Monday, December 29, 2008

Going back soon....

2 days more and 2009 will come.
I will be going back to BU
and everything will go back to their own position.
Haizx....Time sure pass like a gust of wind
Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player
That struts and frets his hour upon the stage
And then is heard no more; it is a tale
Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury,
Signifying nothing.
Still remember this poem?


Friday, December 26, 2008

I changed my blog's title

I have changed the title of my blog and the description.
How is it?
I'm prepared to receive any comment!!!

Tagged by NaD

Here are the rules ;
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2. Share 7 facts about yourself on your blog.
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6.You are not allowed to tag back the person who tagged you.

7 facts about me??
-A guy
-Not a girl
-A Homosapiens
-An Earth resident
-Not an alien
-A Chinese
-A non-Bumi

01. what is the most important thing in your life
F&F (fast and furious?) It's friends and family

2. what is the last thing you bought with your own money? money? The $$ I earned? erm.......I think it's CDs

03. where do you wish to get married
On the longest hanging bridge made from fragile vine+wooden planks in the middle of no where located in the Amazon jungle with the wind blowing strongly as if a hurrican is coming......haha

04. how old do you think you will get permanently owned by your lover can't be measured by time, can it?

05. are you in love
YES!!! Seriously in L-O-V-E!!But not the way you all think.. (hehe) It's with my family and friends. XD

06. where was the last restaurant you had dinner at
Sri Ananda- A Indian restaurant in my hometown.

07. name the latest book you bought
Does pirated one counts? If not, then it's my physics textbook.

8. what is your full name
$$$$$$WANG$$$$$$$$ Woei Song ( wonder Afif keep calling me orang kaya....(+__=)

09. do you prefer mother or father
Most of the people would say they love both, right? But for me, I prefer my mother although I love both of them. Mostly son would stick to mother while daughter would with father.

10. name a person that you really wish to meet in your real life for the first time
Someone who will give me a lot $$$$$$ when we meet (haha...Encik WANG!!)

11. christina or britney
They're nothing. I prefer Mr. Wang (self-boasting) .

12. do you do your own laundry?
In hostel - Yes, of course. It's something inevitable.
In hometown - Wait lah!!! haha...

13. the most exciting place you want to go?
A place where RM1000 notes grow on trees ( that's the ultimate aim of government spending millions and millions on studying bio-engineering...haha)

14. hugs or kisses ?
Please contact my personal secretary and fill up a form. Let me warn you first, there's millions on the waiting list.

15. point out five things about the person who tagged you
-Empat biji mata, although she wears contact lens.
-A Malay lady or woman?
-A RED lover
-A little bit hyper (actually it's super-hyper...among the malay classmates)
-Quite sporting

16. eight things i’m passionate about
-Love (but I don't like to show it...hehe....)
-Others' cultures
-Social skills
-Cats and dogs

17. eight books i have read recently
erm....Don't remind me of books!!! (all the holiday mood is gone.....PUFF!)

18. eight songs i’ve been listening over and over again
1) ้ เจอะ หนี่ Waiting For You ตี่ตี๋
2) 612 星球 - SHE
3) Missing you - Van Fan
4) 只要你在 - 箫闳仁
5) When will I see your face again? - Jamie Scott
6) 无乐不做 - Van Fan
7) Love is hard - James Morrison
8) 草戒指 - Y2J
(extra) Santa Claus Is Coming To Town (I heard this everwhere I go....When is Santa coming to mine?)

19. eight things i learned this year
-Life is fragile
-The Bad is not always the bad, but it's the good that make Bad bad.(catch what I'm trying to say?)
-Physics can be really boring...thanks!! Mr. Che*!!! (ya...a lot)
-Thai songs are not bad!!
-One-Utama is BIG.
-It's possible to walk to Tesco and carry the things bought and walk back. (aduhai....kesian)
-Please ask others if you don't understand.....but not Mr. Ch*e and Mr. Ko* AS
-Cherish the thing you owned.

