... eat this... eat... eat.... eat..... grow...grow......grow.....and I will eat YOU!"

Busy feeding.....

Hi little Joey!!! How's your day?
It looked so warm inside the mummy's pocket, I think I gonna get one too....

"Damn all these beautiful BIRD.... They only wanna o your dit..."

Is that piece of land called HEAVEn?

Edchina-one of the mascots during Olympics in Australia
After finish visitng Bonorong Wildlife park, we headed towards Cadbury Chocolate factory!!!

I don't mind caryying this huge bos on my back.....XD

I think this is what 'Boy' ge to taste in the novel... DAMN!!! I love it!!!

Previous mold used to make chocolate eggs during Easter

Raw dark chocolate which we get to taste during the discovery session....
SIMPLY Undescribable!!! It's super super bitter!!
Like it!!!
Chocolate butter buttons anyone??
From the Cadbury Factor, I discovered that Malaysia actually plays an important role in providing cocoa beans to Cabury...Hooray!!
Out of Cadbury factory, we continue heading towards Hobart city centre and drop our things at friends' house. Then, we went our again!!! The night life there is way way way ay ay ay... more interesting that Launceston, where poeple sleeps at nine. X)
Taking photos infront of the Peppermint Bay Cruise (which we didn't get on)

A ship by the dock

永无止境 且
无尽的落寞 和
Miss me? XD

Actually, we're supposedly going t bed by that time..... the weather is cold and people by the road are decreasing in number.....
We went to Woolworths,
grabbed a box of cinnamon donuts
which were already discounted 3 times
and a bottle of lime soda.
Wa walked for a distance and sit at a place near the deck
where the sea breeze were clam and rather soothing.
Sometimes, life is just that simple...... just that simple.
When night falls, is it true that everybody has a story to tell?
......total silence....

-Till here then-

Sunday, June 20, 2010



一个男人跟一个女人的一生没有很大的分别。只是她一个月会来一次捐血活动,他则不会。如果他真的要捐,叫他去捐浆糊吧。。。erbs...小孩不宜 XP



关于刚刚所说的“男人和女人的一生”, 我觉得两个‘人’的一生如果没有孩子的话,是称不上“完整”的一生。哈哈~有点稚气吧?常常听人说:“孩子让女人更女人”,其实孩子也让“男人更男人”。我非常赞同!不管你的孩子是:

-生来的 (就是老公和老婆合法做“阿乙之下的结晶)
-求来的(Ang Kong Po Pi .... ) XP
-飞来的(看TVB之前请看看一下Disney Channel, 你会看到很多飞来的例子)





Below are some funny T-shirts I found about Father...hmmm...should I buy 1 and post them back to Malaysia?

Not my business.... I should tell my sister

LIGHTER ANYONE?? (followed with a huge explosion....) "BOOM"!!!

This is the one that suits my dad the most!!! Yeay~

Does your father like Guitar Hero?

Any Mathematician dad?

Oooo..... issit?

kasar DEMO~ XD

sorry to hear that, Dad..... now wear that T'shirt I gave you!!!

Public disgrace is a trend..WooHoo~!!!!


haha...... Nutritionist huh?

Any Politicians? Now, take THAT!!

All in all, I just want to say "cherish your Papa!!"

Friday, June 11, 2010

Finished exam and ready for holidays!!!

For University of Tasmania, it's kind of special for architecture students, as we only have 1 theory exam, which is our History theory in design.
So.... it means when we finished that exam ,it's

Hmm... first, survey about interesting places
second, plan everything
third, get a transport
and we are ready to GO!!

simply CAN't WAIT!!!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

A weird but meaningful movie

Finally, get to watch Air Doll few days ago....

The movie, I can say that it's a mirror of the real world.
The director cleverly used the film to bring out the real world.

Even though she's just an air doll,
which made of latex
and filled with air

She's empty and lonely
like what the old man felt
being abandoned and forgotten.

She's nothing
but a tool to fulfill man's sexual desires

She has a heart, a human heart.

Because of this HEART, she starts to act like human....
She lived...
She breathed...
She lied...
She loved...
She disguised
She felt what humans felt...

To her,
everything in this world is superb-ly nice
the ugliness is unbearable.

'It seems life is constructed in a way
that no one can fulfill it alone

Just as it's hard for the flowers
to have pistils and stamens at the same time
They have to depends on
an insect or a breeze to introduce a pistil to a stamen

Life contains its own absence
which only an Other can fulfill

It seems like Others is the summation of everything
But, most of us are seldom told that
we can fill up
these gaps of others'

This movie is meaningful.
However, I think the level of sex scene is a bit over and not necessary.
and it has a very weird, awful and bit disgusting ending.