Sunday, January 25, 2009

CNY eve 三十晚了!

BENG: I'm waiting for someone...Far...far...away.......
SONG : hehe......I know!! Someone in Malacca!!!!
I had reached Penang on last Friday morning. We (Ah BEng and I) took the 2300 bus and rushed back to Penang. But, we didn't take the bus straight back to Penang, instead we took the one to Butterworth. We reached there at around 0330 and waited there for my father to fetch us. I felt so sorry towards Ah Beng....Komen nasai!! With me, he had rushed....first time I felt so eager to go back to Penang for CNY celebration.

KCV, able to recognise who's that? He's sms-ing to you at that time....

While at the bus station, I saw many homeless vagrants along the roadside while we walked to Puduraya. Looking at them, I felt that life is not always fair, we do not deserve to be served equally always....(-___-lll) ok, switch topic.
Today is CNY eve and I made Chinese dumplings for the steamboat later.
Pork, water chestnut, spring onion, pepper, salt, sesame oil
The dumpling skin bought from the market
The PRAWN...hehe
erm... nothing else. wait for my CNY post!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chinese New Year mood getting closer and closer...

Chinese New Year is just a week ahead but I just couldn't feel the atmosphere. It seems like this is the most boring days I have ever had before Chinese New Year. Last time, I used to help out with the making of cookies, all kinds of cookies and cleaning the house and decorating the living hall. The one I miss the most is kuih kapit and kuih sarang lebah(蜜蜂巢).I don't know why but I just like the feeling making all the cookies with my cousins, especially yhe little ones. Although sometimes they are not as skillful as the adults, but I like to work with them (or should I say mess up things together? haha....). Just a few packets of flour, sugar, a tray of eggs and some other miscellaneous ingredients like coconut milk and baking soda, we can exchange them for some precious time spent together. They are always filled with laughter and always become the memories for those who participated. Hmm....this year my family members did not make any cookies by themselves because of the tradition and pantang larang. So, I don't know when will I get the chance to make CNY cookies with them again since I may be flying to Australia next year. But, I'm sure there will be another days like those!!

enjoy the sensation of the aroma of eggs and santan......(sniffing hard...)

Last Saturday, I went to Pavillion, Berjaya Times Square and Sungai Wang with my roomate and another 2 friends in hostel. We went there to shop for CNY clothes (not without Atiqah's shopping power! XD) We walk for miles, searching and searching for outfit that suits our taste. I bought 1 long-sleeve T-shirt, 2 flannel shirts and one 3/4 black short pant. All cost me around RM130. My friend bought a T-shirt and a pair of Adidas shoes which cost him RM179. This made him to use his credit card for the first time....ow....ow.....I didn't know that out CIMB card can actually use as credit card. XP (Be careful Ah Beng....haha) We shopped for more than 4 hours....arhh....I can barely feel my feet afterthat....I'm impressed by girls who can walk for the whole day in shopping malls.

Pavillion from far.

Getting closer.....saw a trio group? that's my roomate and two friends

Franky and Chang Win posing infront of the 'Golden Bull of Prosperity'

Chang Win, Franky and I at the lobby hall.
Surprisingly, on last Sunday, there was a lion dance performance at Centre Point (the place my hostel situated). My roomie and I watched it together since our Sunday was damn boring. At least now I can feel a little bit of the CNY atmosphere. Besides, on Friday night, there was a Chinese intrumental duet (which means 2 types of Chinese music intruments being played at the same time) on a tiny, little, small stage set up by the authorities of Centre Point. The music reminded me of reunion dinner and I even recirded it and set one of it as my ring tone.

erhhh...... CAN'T WAIT TO GO BACK!!!!

One of the lions, I call it 'GOLDIE' haha....

Another one which I called it as '小白脸’(means little white face) XD

Wooo~(Did you notice the one holding the lion's head is just a small boy?)



Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A movie that I'll never watch in cinema unless...