20. 10 persons you tag
I don't like to tag others larr....lazy (+__<)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Bro, what's your band?

It had been days since my coursemates told me to check out for the IELTS result , but I'm just too lazy to lift up the telephone. Until the day before Christmas, while chatting with Mat, he told me that he already checked his band and ask me to check mine. (thanks! Mud!) But, I lost the college number after trying to call them for the first time....Arhhh...damn!

Then, Ginger messaged me and gave me the number of the college, "What A Coincidence!"
I struggled for a while and called......too-TOO-too-TOO-too-TOO....Dup-DAP-dup-DAP!! (Democratic Action Party....ERBS!! XP)
"Helo!Good morning! How can I help you?"
OH!!! It sound!! It's Yik Man!!!
She then told me about my score....reading 8 (OMG!!! What the FISH!!?I get 8 for reading?looks like my praying is quite effective..kekekkk), listening 8, writing 7, speaking 7.......overall 7.5
(of course I din't say these words.............)
Finally, on Christmas eve, I got my result and it's quite surprising to get this present.
OK!! Happy holiday!!
and Merry CHristmas!!!
WHat's your band bro & sis ?
Don't you know mine?........

Monday, December 22, 2008

Tag from Kazkibear


現在幾點: 1409
what's the time now? : 1409

你的名: 玮崧
Your name: Woei Song
a.k.a : Song
你現在正在聽誰的歌: ้ เจอะ หนี่ Waiting For You ตี๋
You are listenning to : ้ เจอะ หนี่ Waiting For You ตี๋

你在哪裡讀書(工作): KBU
Studying/working in : KBU

你最後吃的一樣東西是什麼: 家常饭
What's the last food you've taken : home-cooked meal

現在天氣如何: 晴朗
The weather is : Sunny!

戴隱形眼鏡嗎: 没有
Do you wear contact lens? : Nope

上一次生日蛋糕上蠟燭的數目: 17 (18岁的不可以切蛋糕)
The number of candles on the last birthday : 17 (I didn't cut cakes during my 18th B'day)

You would blow off this candles during : of course birthday

你家養過什麼:16 猫,鸟,乌龟,狗,鱼, 人(常常换的)
What did you rear before : 16cats, birds, tortoise, 8 dogs, fish, homo sapiens (hehe...)

星座: 巨蟹座
Horoscope : Cancer

兄弟姊妹跟他們的年紀: 我18,弟弟18,二弟16,小妹14
Your siblings and their age: Me 18, brother 18, brother 16, little sister 14

眼珠顏色: 黑色
Eye of your pupil : Black

有刺青嗎: 没有
Any tatoo? : Never!!!!

喜歡你目前的生活嗎: 还可以。。。想有更大的转变(好的)
Do you like your present life? : erm....OK and hoping for better & bigger change (positive)

出生地: 槟城
place of born : Penang

Live at : Penang

Had any accident? : nope

你會花心嗎: 不会。。。(其实爱情这东东很难说。。。不会!!)
Will you fall in love on several girls at the same time? : Nope...(hard to say...haha..NO!!!)

Have you ever admire anybody? : hehe....Private & Confidential...haha

Will you dare to confess your love to her? : It depens.....(sound like buying share...XP)

Any favourite food? : Uncountable

喜歡喝什麼: 没有什么喜欢不喜欢的
Any favourite drink? : Don't have particular favourite.

喜欢的顏色: 黑,白,红,绿
Favourite colour : Black,white, red(I know what're you thinking Nad), light green

喜歡的數字: 5
Favourite number: 5
Favourite type of movie : long as it's something interesting! creative!

Favourite Cartoon character : No

最懷念的日子: 高中一的日子
Most memorable time : F4

喜歡的花: 兰花罢。。。
Any favourite flower ? : Perhaps orchid? XP
Afraid to meet someone who is : LAZY!

