Sunday, March 29, 2009

something silly & funny

How Ri-Hanna was beaen by Keris Bown??

accidentally, I saw this clip...... (--____= lll)

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

That night finaly came....

Continued from previous post.....

We went back in Jason's car and get a shower and changed into our clothes. Everyrbody was so formal that night, except will know when you saw my pictures.
Theme : Glamour Au Naturel Prom Goes Green!!!
Venue : One World Hotel, Bandar Utama PJ
Date: 20th March 2009
Organiser: KBU Student Council and Student Service Department
That night, I was in charge in ushering with Christy, Jonathan and Jenny. Our job was just to inform the guests about their table numbers. For some, we lead them to their tables (I mean those who looked gorgeous...haha...just kidding. I'm fair to everyone).
Generally, the job just need us to smile and sometimes praise the guests about their attire while leading them to their tables. Our job ended at around 9 o'clock.
Then, I just hang around to see whether anyone need my help......(a.k.a 'SANG') Basically, there's nothing much to help out. So, I went out again and joined the security force....haha
Seriously, the security was quite troublesoming. But, it's to ensure that perty breakers have no chance to enter. Unfortunately, a few students lost their ticket after registering and one of them was Ah Beng....haixz....I can't help it. They have to buy another ticket which cost them another RM100. BUt, I think they can get it back after the event.
The food was nice, esprecially for hungry ghosts like us which had starved for weeks...(hehe...) Ginger told me he liked the desert and lamb chop. But, I didn't manage to grab one...(sob~sob) But, I still enjoy that night very much.
Okay...picture time!!!
Taking photo infront at the entrance
Jason, Daniel H, Leon, Joshua (acting cute~ ..VOMIT) and MEE
"Hi Boss!"
The marketing manager-- Dwayne
Sponsor in-charge -- Kumiko
AUSMAT couple - KCV & Ah Beng (looked like a rapist...opps!)
Nicky & expensive mistress - PohHui
(Sarah!!! close your eyes!! I smelt something like ethanoic acid...hehe)
Nicky: 宝慧是我们班的贵妇 (正在努力学习华语)
Me: Bravo!!
My roomate with expensive mistress
the prom King & Queen dancing with the guests at the dance floor
group picture with Jade, the Dragon Ball lady (called by 展运。。。正在暗爽)
me to Chang Win: Where're you staring at? haha...shhh...I won't tell HER larr...haha
Report yourself to the dance floor!!
A group of psychotic guys with two girls...haha
AUSMAT family
EMO-ing XP..haha (nice shot! Leon!)
(-___-lll) a group of drunken guys...although alcoholic drinks are prohibited XP
complete AUSMAT family
It's an exhausting night....Daniel and I reached hostel at around one something...
On the next day, everybody complain about muscle pain..haha
Perhaps, we danced too much on the previous night.
Memory to be remembered forever!

Prom goes green! (preparation)

Last Friday, it's the day for our Prom. The whole morning until afternoon was used for our test run and preparation. Basically, I skipped all the classes on that day, except for Physics which I had the test earlier. (Thanks Ms Say!)
That's the first time I stepped my foot into One World hotel. It's a 5-star hotel just beside One-Utama shoping centre. We reached there at around 10 am and started to WORK! I mainly just help out with the centrepiece and the booklet. The ballroom was damn hot because the hotel authorities do not allow the air-conditioner to be switched on so early....(sweating...sweating.....sweating.....)
We managed to finished the preparation and confirmed about our job scope at around 3pm. We went back to shower and prepare for the event!

The ballroom- Ruby Ballroom
The seating plan-total 27 tables
hill of goodie bags
Sugus punya brother- Angus
We sure know how to relax while we're working
part of the centre piece, the tress
Da-dang! the table setting.
Next post - During Prom

Thursday, March 12, 2009









。。。... 很难





























He gives what is hard to give

although you don't hope to get one from him.

He does what is hard to do

even he knew that it's far from reachable.

He bears what is hard to bear

until he reached his own limitation.

He confides in you his own secrets

while keeping yours too.

He does not forsake you when you are in trouble.

He does not despise you when you are ruined.

In whom you find these qualities

That is one friend to cultivate

If any need a friend.

~Anguttara Nikaya~

Friday, March 6, 2009

We all know that......

Accidentally heard this song, kind of weird song.....
It's very straight forward.

A combination of an adult with a child in singing this song makes the
atmosphere quite solemn and yet a bit kiddious.
Sometimes, not all songs that sounded nice are nice.
Imperfection sometimes is considered a kind of beauty too....just like the CRAP!!

Perhaps you all can go and listen to it, but it's more to the monotone type of song.
Don't fall asleep...hehe

Title : We all know that someday we will die
Singer : unknown (independent artists)
Album : Back to the Future Vol. 3
The lyric is revolving around words like :
"We all know that someday we'll die
We don't have to cry
You don't have to cry
All we need is faith and persistant
We do care
Love and freedom
don't waste time
There's no answer
There's no answer"

Lousiest post ever....最废的post

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Getting married?

Before starting, read this:(from 'Gubra')

Masak ikan Tenggiri,
Makan ikan Yu.
Tolong jaga diri,
dan ingat I LOVE YOU.

Let's get started!
Before marriage.
Darling here.. Darling there...
Sweetheart here...sweetheart there
After marriage.
Baling here... Baling there..
Sepak here....sepak there

Before marriage.
I will die for you.
After marriage.
If you insist to die, up to you!
After some time,
If you insist to die, I'll help you!
Before marriage.
Wherever you go, I'll follow you.
After marriage
Anywhere you go, up to you
After some time
Anywhere you go, just get LOST!!
Before wedding
You are my heart, you are my love
After wedding
You are the monkey on my nerves
Before wedding
You are as sweet as chocolate and as kind as Cinderella
After wedding
You are just like the HULK and sometimes worse than godzila
Before wedding
Roses are red, violets are blue. Like it or not, I'm stuck with you
After wedding
Roses are dead, always I'm blue. You get on my head, surely I'll sue you!!
Before wedding
Everytime you said you want to dine outside, he'll bring you to Shangri-La
After wedding
Want to go to Shangri-La?! You better wait-La !!
Before wedding
She looks like Anita Sarawak with the lips of Angelina Jolie
After wedding
Don't know whether she's a katak or biawak with a body of lidi ?!
Are you thinking of getting married? Think twice....(not you miss Say)

(I received this e-mail from my friend and I altered it a it?haha....)

Next issues:How Engineers and chemists define 'woman'


Tuesday, March 3, 2009