Saturday, April 26, 2014

end of break

Had a day bushwalking with friends 2 days ago.
Weather was forecasted to be pretty bad, but
screw it.... not much time's left!!

Still can't believe that we actually departed at 0300!
Main reason is to witness the wild animals around the
National Park. Buuuuuuut.....
we couldn't locate the actual starting point of the track
and wouldn't want to get lost right before school starts.

So, we had to stay in the car...
While my friends were catching some nap,
I was enjoying my star gazing.
Caught a few shooting starts ...
No wish was made, but still HAPPY.
* sadly no photo from my cheap canon compact*

It's supposed to be an 6-8 hour walk thingy.
But too little time to finish it,
plus my walkmates were pretty exhausted
after the 1st half (which lead to me walking for another 2 hours alone)

A short day walk with sweet weather, gentle wind,
and awesome friends.

From the top viewing onto Springlawn Lagoon

Most of the track pass through a swampy area *the entire track sits right next to the beach/cliff*
and birds, wallabies, pademelons can be noticed easily.

Into the wild!
The canopy

It took us nearly 2 hours to reach the top of the first hill.
from there you can have a magnificent view onto the Narrawntapu wetland, Springlawn Lagoon and the coast (refer to the 1st photo).

Tasmanian Seregenti =O
 After conquering the top, we turned back a little bit and head to the beach.
Surprisingly, we're greeted by the wild flowers! =D

Wild flowers

 We then walked for another 15 mins and decided that we have to bring lunch out earlier. FYI, we woke up at around 2am to prepare.
The 'ka-chang'
Even had dumplings in the middle of no where!
#asian for life.... haha
 I was wondering what's in Ridz bag for quite some time till .....
One of my friends even brought his coffee maker... LOL
typical archi student! =D

After our early lunch, Ridz decided to take a nap. (as usual)
Auntie Corrinnes decided to just stay at the beach,
do some yoga, take selfies and be
a typical gadgets slave *sigh*
From there on, I walked on myself, for another 2 hours plus.
Things I came across:


Nature's ornaments
As I walk further and further eastwards,
the landscape starts to change,
so as the floral.
and they looked so much similar to South Australian landscape.
Coastal line dotted with 'Black boy trees'
 scientific name: Xanthorrhoea australia

Some unknown dried plants

Nature, me and my shadow
The trio
Short but awesome day out.

"Now get back to your work!"

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Rain rain go away

Weather been gloomy for days.
Had so much outdoor activities that I want to do,
but all has to go in the bin due to that.

Feel so deflated now....

Signed up for a mudrun,
Hope weather's gonna be bad as well on that day
*evil grin* ^W^

time to sleep

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Break

Easter break a.k.a mid term break started days ago.
didn't do much except some fishing with pals,
cooked up some nasi lemak,
yesshh.... NASI LEMAK!
The proof of its deliciousness is
the absence of its photo.

had a pretty lazy Sunday,
like how a Sunday should be.
and of course BOOOOORING....

Been some time since I last pick up drawing pencils.
So here it is!
not sure why...
but I just feel kind of eerie
when looking at this drawing.
Definitely not the prettiest nor the most handsome face to draw.
Of course, not the ugliest as well....
well.... happy Easter!

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Life is

If I ever reborn as a human,
I want to be a Thai!
Be it a "Boo Cshai"(boy) or a "Shao"(girl),
I want to be Thai.

Because the advertisements they made are too great.
I won't be taking anything but advertisement producing.

Their ads are always so effective.
Be it a sad, happy, funny, touching, nonsensical....
they always deliver what they want to deliver,
sometimes more.

Just like their recent ad.
Using a technique which can be no more common,
they not only remind the audiences about their product,
but life as well.

Life's so shitty,
So... so shitty that you start
to imagine 'shit' actually taste better in real life.
and it's better to eat shit than
live a shitty life....?
Well... maybe not. *chuckles*

Everyone has their own therapy
on how to make yourself feel better
whenever life gives them lemon shit.

Mine is lay down  flat
Facing the sky,
preferably a blue azure one.
Do, not a thing,
just stay still and of course,