Favourite sport : All!
Favourite ice-cream : None
最怕什麼東西: 太现实的生活
Something that you're scared :A real life that is too REAL

喜歡看的電視台 : 8TV
Favourite TV channel : 8TV

If there's reincarnation, you wish to be borned as a/an : Ant that can speak human language. XP

討厭做的事: 做我討厌的东西 (废话!!)
Things that you hate to do : Do things that I hate....ERBS!

Dislike others to : BETRAY!

Good in : Talking noncence
上次上醫院是什麼時候: 忘了。。。记得是去探望弟弟
When is your last time in hospital : Forgotten, but I remember it's to visit my brother.
Whre'll you be in ten years time ? : How I know? I'm nnot God...XP

What'll you do when you're bored? : Drink water..

世上最惱人的事: 有meh?
The most mind-boggling thing in this world : Does something like this exist?

The best thing in this world : Have friends like you all (Kaki-bodek!!) I'm not joking!! kekekk...
How's your attitude towards your work? : A bit lazy, but not all the time.
What would you do if someone missunderstood you? : WHO CARES?
If he don't want to listen to your esplanation? : here we go again :"WHO CARES!!!"
How're you going to settle him?: arhh..lazy lah.... let God settle him.

What's your opinion if your gf help you to settle your bill : a bit awkward...XP
Who're the one you miss the most at this time ? : Too many...

How's your mood today ? : Boring...I want to drink water.(haha)

Have you ever thought of committing suicide ? : 疯!siao!!GILA!!

If you're asked to give up all the thing you're having, will you? : No

WHat's the time : 1604

Saturday, December 20, 2008


HAIZX................CANNOT PROCEED !!!!
WHAT THE FISH !!! We're not inform that we need to keep that FISHING candidate number!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Big Pau

During this damn-freakin-unbearable-extremely boring+mundane+lifeless+meaningless+wasting time and energy holiday, my auntie bought a big pau for us....hmm..... let you guys withness it's BIG-ness ...(hehe...)

inside got egg, chicken, pork, sea cucumber, abalone (canned one, I think), ginger (without Ah Beng) and other unknown ingredient with a kind of sauce which taste like sesame oil+light soy sauce+thick soy sauce+oyster sauce+abalone sauce....and so on.

The pau is very BIG and it tastes quite nice.

( times more worthwhile than the Drago*-i punya 'xiao long pau')

Ok, that's all for this time. Maybe got something bigger next time? Who knows?


Friday, December 12, 2008

A Thai-movie...XD

This few days, time seemed to pass realy-REALY
Therefore, I watched a Thai movie using Youtube. The name of the movie is
'ปิดเทอมใหญ่ หัวใจว้าวุ่น'

Who knows what does it mean? The movie is also known as 'Hormone". How I found out about this Thai movie? Actually, it was a movie which was advertised in the KL rapid bus. (Still remember it, Daniel?) When I first saw it, I just can't forget about the trailer. So, I decided to look out for it during this holiday.

hmm....It's a comedy filled with romance and it's quite suitable for youngsters or teenagers to watch (just like me...) It's generally about the love affairs of 8 youngsters, how they overcome it, what unexpected's just amusing!

Yah!! GUYs!!! I highly recommend this movie for you all!! Because in this movie, you will be able to learn many usefull skills to.... know, I know lah!! XP haha.....
There is 4 stories. First, it's about a betrayal of a guy towards his girlfriend on their annual anniversary. Second, it's about 2 teenage boys ( I call them boys because they just .... looked like boys...haha) who are very-close friend to each other fighting to win a girl's handphone number. Another story is about a Thai girl striving hard to learn Chinese in order to amaze a Taiwanese artists and in the end...(you watch yourself lah!). Last story is about a typical, ordinary, realy-not-outstanding guy trying to confess his love to a beatiful, gorgeous girl and he tried very hard....(I like this story the most)
Going to watch it? You should....unless if you prefer action packed movie and is somebody who is 100% anti-romance...DON'T WATCH IT!!
Aft6er watching.......erm.....felt a bit LONEly...haha (in some perspective ONLY)

The acting crew.....saw a fake paper man? He's the Taiwanese singer. XP

The's GOOD to be YOUNG!! woohoo!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Leaving my hostel......

