Saturday, September 12, 2015

J-movie festival

Always been a big fan of movie festival,
ever since my first  contact with it back in college time.

GSC is having another J-movie festival,
but the duration is too short and
some of the movies I wished to watch falls on working period.

Viewed the movie list,
and luckily, a few could be found online.

One of them is
(literally translation : Love of a Son who's in a box) 

I don't usually watch a lovey dovey kind of movie,
except those with unusual topic of study.
where the main stream society don't want to touch on.
箱入り息子の恋》 is a good example.

It's about Kentaro, a 35-year-old otaku,

who is antisocial, weird, alone
and goes back home for every office lunch break.

meeting Naoko, a beautiful lady,

who's also in the crisis of finding the right match 
due to her vision impairment since 6, 
and lower ability to live independently.
Not to mention, she has never left her house alone.

In this movie, I like how it mixes 
both the fairy tale and the real life, like ...
How they 1st met in the rain (disney-fairytale)
& How the parents over-react in both families (reality-based)

At the sametime, I'm really impressed how Nihongji always
able to slip in a piece of (if not more) sexual scenes without ruining the whole movie.
In the hollywood, banging seems so perfect and beautiful.
It became such a norm that you have it on 
birthdays, mournings, school entries, parties, exams,
concerts, work promotions, retrenchments etc.
Literally, you have it on every street corners like Seven-eleven,

without knowing what're the purposes.

But, in 箱入り息子の恋, the director manage to insert a few quirky twitches.
Like .....

how can a blind gf ask his bf for that "extra step" beautifully
(you know what I mean...haha)
while still keeping the whole "thing" dirty yet essential.

I think as we grow older, your taste, views, and thinking
change with the experiences you've come across.
Things that seem dull, 'normal', weird, 
crazy, fuxk-up etc. will
give you another new perspective on the things that you have
or planning to acquired later in life.

Sometimes, details do tell a lot about a person.
My favourite scene in this movie, 
is their first date at the Gyudon (stir-fried beef & rice) take away.
*not gonna give any spoiler here*

In the asian creative industry,
Undoubtedly, Thais can be the king of adverts.
But if I have to selec t a country for its quirkiness in the movie industry,
I have to say it gotta be the Nippon.

happy watching =D