Sunday, September 27, 2009

Last day being a tourguide

This post is about the last day Tony stayed in Penang (I skipped the day Ms Effa came, those who wanted to know about it, check it out in facebook)
At the entrance
"Ang Ang Bo hai lang"

People were rushing, we were busy taking photos. XD

Another cable car we met on the way.

side view (I forgotten to rotate my picture)
Entering the tunnel......WOO!! HOOoo~~

Scenery at the top. It'll be nicer if you view it during a sea of gem stones
Below are proves of those visited Penang Hill:

I thought GIRL LOVE ME? (=__=)

Mr Mushroom?
Translation: Pig's head, pig's body, pig's leg and pig's fur visited this place!!!
OMG!!! Even team rocket??
"Meow...THAT's right!!"

I like this. As if Ginger and Tony were sharing their love life with each others XP

What if I jump?

Stopped by at Botanical Garden

aka Monkey Boy!!
I know this post is simple....
I'm simply tired to write too long.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Days being a tourguide (after being a biker)

Like what the title has told you, after being a biker I decided to be a part time tour guide. This is because my friend, Tony is coming to Penang to spend his Raya holiday. (It's better than letting yourself rot in the studenthouse...haha)
Yes....PART TIME, which mean I'm not a professional one and I don't think I'm a good one either. (=___=) Therefore, I found myself a PART TIME assistant tourguide from a list of Penangites:
1. Ginger - Went to Hatyai with his family (reason accepted)
2. Jaevon - Kena jaga rumah sebab tiada orang kat rumah
(is this a valid reason? NO!!) No offence to ah ma. XP
3. Atiqah - Masih dalam RAYA mode
4. Izat - Sama jugak, masih dalam RAYA mode.
5. Hooi Ying & Joel - Don't want to trouble them since they're not on the island.
OMG!!! This means I was left with the ONLY choice......
Put your hands together for KCV's hubby!! BENG BENG!!
Okay, enough of rubbish intro, let's move on to the main content of this post.
1st day aka 1st station: Penang National Park/Canopy Walk/Keracut Beach
A picture at the entrance
(actually, we took this after we came out from the park.....lousy...)
My part time assistant tourguide - BENG BENG
This is his 1st time visiting Penang National Park after being a Penangite for 19 years and 1 month +..... (no comment)
The canopy walk
Empat sekuntum.....Empat sekawan? (^~^)V
Saw the one sitting on the stone?
It's just halfway, but my part time assistant is already panting like he's going to fell unconscious.
KCV!!! Mouth-to-mouth resuscitation!!!
Finally!! We arrived safely!! After one and a half hour plus of torturing
(according to BENG BENG)
Another shot at the hanging bridge before we enter the beach area.
Ladies & gentlemen, meet my friend - Tony, a Sabahan.
Tony : VOO hoo!!!
The sand was DAMN hot HOT HOT !!!
As hot as Megan Fox.... (she's not that hot afterall) XP
One of the special spot in Penang National Park - The Meromictic Lake
It means the lake is like a transvestite SPECIAL.
It consists 2 layers of water - seawater and freshwater. Besides, due to it's location in between of the rivermouth and the sea, the hotter and denser seawater will sink to the bottom while the cooler and less dense freshwater will float to the top. This cause the lakewater to be cool on the surface and hotter at the bottom.
The sandy beach was cleaner and less polluted than those found at Batu Ferringhi.

So, we decided to taste some!!!
According to Tony, they taste like cheesecake!!
Want some?

Side effects after consuming the cheesecake flavoured sand:

Some will suddenly become emotional (like Sarah) XP

Some will start posing around like as if they were participating in PNTM
(Penang Next Top Model)

For lovebirds, they will start missing another half of them....
Basically, they become lovesicked!!

aiyo....sudah kenakan orang lain, terpaksalah kenakan sendiri.....
Some will start dancing and singing around like what you see in "Hairspray" and "Mama Mia"
(__ ____ lll)
We strolled along the beach for around half an hour and decided to head back because the day is turning dark already.
(seperti sedang mendulang) XD

I had my evening snack before departing back.

SEE!!! (180 degrees change in tone)
People come here in PAIRS!!!
(strong stench of acidic fluid)
How about US?!!
Gay couples??? (sob...sob...)

Wait a second!!!
Who CARES anyway????!!!
As long as we have fun and enjoy the trip!!
Till here then, CHEERs!!!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Tale of a biker (by Kelvin)

Few days ago, when I just came back from KL, I went cycling together with my friends. It's my first time in my 18 years of life as a Penangite to cycle from my house to the town area.
I can't really use other words to describe it, but only
Actually the blog title was not suggested by me..... it's my always-crazy friend, Kelvin. (he asked me to include him in my blog XP Anyone interested in him can get his number from me....better think twice... erbs!) We cycled to Georgetown, which has just received the title of 'Heritage City' and become part of UNESCO's World Heritage Cities Program. The main purpose of cycling all the way there is just to take photo.
Below are the crews:

shao ming

(don't know whether I spelled it correctly or not)

me = my twin brother

Noi noi aka Jun Yik


Kelvin (kawai-ne~....muntah (X__X)

A closer look......kekekkk...(I'm sure he's going to kill me XD)
this is what we call 青春照 , picture that capture all our young memories....
no comment
A clock tower at a roundabout
Komtar- tallest building in Penang
I like the clouds.... but it's DAMN HOT!!!!
market aka 'Ban San' in Hokkien
Kelvin dropped his BALLS..............................
of ice0cream
guess who!!
Shot from my brother
1, 2..... 3!!
Overall, the pictures in this post are not that nice
(because we were busy cycling)
Anyway, it inspired me to round island using bike...
someday...of course XD
-Do wait for my future update-

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Holiday plans

This holiday is quite unexpected.
Tony, Ms Effa and Mr Kamal coming Penang!!!
Wait for my update!!!
HOping to round Penang island using bike!!! haha!!!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


谁任由谁放纵 ?


.... .....

It's never going to be easy for me

Two days ago, I had my EALD oral test and overall, I don't think I did it well. Anyway, I'm satisfied with the entire flow of the questioning session, except for one. Before I was asked to answer the questions given to me, there was a session where the testers have a normal chat with the students. They throw out all sorts of questions, regarding our daily lives, personal background, social life.... etc.
I was given a question, a question which is one of the questions that I hate the MOST in my entire life. I hate to make choices which require to rank things in my life. For example, what's your favourite food? favourite lecturer? favourite artists? worst comic? worst food? and many more.

I think it's because I'm the type that will always try to treat everything evenly, fairly .... .... at least in my own point of view. I don't like to rank things in my life because I believe

(the only difference is how long will it take to stay the same)
I won't be able to give you an actual answer of their rank, they're not something factual!
I don't rank them like what others do and support the ranking with all sorts of rubbish-thesis-statement. But I think I can give you the list for the top three.
I have three answers in my heart when you asked me that question.
An animal, a vegetable and an unknown living thing
(I only gave you 1 answer at that time, because you forced me to) XP

To me, each of them
holds different roles at different time,
in different part of my life.
None of them will be able to substitue one another.
To me, they all differ,
with only one point similar.
They are unique in their own ways.

Choosing not to choose, doesn't mean I don't have a stand.

It's different from choosing vegetables or fruits.................
p/s: If you don't get what I'm writing in this post,
just ignore it.