Sunday, October 31, 2010


方言 a.k.a. local dialect. I still remember we used to have poster drawing competition with the topic "多讲华语,少讲方言” when we were in primary school.
(if in Malay, I think it would be "Berjinak-jinak dengan Bahasa Baku, Mengelakkan loghat masing-masing" I'm not sure the translation is correct or not) XD

But, after listening to a programme by a Mandarin radio station in Malaysia which discuss mainly about the essentiality of local dialects and their roles in present and future society,


The DJ asked a very impactive question :
"Does local dialect really posses the reason/s to be kept alive?
Or just plainly a way to preserve some particular cultural heritages?
Does it play any significant roles in the economical point of view,
like how English and Mandarin being encouraged nowadays?"

The answer is very simple : "There's no answer to this"

Even though people may say local dialects work really well in tying the local communities together, they might as well forgotten that dialects not only created a language barrier among that particular groups of people, but also those who don't understand it.
You might say : "We still have the main languages"
But, do you think a group of people will really be able to communicate freely and stress-less when there're groups who're whispering around in their own dialects while others are talking in the main languages?
Don't you feel kind of awkward when you're in a group of people who speak language that you barely understand?

I used to struggle in that situation when I first went to KL, when English is spoken throughout the place. From my comfort 100%-MANDARIN-based kindergarten, primary & secondary schools, I forced my self to converse more in English.
From never-more-than-5minutes to around-5minutes, 10 minutes, half and hour and so on... ... till today! =) and

I've met somebody who yelled

"BASTARD! Can't you just talk in English, which all of us could understand?!"

at me when I talked to my friend in Mandarin when we're in a group of "rojak" (black, brown, yellow, pink, blue, green.... you name it, you got it) haha... I felt really furious and embarrassed when he harassed me at that time. But, I'm really glad that he did that and I didn't reconcile and mess up the whole thing. XD

recently, I like to dig up some of the old songs which I used to like
but don't really understand in the past.
It's fun to view it from other perspectives XD


random.... random .... and more randomness coming up!
because it's HOLIDAY!!!

p/s: "Trick or treat? treat? Come'on! Trick laaa... haha"

Sunday, October 24, 2010


A bloke rings triple zero and says,
"Quick! Quick! Send an ambulance. My wife's having a baby! For God's sake, HURRYyyy!"

"Just calm down a moment," says the operator. "Is this her first baby?"

"YOU &##*&^*&%@*#&%@&^@*$&! ," says the bloke,


Friday, October 22, 2010


With the up coming history & theory in Design test, my first year as a Uni student is going to be called an end. fast... so fast.... DAMN DAMN FAST!

Still remember how we used to struggle during PTS, UPSR, PMR, SPM and the interview that change my life...... later, the matriculation studies.... till now.

Time's walking on a kitty's legs .... =l

I think I should identify the differences between the education in Malaysia and Aussie.
Or should I say 'before-Uni' versus 'during-Uni'

In Malaysia, the first thing that the teachers/lecturers will say during the first class is
-how much you need to cover
-how difficult it's going to be, to cover all of them
-how pathetic you will end up if you miss the class.
-how ridiculous you may get if you didn't keep a consistent work
-how horrible you'll end up if you fail this and that, that and that, and that and THAT!

In Tassie/Uni, you'll hear lots of things except those mentioned above. It's simply more to the Happy-go-lucky and self-directed type.
In Malaysia, lecturer will warn you : "Happy? Lucky? GO DIE LAAAh!" XD (kidding...)

I've no idea why I wrote this post.... haha


Oh ya! BTW, I just went to an Indian Restaurant for trial a.k.a probation, as a kitchen hand (that's what they call) I would call it dish washer and minor preparation work. It's better than facing the pan & wok, which is sizzling hot.
About the pay? $40 for one night (7pm-10pm~11pm)

I told the manager I will ring them up if I decided to stay ... who knows?

Done our final project, which requireS us to build something functional in reality.....

My personal reflection on this project:
- Open your eyes when you're choosing a group (O_O)
- Just do whatever you think is necessary
- It's better to work like a horse and sweat like a pig,
rather than letting the whole boat sinks (but there'll be no next time)
- it may appear unimpressive to you, but when it actually functions, you will get something more than SATISFACTION XD
- eat less salt (to control your blood pressure when dealing with 'always-changing' situation )
- eat more banana and chocolate (they bring you happiness and supply you with energy when you're F-ucked up with all the F-ucking things XS
- Architecture doesn't mean insufficient sleep, it means very-effective time management.
- Don't think, just simply think will carry you NO WHERE!!
Lastly, put faith in yourself.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Lips on the tulips....( ^ )3

Life as a student can never just revolves around books and assignments,
and for students in UTAS, you have only 3 choices : Uni, Home or Nature. I would prefer Nature though.....if I have the monneyh!
It has been weeks since my last outdoor activities (the previous post).

This time, it's about a trip to the tulip festival 2010. Again~ it's an event organized by the Singapore Student Association (SSA). It's spring now and pretty girls flowers are everywhere, and it rains more frequent. About the trip.... ...