Last Sunday, together with the my hostelmates, we went to watch 'Australia'. (Don't be so surprised...actually it's our homework because we have to do a movie review on it) It's a action movie packed with romance. Generally, it talked about the life of a English woman-Sarah Ashley (by Nicole Kidman) in Australia. It described how she managed to survive in the harsh environment of Australia and even managed to maintain her husband business in Australia with the help from Drover (by Hugh Jackman). The story reaches it climax when they start steering thousands of cattles all the way down to the ship. the story tells about Australian magic....haha, a boy who always tell others
"I will sing to you" (yaya...whatever...)
and the discrimination of the krimmer group....erm...perhaps what we called 杂种in Chinese.
Although I don't like Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jacker very much, I do think that they did a great job just that Nicole's little tummy is too obvious when she was wearing a cheongsam...erbs!!
Besides, I hope that the art-director would have paid more attention in setting up the shooting place. There were a few obvious flaws in the movie which showed that the art-director is not doing his work very well.
The movie ticket cost me RM10 and I think that it's quite worthy...(hugging my wallet tightly...)
p/s: For those who had watch 'Kung Fu Hustle', you will be surprised because the land lord was one the actor inside this movie!!包租公!!
Mr. Drover and Sarah

Saw the bags behind?

oh.....kissing in the rain

Australia.....hmm....perhaps 2010!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Rules #1: 被点者请在自己的BLOG写下答案。
Rules #2: 请传给另外其他人。(至少3个)
Rules #3: 传阅人请在这时个人的留言板中,告知他/她已被点名了。
Rules #4: 这些被点名者,被点的会得到幸福,愿望立刻实现。“幸福套餐”开始咯......

你的绰号: 松或阿松(松上面有的)
年龄: 19岁
生日: 六月24日
星座: 恋家的巨蟹座
兴趣: 室外活动......什么都可以
专长: shoot 人(可以问玮晟。。。。)

你有没有喜欢的人: 当然有啦
是否在交往: 喜欢,不是‘爱’
现在幸福吗: 很幸福
如果上天给你勇气,你最想做的事是: 到一个没有人认识我,我又完全不会说他们当地的语言的地方
如果有一天你爱的人跟你告白,你会: 不要发梦啦!爱是要自己争取的!!

点你的人是: 家俊
他是你的: 我的弟弟的班同学,也是我的朋友 XP
认识他多久: 半年吧?
你觉得他怎样: 人好好啊。。。
你想对他说什么: SPM要来了!加油!!

最爱的节目: 好吃!其实,只要有吃的节目,我都爱!!
最爱的音乐: 超摇滚和超抒情的(我爱风格较明显的)而且要好听
最爱的季节: 夏天和秋天 (一个很有活力,一个很浪漫)
最爱的卡通: 火影忍者
最爱的人: 很敏感le~想到哪儿啦?
最爱的颜色: 黑色,红色,白色,绿色,褐色
最爱的国家: 没有。。。
最爱的天气: 刮风下雨的大热天(可能么?)

如果上天给你3个愿望:1) 努力读书 2) 能够顺利飞去澳洲 3) 多给一千个愿望给我慢慢用。。。哈哈
你是个专一的人吗: 是瓜。。。
最深刻的回忆: SPM之前
你是个很有信心的人吗: 看情况
你很爱微笑吗: 我爱傻笑,大笑,就是不爱微笑(有时会给人感觉有点淫荡)
如果要你放弃现在的生活,你愿意吗: XIAO!!
妄想什么样的生活: 没想过
是否横刀夺爱才是爱: 放屁!