It's already holiday and Christmas songs started to be heard almost everywhere.......
It's time to BERAMBUS....(actualy is ' go home'), I cannot wait to go back.....
But at the same time, I felt kind of reluctant to let go...paradox huh? XP

Most of my friends already went back, especially Malay friends who rushed back to celebrate Hari Raya Aidil Adha.....erm..... Loneliness lingering in the empty, cool air.....

Any way, brothers and sisters!!

Happy Holiday
Selamat Hari Raya Aidil Adha
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year!!!


Monday, November 24, 2008

Something Funny!!

Male Companianship
Here's an ad that a friend accidentally spotted from the poster beside the road which said to have gotten numerous responses from guys :

SINGLE BLACK FEMALE seeks male companianship, ethnicity is unimportant. I am a very good looking girl who loves to PLAY. I love long walks in the woods, riding on your back, hunting, camping and fishing trips. During winter, I like lying infront of the burning fire. If you plan a candle light dinner, you will find me eating the food and licking the drinks out of your hands.(WAU!!!) FEED ME WITH WHAT YOU HAVE!!! Besides, RUB me the right way and watch how I respond. I'll be infront of the door when you get home from work, waiting for you, of course wearing ONLY what nature gave me.
(Let your imagination goes WILD! hehe.....) Just kiss me and I'm FULLY yours!!
Call XXX-XXXXXXX and ask for Dixie-the hottie.

(Over 2000 men found themselves talking to the local Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty against Animal- SPCA)

So!How was it? haha.....hope your day will be cheered up by this funny silly joke.
Take care.

Monday, November 17, 2008

JPA Gala Dinner 2008

Be ready ladies and gentlemen!!!

For the night that you will never forget..........probably?

Event : JPA Gala Dinner 2007/2008 Scholars
Organisers : 2008/2009 JPA Scholars
Date : 15th November 2008
Time : 8 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.
Theme : Celebrity Wanna BE

After our exam week, we as juniors are instructed to organize a farewell dinner for the senior (macam tak puas hati saje....haha XP). As early as 9.00 am on Saturday, we went to the Multi Purpose Hall a.k.a MPH to get everything set. From morning, we arranged everything and for those who are performing, they had their rehearsal. Everything went according to the plan. My class was incharge of the Multimedia.....erm.....actually is P.A. syatem.
The preparation continued untill early evening. Then, we went back to bath and PREPARE!!
We went back to the college at around 7.00p.m. and .......start taking pictures......(-__-lll)

Hazman and I
Me & Sarah....aikzxx you failed to smile again.....
Hazman, Ah Beng, Atiqah, Nasuha & Suraya.
All of you looked fantastic!

Matilda and I. We were in the same shuttle bus on the first day we arrived at hostel :D

From left: Ina, Rumita and I
(tak tahanlah! Ina itu act cute sangat....muntah.....haha)

Me and Aqil (giliran saya act cute pulak....muntah lagi!!...hehe) my new bodyguard...haha

Me: Daniel, can you breathe in that? XP

With one of the senior.
"Finally!!! I found u SISTER!!! haha"

Me and Poh Hui, who is called '贵妇’aka 'expensive mistress' by Fr*nky)

Franky, my roomate and I. "u"

As usual.....Ah Beng with his 2 concubines.....ooppsss XP

from right : Aqil, Izat, Hafees n mee.

王氏兄弟 Chang Win- a Kedahan & I

Li Vern & I ....Bang !! Bang!!BANG!!

Mr. Bond and his?? Mother? (haha....)

Suraya (the choclate queen) & me

Daniel & Calvin- The bear and cow.

