Monday, January 16, 2017

hello 2017

Looking at the title,
I do think I'm abit slow,
haha... who cares. =P

Had an awesome Xmas
with family, friends and her.
and really grateful for that.

But the first few days of 2017 was indeed
Caught a very bad flu,
high fever, sore throat,
cough with goblin-green thick phlegm.
It has been years since I "really" feeling this sick.
They all come in one package..... FXCK.

Took my first mc of the year,
*bravo.... and more to come*
and worst of all,
when I think things turning to a better side.
the antibiotics given by the doctor started
to give me a very very bad allergic reaction,
like 3 days after I take them.
*look like the medicine has some time lag in my body too*
> < !!

Ok, putting the suey things aside,
I passed my six months probation!!!

"I hope you live up to my expectation,
and so does the the company lives up to yours."
- Head of Discipline, 2017

Thanks boss, still a long way to go,
and a lot of stuffs to learn.
Hopefully, together we strive!

Another 2 weeks, it'll be the long awaited CNY!!
Not sure why but, this year just doesn't feel
as festive as those years before.
Probably because it falls in January,
when people are still slouching in their 2016 sofa.