Friday, January 9, 2009

Orientation day with the juniors...(I sounded quite old XP)

I have been quite busy in the college recently due to the coming event and school work. We had our orientation on the first day of the first week, but I am not sure why the AUSMAT students were not arranged for the orientation games (I mean the JPA batch). However, Daniel and I was part of the committee of the orientation, so we enjoyed our selves and it was quite fun.
During the orientation, I was a group leader for Group 7 ( I think I will set '7' as my lucky number for this year....XD) . There were 7 group members (wahh!!!really S-E-V-E-N!!! ) and most of them are younger than me, except for one. Before we begin the game stations, we decorated our mascot....I personally think that it contains some abusing factors as one of the member was required to wear newspaper and be the mascot for the whole day. Get it? Wait until you see the picture.
Our mascot - Octo Einstein
Third row(from left): James and Jing Ni (she was blocked) and Kristy
Second row : Izzati, Zaaina and Yong
front line: Ken Yee, me and Mc Cain (the mascot)
Later, we had some station games and picture hunt. Everything ended around 4.15pm and Daniel and I were sompletely exhuasted. I went back straight and slept for an hour.
Later in that night, I had a hard time concentrating in the assignment because I was just too tired. But, I still managed to do part of it and did a poster for the Chinese New Year event. WaLAU-eh!! I'M TIRED!!
I slept at the time nine hours after 8.00pm. It was really mentally wrecking. The effect of lack of sleep was so strong untill I miss-recognised 3 persons in the college on the next day. The first one was a guy who I did not know his name, but he do looked like my hostelmate from his back. I hit him from the back and said : "Wahh!! You're sure early today!". Then, he just give me the innocent look with thousand question marks.
The second one who I waved at her and only found out that it was not her when we got closer. The third one was a KBU staff who looked like my Physics lecturer(luckily I don't have the habit of greeting my lecturers...hehe....)
Till here, my friends!

8 victims of human rights abuse

During the picture hunt. This was taken at library. Tounge out!!

p/s: All the best to you!! Jonathan! Hope you will have a wonderful time in Germany!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Anyohaseyo to 2009!!!

My last day of 2008 spent in Penang was rather unique and unexpected. Actually I didn't planned to go anywhere at the beginning.
But, the nighgt before New Year eve, I received message from my friend in KL and they said they are coming to Penang!! Arh.....! I'm going back on the day after tomorrow......
I wish they had come earlier, then I can take them around the island. hmm...
However, we still managed to visit few places, mostly is historical sites likes Fort Cornwallis, Kek Lok Si, Kuan Yim Teng, Burmese Buddha Temple, Sleeping Buddha Temple, St. George Church, Gurney Drive and Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion.
It's quite boring, but what can I do? Time is so packed.
After visiting all the places, we had our dinner before sending them back to their hotel.
We ordered Claypot Chicken Rice, Bak Kut Teh, Oor Cien (omelete with oyster) and Wantan Mee. I can't join them after the dinner for countdown event because I have to go back at 9 am on the next morning.....(DAMN!! I wish I'm Doraemon...or Nobita)
There's one thing I would like to express here, specially to the Indian Uncle at the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion. He's in-charge of collecting fees from the people who wish to join the guided tour in Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion which cost RM12 per person. But, we didn't wish to join and only want to take phtographs infront of the mansion. We just ignore him and start taking photo.
Suddenly, he shouted : "Get lost!! Don't want to pay money still want to take photo!!"
Deep in my heart I answered him :"What's wrong with you! I didn't know that we have to pay RM12 just to take phototgraphs!!! HELLO!!!! Cheong Fatt Tze is a Chinese, not your grandpa!!! FISH you for the sake of Penang tourism!!"
Ok, that's all for that Choco monster in the Cheong Fu*k Tze Mansion.
Generally, our trip was quite enjoyable, except for the one in Cheong Fatt Tze mansion. It's my first time celebrating my New Year eve with foreign friends and I will never forget that. Hamsamedan!!(Is that correct?)
I'm currently in Bandar Utama.
Happy new Year my friends!!

The building at the Burmese Buddha temple

Me, James, Freddy

Can't visit the statue of God of Mercy at the kek Lok Si because it's still under renovation

Kek Lok Si


Buddha sleeping...

Guardian of the temple

a clock tower ( I like the stucture)

AHhhhh!!! Mr. Kok!!

Fort Cornwallis

He sure know how to pose




Gun powder

Blacj granite-one of the ingredient needed to fire your balls...XP

Does Cannon produce balls?

A store in Fort Cornwallis

St. George Church