Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Conclusion Of the month (August)

It has been a month since I came to KBU (almost...). I learnt many new things, be more independent and socialable.Actually, the life in Bandar Utama is quite similiar with the one in Penang, although the the air is more polluted, things are more expensive and the traffic jam is more terrible.XP Everything has to be done on my own and it's a new experience for me. Sometimes I do missed family and friends in Penang, but the feeling seems to fade day by day....Time is the best medicine for every problems :D
I met with many kinds of friends, (Dang!Dang!Dang!!Dang!!!)
my roomate-FrankieWXK. A Sarawakian. I'm quite glad I have a roomate like him, although his style of talking like .....(dont know how to say) but, at least he knows how to tolerate and share his things with others. Pls pronounce your 'L' and 'R' properly
(haha...I think I will get beaten up by him if I continue (X_X)
My class representative - Nicholas. Another Sarawakian. He always introduce him self as a BANANA. (stop it! You're insulting your self XD) He is a nice person and like to act very cute and throw cold jokes everywhere (KAWAI-ne!) (*_*lll) Stop THAT!haha..perhaps you should join cosplay competition one day and act as (Sizuka....a role in Doraemon) haha...I'm serious XP
My classmate- Jynn Jyh. Actually, I dint mix with him much during secondary school life (although we r just next class to each other) He is intelligent, smart and opposite of all of Beng Hee. (komennasai! Beng Hee XP) I heard he likes to eat sour plum, but I din notice he's eating any so far. After mixing with him, I only found out that actually he's quite friendly too...
My.....hostelmate(dont know how to say it..)- Daniel H. At the first day, I already met him. He was sitting a row behind me. At the beginning, I thought he's a Chinese, but I looked at his father ...there's when question marks keep poping out. Later, I found out that he is a 'half-blooded prince of Malay & Chinese' XP He is tall and gay!(not that homosexual gay...XP)
My classmate- Calvin('s the 'Calvin' of "CALVIN KLEIN" XP) He is really...really....really.....really...really...really....really.....really.....really...really....
But I think he's too thin. My advice to him is "GRAB SOMETHING WHEN THE WIND BLOWS!!!" (I think I'll kena belasah lagi if I continue to criticise) XP However, I can feel that he is a gentleman, and has a lot of pantience (from the way he explain the homework to Nicholas,his intonation, articulation...haha (_ _ lll)
Another classmate-Sueraya (Sue-chan) From her name in her friendster, I already know that she must be a 200% fanatic fan of Manga and Anime (esp. Bleach) even her ring tone is the Bleach opening theme. But, I think she is more to the typical type of malay girl.(not to sau arr? don knowlah.!) Go! GO! GO!! Sue-CHAN! (o^~^o)
Another hostelmate- Atiqah. She's Jynn Jyh's neighbour, but Jynn Jyh told me that they are not close at all, almost 100% not interaction. She is our ''BUDGET QUEEN". She always thinking how to save money. Maybe the motto of her life is the same as the slogan I used in previous posts "SAVE ON WHATEVER YOU CAN SAVE"by Pak Lah.
(haha....but I think I should'nt continue anymore,nanti kena belasah sampai kena buat plastic surgery XP)
That's ALL!I miss NAPGNE(Penang)


第一个:凹先生,典型的庭恩(钟灵TOP MODEL XP)二世。
第二个:Mr Kok,英文造指一级棒!简直就是剑桥来的。。。
我也参加了"Student Council",类似课外活动中心的团体。

Monday, July 28, 2008

Another Unexpected Night......

It's Saturday again, I planned to update my study and try to finish the accumulated homework. The day passed so fast yet boring..(=__=)
I spent the whole morning doing my laundry and homework in the afternoon.
I fell asleep at about 5.30pm and when I wake up, it's already 6.30pm.
Looks like I'm not going to sleep early today
Franky was going out in the evening, so he told me to find a victim for his catered food XP
I was still in a sleeping mood and I heard someone knocked the door.
"Aikzss, Frankie must have forgotten his key again"
Surprised! It's BigCow (daniel). He asked me whether I want to go out with them or not. I din feel like going to continue my homework, so I just followed them to watch Daughtry(the one always telling others he's going HOME! XP)
Besides, BigCow became the victim AGAIN!!haha..
We reached 1-Utama with a cab. The driver was quite annoying because he keep telling us
"Apalah!satu ringgit pun nak kira!?" (Aherm!Satu Ringgit bukan duitkah?)
"UNCLE! LEARN TO SAVElah!"by Pak Lah
At the entrance, we met with Alig, and he invited us to his mother's B'day celebration.
"I'll try my best...."by Daniel.
Ok,Daughtry! here v come!
I thought Atiqah and Syireen have the tickets,but surprisingly
they don have the ticket! SWT nia!(*_* lll)
So, we swithed our plan to B'day party.
(It's really not in my expectation but I like smthg out of my expectation XP)
We went there in our own 11th bus. We brought nothing but just 2 more girls,
maybe can help us to eat.. (Atiqah, u can save more AGAIN..haha)
We played games, eat and dance......
The clock strucked at 2200 and our Cinderella'S(both the girls) had to go home.
Candies sent them home while Daniel & I continued until 0000 XP
It's very rare to get the chance to go to foreign freind's house and I enjoyed it!!
(infront frm left :Daniel, Suzane, me, Alig;back frm left: Matt,Hannah,Sam,Prosha ans Bahar...
I think some of the name is spelled wrongly...komennasai!)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

New Experience!