Watch out for the psychotic killer - Shyireen.....erbs

Little Brother(介意我酱叫吗?哈哈) with Shikin
(Shikin, u have the potential to star in the next horror movie)

Taking picture with the classmate-Izzati

Wei Xin and Jonathan

Frm left: Ain, Nad, me, Nana & Hani

Chan- MC of the night and I

Me & Aizat. He's learning Chinese... haha....
(I think I should replace myself with Ain*n)

Ok,back to the topic. My class was incharged of the P.A system but basically I had no job.....
Instead, I joined the ushers. When the seniors arrived, we just lead them to their tables.
Ok, continue with some photos

Me and Keoh Ying, the girl queueing infront of me during the first day of registration.
Nabil and Shun Ling(one of the lucky winner of the night)
Me: Nabil, tie awak samalah dengan ku....haha

Me and Yen Ling
One of my friend said she looked like my cousin(miss pisces....heard it?)
Nicholas and Jonathan (Nicholas, you sure is a loyal fan to Joker)
Me and Ain.

Picture with a group of seniors.....ALL THE BEST to u all!!
Can you feel the Man-ness? haha.....
Ah Beng with KCV (just ignore me-the ultimate Lampbulb...haha)

Take two! without the lamp bulb...hehe XD
Jaevon with Chang Win (looked like couple......(^>^)
At around 8.00 p.m., the ceremony began with a Malay dance performed by the juniors. (Ginger, nice lighting skills....haha....) Then, there were some lucky draw sessions. Later, a slide show describing about the seniors' trip to Pangkor and other details during their KBU life. It's quite nostalgic. Thanks to the singing presented by Raj and Zhaf, it's really nice and meaningful.(DAMN it!!! I want to record it downn but....urhhh...arhh..nevermind, I'll get from someone else and post it up). Then, the performance presented by the juniors continued with some cultural dance. I like the Indian dance......although a bit gay.(haha......) Afterthat, there was another performance by Firdaus and Aya-"TRY" (I think that's the song's name- the video is just below).

Next! It was the cat-walk by 4 pair of finalists, competing for the Mr. and Ms Celebrity. (Atiqah & I was one of them.....haha.....among the four guys, I think my outfit was totally different from theirs. XP) It's so........not ME!!!! haha.....nevermine, it's just once in a blue moon. (>_<)

The final four. Saw me and Atiqah?

Atiqah & Song (yeah!! Architecture class!)
Then, a few seniors shared about their life in KBU. Frankly speaking, I'm quite disappointed by them......I thought it would turn out to become something meaningful, touching or something hillarious. hmm....."suan liao"(JPA students, have you all read 'Falling Leaves"?......)
The night ended briefly and nothing special. However, it will become part of my memory forever...... first time wearing a hat to a dinner.......first time being spotted.......first time attending gala dinner orgnized by our own group of juniors. It's sure a wonderful experience and I started to have more and more confidence in OUR club (that's our club's name...(+_+)

Picture with Miss Effa. Notice anything?
Jinn Jyh and Hasman(singing) : We'll fall for you...MISS EFFA!!!
Me : ..............(trying to ignore them when saw them lost control.....haha)

The left & right wing - Chang Win and Edwin
Wei Xin with his?? Mom?
hahaha....actually,that's his lecturer
Me and Wei Kang (the green man...hehe and also one of the finalist)
Below is the song sang by Raj that night....Song loves this song!
Peter Pan - Semua Tentang Kita
Waktu terasa semakin berlalu
Tinggalkan cerita tentang kita
Akan tiada lagi kini tawamu
Tuk hapuskan semua sepi di hati
Teringat di saat kita tertawa bersamaCeritakan semua tentang kita
Ada cerita tentang aku dan dia
Dan kita bersama saat dulu kala
Ada cerita tentang masa yang indah
Saat kita berduka saat kita tertawa

This song had made Song abit depressed.......
He just can't stop himself from imagining the day when all the JPA pals need to leave......
it's hard to say goodbye but there is always a day for