Friday, October 4, 2013

饭-面堡 Rice& 'Men'-Burger

It's Friday and feel like treating myself something special.
Scanned through the pantry and left-over stuffs in the fridge
and kitchen bench.

and I came up with the idea of another prototype!
Japanese Men-Burger 
& Rice burger!!!

Got teased by my housemate when I was serving it up.
He said "typical men's food huh?"
Well, indeed, it's a 面 (as in 'Ramen') burger a.k.a men-burger.
Got it? XP
Ma rice-burger shimmering in GOLD!

The Men-Burger with its noodle-pattern =P

The inner side of the Men-Burger

Didn't take a cut view of the Rice burger coz they're 
No photo of it after the assembly with a fish fillet patty, and lettuce as well.
Too baaaad~ Just imagine in your mind, won't you?
No kidding, it's so crispy that you will complaint for its over-crispiness 
hhahaha.... it's not a bad munch at all, 
provided that you don't mind the fat from deep frying.

Oh man, back to work again.