Yesterday night, Jynn Jyh and I were invited to join Daniel & Nicholas to a house where the international students gather. At the beginning, I dont feel like going....but staying in hostel also very boring (the only thing I can do besides doing HW and chatting with XK, is to do my laudry,so sienn--__--), then I just said YES to it loh.
We played a few games, ballon-stepping competition, water ballon throwing, foreign version punya 大风吹 and water canon. It's quite fun (my english teacher said that any adj. used with "quite~" ,then it mean "very~"XP)
However, many of my 'FIRST TIME' had been taken away..sobsob T...T (haha...what r u guys thinking?especially those dirty minded ^O^)
oklah,no more cold jokes.It's my first time speak with so many foreigners, first time to converse in English for more than 30 minutes -_-lll, first time meeting with people from Suddan and Iran and first time listenning to Daniel singing with the guitar.....
It's a wonderful night, and wonderful experiences in KBU.
At least the foreingers are more frindly than the aunties uncles I met in the park, haha!
Then, after we went back to our hostel,
we continue chat for a while
and watch a movie "我在政府部门的日子"
It's hilarious but I felt abit sleepy and
so by using my head as a bait I wait for the fish...
haha...Slept at about 0300,
still managed to wake up at 0700
it's the effect of biological alarm clock XP
btw, it's funlah....and I like it

Thursday, July 24, 2008


As usual, Ah Beng, JJ, XK and I went to take our lunch at the 咔飞特离压
After taking the rice with some dishes, I headed to the cashier.
Then, I heard the cashier whispered something to the person behind him...(u guess what he say)He said :"li go guai yan lei ga,seng yat lo gam do choi tong mai fan,yau yok ngm sek, yau lo dou hai lo xiu xiu cheh"(you wont understand if u don't know Cantonese)
MA CHERH LEH!!!! thought I don't know Cantonese arr?
(hui lei lou mou lah!! xiu sam pok kai tit sei lei a !!!yun loi lo do choi hai fan fatt ge a?hai bin koh kong de dou lei lei ga? lei ko xi fatt? wak je lei go lou ma ji?" (in cantonese)
I don't know how he could manage the咔飞特离压, dont evenm know about the service attitude and ettique!!!sucks!suCKS!!!sUCKS!!!SUCKS!!!!SUCKs!!!!!!!!!!!!!


要不然就是快熟面,金蛋面,Maggie面,Mee Ruski,鸭面,四川辣面,肉骨茶面,虾面......数之不尽
幸好我没有酱恐怖,真不知道他们酱省来做什么?要存钱买车吗?Kancil?Kelisa?Kenari?Atos?or???(I dont know)

Monday, July 21, 2008


Yesterday, when I went out to collect my clothes, I heard the door "BANG!" closed by wind.
oh that damn wind again!!! but nevermind lah, at least it's not locked.
When I went in and tried to open it, then I realised......
ah!!!I didn't bring out anything, not even my mobile phone, wallet.....nothing!
what to do leh?......Frankie went to church and most of the friends maybe gone out...
arhhh, a gloomy Sunday morning X(
but, waiting for help is like waiting for nothing! So I went out to search for help.....erm...
the corridor-EMPTY,not even a single shadow. Then I start searching for friends.
The first victim is Daniel(haha...XP)
Knock!Knock!(hopefully he's in coz he went out quite frequently)
Then oh! Luckily he was in that time. So, I borrowed his phone and called
En. Bukhori(our warden)
"Maaf ya, En. kat luarlah...kat Selayang, mungkin hanya akan balik satu jam lagi..."
"Tak apalah, saya boleh tunggu."
So, I stayed in Daniel's room while waiting for him. We chat and talked about each other.
(Daniel, sorry for bothering you...haha XP)
Then, time sure passed fast. En. Bukhori came back and he opened the door for me. Arrhh...paiseh nia (because it's already the second time)
Then things settle down and I went back to Daniel's room before going for lunch.
When En. Bukhori talked to me, he said a word
that shocked me, guess what? It's
"my dear, the door wont lock itself"
coz in my family, we don call each other
with words like "HONEY,DEAR,DARLING..."
Don say anymore lah, I have a cold shiver....hahaHA

My school,room & roomate.