We departed from Lounnie at around 9am.
Along the journey, it's not hard to be amazed by all the flowers. Even bushes that seemed like "non-flowering" were busy blossoming besides the highway. Pity those flowering plants in Malaysia..... bukan saja badan kecik, malah bunga lagi kecik macam nak mampus XD

In Tasmania, it's hard to find normal bikes on the road. You can only see cars, huge trucks and super bikes, and the trucks are like those in Transformers (o__O)

The journey to the festival took us around 2 and a half hours. It's located at the North of Tassie, a place called Wynyard (first introduced by my uncle) and the tulip farm is located at a cape called 'Table Cape".

The journey was rather time consuming and butt-flattening.
However, when you see the water front, you are not far from the destination... ...

Walking to the festival... and it's already tulips everywhere!!!
(Adrenaline shoot up immediately!)

Minutes later, we reached the Farmers' Market, where the locals sold some local snacks and crafts, with some performances by the local artists.

"Why there're only knights walking around? Where's my princess?" l(>_<)/

erbs..... I'm not that desperate till getting one who is so tall.....
GOsh~ girls are hard to find nowadays, especially good one
(no offence girls, don't be so sensitive kay? Or I haven't met you?) XD

Mother & Daughter: Can you hold our hands?
Me : 对不起。。。我听不懂英文..但我看过"The Ring" XP

Since it's a sunny day (yes.... supper SUNNY!!I should have wore my shorts),
I bought myself a mixed berry ice-cream. Yum~Yum!

The German Shepherd is so NICE!!! I felt like riding on it!!!

Be careful....when I'm boring, I stalk on others... including you.
BTW, don't you feel like the couple somehow completed the whole picture?
Blue azure sky with the gentle breeze....
sea with moderate waves hitting against the barrier...
Sea gull skidding along the clouds... shoo-weet!

When people are in pairs....
Few Many unfortunate ones are still on the wait
(me too~sad...but LONG LIFE TO the SINGLEs! 单身万岁!haha... this is what you say when you're still single)

When the guys were busy throwing their attention on HOT CHICKs and girls drooling on the handsome+muscular hunks who walked pass hours ago, the kids were caught in the "Tulips throw-away" competition. Winner will get a tray of tulips XP

My friend: 吃饱没事做?haha...

Since I'm not good in girls-fishing nor tulips-throwing, better get my self some thing more realistic. FOOD!!! We live to eat, not eat to live!!
I found my self attracted to a stall selling scallop pies.

When I asked the scallop pie seller what's inside, he said "scallops!" (with a smile on her face)
Me :"... ...ABO?" (totally blank) (=___+)

The I asked again what ELSE is inside the pie besides the scallops, she replied "the filling"

Me: "... ..." (this time I'm TOTALLY JAMMED!!..haha)
But I still ended up buying it...haha

After spending another one and a half hour at the market, we headed towards the
TULIP FARM!!! It took us another 15 minutes to reach the farm.
From far.... it's like "Anneh nia?" ('just like' that in Hokkien)
Brother, don't judge a farm by it's gate size.

But when you get nearer, you'll absolutely loose your breath....... (suffocating....)

and when you figured out there's another piece in a walking distance..... (fainted)

Indulging myself in the sea of tulips.... I wish I could swim around the farm....
ahhhh~ breatstroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, doggiestyle... X))

My companion of the day - Aqil a.k.a Ei-Kill.

Red arr!!! ONG arr!!! HUAT arr!!! haha....

However,I'm totally speechless when I'm found this...

Tulip MASSACRE !!!



Later, the whole troop went to a beach to have our BBQ dinner....
The cape can be viewed clearly from the beach and nothing can defeat the beauty of that. Agree?

While waiting for the BBQ to start, I explored the beach which was in the state of low tide.


ARRRRrrhhhh!!! The dinner still haven't started after we have strayed around the beach for more than half an hour.... That's when the devil came in X)

Aqil :"Song, jom naik helicopter!"
Song: "WHAT? "
Aqil :"I said H-E-L-I-C-O-P-T-E-R! Pandai!"
Song :" Crazy~ I dah pokai laah... But nevermind, I watch you when you naik"
Aqil :"OK!"
Without noticing (I'm innocent, okay?) , I paid the money and there we go.... haha
For your information, my wallet went totally flat after that.

me and the pilot!

God~ it's worse than playing the flight simulation !!

When we were in the air, I didn't notice that the microphone is actually fucntioning.... and I keep
"Wahhh....... Wahh....Wow...Wow....Walau.....Walau... (trying to suck in more oxygen)..... Amboi..... Amboi....." *repeated at least 20 times*

Those are the only things I said throughout the whole 10 minute flight.... and my friend asked me "Do you know the microphone is switched on throughout the whole trip?"

ALAMAK... haha... paiseh~paiseh
After the helicopter ride, we went back to the beach and continue my
'Sea-RA the adventurer'

Hi Crabby Baby!
It looked like cockroach, don't you think so?

After the BBQ, we waited for the fire works before calling it a day.
Tonight Showing: "One night stand of TOMATO sauce and BBQ sauce" (18sx)
(sorry... too boring at that time)

Thanks to the fire works, I managed to crawl onto my bed around 12am.

I actually bought some souvenirs from the farmers' market.... just some stones XD

It's a wonderful trip after all....
1st time seeing such an enormous wave of tulips
1st time touching them
1st time on an actual helicopter


second time being wished "KONICHIWA!!"
(infront of me)
looked like I better learn some Harajuku girls' language.

Cheers everybody!