Sunday, March 31, 2013

Comforting food

Continuing from the previous post is this, and it's about FOOD! Yay!
If I'm correct *didn't really calculate*, we caught like about 55-ish fish.
That's a new record for our fishing team and I personally caught my biggest as well! =D
Well, after the exhausting and almost-24-hours fishing trip, it's MAKAN time!!
We had a Fish Feast 满鱼全席 at one of the Hong Kong friends' house.
I think I shall cut the word short and let the dish smells!!! haha...

Photography ceremony just before we devour the master pieces!
A 200% Asian tradition! XP

HK 港式 steamed fish
Chef : 区区

p/s: 广东人在为鱼淋上热油之前, 会把鱼汁都倒掉!!*惊讶*

Sweet and sour fish
Chefs: Lizz and Tash
Fish were fried to golden PERFECTION!
yumyum and thumbs up to the sweet and sour sauce!

Teo Chew Steamed fish
Chef : Me
This dish reminded me so much of the
reunion dinner we had back at our kampung house.
Typical comfort food!

Ikan Bream masak lemak cili padi
Chef: Aqil
Hot and spicy with the ever-fattening santan lemak
is a top choice to go with anything!!
A few more slurps of the gravy and
you got all calories
needed for the rest of this month. XP

Lemon Pepper baked fish
Chef: Zhong Sheng
The ingredients may sound simple, but definitely not the taste!

Baked butternut pumpkin with onions, parsnip and carrots
Chef: Corrine
When you have a list of flavoursome dishes,
you might think of having a side like this!
Simple, easy and filling! XD

Ikan goreng kunyit
Chef: Tash and Lizz
A hommie style presented by the girls, not too eye-glaring
but with mama's flavour! haha...

Stir-fried greens
Chef: me
Another simple dish to go with the other awesome flavours!

Grilled fish with spicy black bean paste!
Chef: me
This simply brings back the memories of X'mas gathering back in 616-k,
a dish always in-charged by xiao gu.
mine's beh pai, ok~

Hope we'll have many more of this! =D
After the dinner, we were planning to watch some movies. Unfortunately, the projector bulb blew up for no reason. Oh.... nooooo~
So, we ended up playing 'killer' game.

The one with cards and another narrator as well.
Overall, we had heaps of laughter and fun and it's really a good thing to let our hair down during the break.
Hope to update you guys if anything popped up and of course, if I got the time.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Before and start of Easter break

Presented my very first design studio in 4th year and ...hmmm....
things didn't get along very well. The lecturer and tutors change their mind way too often, which lead us to changing ours as well. In the end..... we  become a rolling stone that gather no moss. DAMN~
But, still, I am relieved that it's possible to change/fix it.

The east Malaysia and HK group

Crit session at the loft studio

On the other hand, just before our break, we had a pretty unusual Building Technology class. Our new lecture, Tim who's a Singaporean, called in a team of Tassie fire brigades and share with us some of their fighting experience and thought about building design in a fireman's perspective.
Don't doubt your eyes, our lecture hall was actually filled with CO2 to immitate the situation when visibility is almost zero. We were told to crawl out of the class *like in the movies*, but only Tim and 1 classmate actually crawled out. >_<!

Extended lift that can go up to 26m!

It's like back to the kindergarten!!!

How often do you get to spray a rainbow out of the hose?

Went for a ride at Rocherlea trail with my new 小黑

One of my favourite events hosted by the Uni and city council annually - Harmony day.
There's a lion dancing in the picture!!!

My lecturer's Cargo bike!! I wish to have one!!!
p/s: people in Copenhagen actually use it to carry their whole family!

Class Fishing at the East Coast
Went to St Helense and Scamander (east coast tasmania) with my classmates for a fishing + picnic trip on last Thursday.
spent 9AUD = RM27 on this new 小红
果然没让我失望!! ……… (o ^ ~ ^ o)V

picnic!! YAY~

Our first significant catch is puffle fish ... the one consumed by Japanese.  

At the bridge

Group photo!!

Ah pek fishing at the pontoon

Pretty, right? This is Tasmania, kampung but serene.
Fell like rolling on the grass? *roll~roll*

Jump shot at the Steel Beach.... whooo ya~

The pontoon we fished at Scamander. Looked kind of dangerous ya? 

A pair of rods, chairs with your mates.

The black and red team

Girls chitchatting at the pontoon while the men working hard XP

Most of my classmates went back around dinner time while the hardcore one stayed back to fill up the bucket.

Auau, Johnson and I stayed till 12 midnight. Luckily, we manage to fill our bucket up.

So much to process!!!! XP

This is a brief post as we're going to have a feast! Yay! might post up some photos later on. =P

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


Have been living through my 4th year for the past 4 weeks.
Not too bad, just that sometimes it's really tiring.
Especially the design studio on Tuesday (just finished it just now, that's why I'm ranting here).
Everyweek, nine to five, nine to five, nine to five....
Somemore, all the tutors and lecturer seem to have their VERY own point of view on things.
That makes things really complicated.
"We are not genie in a lamp.... we can't grant everybody wishes."
Well..... maybe sometimes we have to be. =S

But, so far we have been working pretty well in my group *of 4*,
despite some PC breaking down issues and being told that we will never get a job if we design like that.

Time to get going!

wish I have shikamaru's IQ

Monday, March 4, 2013

The East and West

Have been seeing some not-so-good news about my home country on the net.
Kind of depressed when you heard that foreigners are claiming his so-called lands on your so-called lands.
and this provoked thoughts about the relationship between the West and East for the past half century.
It's a country, but made up of two big chunk of lands and seriously, I've never experience the life there at the East.

Have friends from there, but so far, never make it there YET.
... ...

Alright... cut all the crap and be realistic.
WILL that state be ruled by other country or
Will it be split up and given away like what you do to your birthday cake every year?

Some people said that it's the opposition's brainchild while
others put it as the federal government's tactics to win over the rakyat's heart in this coming election.
No idea about it.... politics are so ruined yet we still need to live with it, pathetically.
I wish I live in Disney channel now.haha.. as if...

If you have mix of friends from the East and West,
you will notice quite some drastic differences in them on FB.
Most of the Easterners are already asking for God's mercy while
some of the Westerners are still talking about their daily curry mees and roti canai.
Well..... you can't expect people who live in desert to stock up on canned food
when typhoon is hitting the tropics, can you?
Nothing is impossible, perhaps the oasis will overflood someday?

Don't know..... we have been educated in an environment where students like us know nothing that we can possibly do in such situation. Are we puppets? who waits to loose our control on our life after the puppeteer dies? Can we still carry on the show?

Being so far doesn't make much sense if I say I know what's happening there.... way back there.

But, just hope that it will still be the East and West and not the East and the West.

Too much philosophical stuffs ehh?

bored mah~

Friday, March 1, 2013




有点想再去找工的念头。。。但,怕handle 不来。
看看先吧~ 如果真的有空档再找找。


Reached Lonnie like almost a week ago, and life's still as old here.
Not completely homesick but sure have the feeling of home-missing lingering in the air, still.
Eventhough has been living this kind of adapting-and-readapting life,
it still take some time to re-re-adapt, though~
Not to mention, I had the longeeeest ever holiday in my entire 5-year student life.

Once touched down, took a quick shower, I went for a few house and room inspections.
In the end, my friend and I chose one which is small, cozy and near to the supermarket and Uni library.
However, there's still a vacant room in the house...=S

Most of us *Asians who went back home for holidays* agree that half of the hearts are left back home.
But, I'm sure 2 years won't be too long.
Just pray hard that things are going to go well.... and