It has been the third week since I left Penang and came to KBU. I was placed in a room which consist of a double-bed room & a single-bed room. I was placed in the double-bed room together with my roomate who is also taking AUSMAT for Architecture,

but I'm going to Australia while he's going to New Zealand. He is a Sarawakian, from Sibu (quite farlah from Penang). Untill today everything seems to run smoothly.
my wardrobe
Frankie & I
My bed.....the bed sheet looks like those get from the army(colour is dull XD)

The room is quite windy, especially during night time. I like it very much but from the view of Feng Shui, a place which is always windy will form another "medium" which is suitable for the spirit(haha...XP..choi!)h

Friday, July 18, 2008


昨天,我们一组八人(exceptAinin)到"Mr.凹" 的网站看Malaysian Study要选什么题目。以下就是:

1.May 13 1969 tragedy: A research on its incidents. (挖老A.....Mr.凹才刚刚教而已.OUT!!!)
2.Struggle For Independence in Perak, Selangor and Negeri Sembilan(显nia...明明就是历史!OUT!!!)
3.Elaborate the Concept of Parliamentary Democracy and Constitutional Monarchy system in Malaysia.(还OK咯。。但是不是第一选择)OUT!!!
4.MSC:the Concept of Mega Infrastructures and its implementation(没兴趣..OUT!!
5.Constitution is the highest law in this country. Elaborate the main articles in the Constitution.(没兴趣..OUT!!)
6.Struggle for independence in Pahang, Negeri Sembilan and Perak. (显nia...明明就是历史!OUT!!!)
7.Discuss on the Election System in Malaysia. (感觉来了。。但不是很强OUT!!!)
8.Malaysia has achieved its target by following the national policies. Discuss.( 没兴趣..OUT!!
9.Japanese Occupation in Malaya: Focus on factors & effects. (显nia...明明就是历史!OUT!!!)
10.State and elaborate the chronological of colonization in Malaya since 1511-1641(显nia...明明就是历史!OUT!!!)
11.I.S.A: A research of its relevance.(很敏感勒!OUT!!!)
12.Multi Racial Ehtnics and National Integration.How to maintain the stability among all races.(显nia...来来去去都一样的OUT!!!!)
13.Malaysian Dilemma after the 12th General Election 2008.(你说呢?HAHAhaha!)
14.Tun Dr Mahathir: A Critical review of the Father of Modernization(显nia...来来去去都一样的OUT!!!!)
15.A biography of Tun Tan Cheng Lock. (walaulao......IT's ALL ABOUT HISTORY...XO)


Malaysian Dilemma after the 12th General Election 2008.(蛮敏感一下 (X_X)但是我们是de factorTEAM....haha(U!不要暗笑!)

oklah,jokes over.其实我还蛮担心的,因为如果我们飞不上枝头----就是摔死!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


It has been about two weeks since I left my home........


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Days spent with 'Sam Gu'

Last saturday, when I was reading newspaper in the library, my phone rang and it was Sam Gu (my third auntie). I was quite surprised when she said that she is on the way to KL with sam gu chong(my third uncle). She asked me to stay at home untill she came. We planned to go to IKEA and I ask Beng Hee whether he want to follow us or not. He nodded. Later, in the evening my sam gu reached here and we went together to IKEA.

For people like Ah Beng, who had never sit in a Mezzz before, he was so excited but luckily not untill the level of sia shui-ing.(haha...XP)

IKEA is sure a big place for shoppers who want to buy furniture etc.At about 8 p.m., we met with Ah Kim jiejie at a restaurant and we have our dinner there. I thought that we r heading back after this, but sam gu insist to make us stay overnight. Ok loh....but i donnoe whether Ah Beng got things to do or not....but,agin he show his natural habit again....(-_-lll)

It's sure a nice trip with sam gu and sam gu chong, thanks ya!and also ah kim jiejie for the accomodation!! XD

Saturday, July 12, 2008

TWO Weeks in KBU

Together with my Father and uncle, we arrived at KBU on 1 of July. The registration took quite a long time and later is speech by the 'orang besar' and VVIP (ok..lah,better than the one in CLHS) XP .Then, we get our key and WALAH!! Headed to our hostel. There is basically two type of hostel . One is Central Point (older but nearer to KBU), another Student House (a condo-type of hostel which is further and nice from far, far frm nice.... XD). I'm in the previous one (luckily)

Then the first day spent in the hostel with my Sarawakian roomate-Frankie!!! OK lah,but a bit boring....the room is very simple, a desk, a bed, a cupboard and a three-ppl shard toilet. There is a cafe named ATC under our hostel, so it's quite convinient to get our meal.

The next day, we were briefed on some thing about our course and another day passed like this...SIENZZZZZZZzzzzzzzZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

On the next day is a half-day orientation. In the morning is class, then orientation in the afternoon. It's quite creative but I dont think the games we played suit us, teenager who has zest of energy,very well....ermm... it's like telling u to memorise some principles.....etc.

During the weekend, Frankie,Jynn Jyh ,Beng Hee and I went to One-Utama shopping mall, by walking (so eco-friendly, I like it very much,except when it rains XP) We strolled from floor to floor, from old wing to new wing starting from 2 something untill 5 p.m. Actually, we should be coming back earlier but we waited PATIENTLY for Beng Hee, who was caught by the excitement and thrillig finale battle of DOTTA held at the lobby.

one-utama shooping mall

OK lah, report untill here first coz the school computer's keyboard is extremely hard to press....but at least can be used lah. Have a nice day my friends, family and take care!