Friday, April 29, 2011

Has been a long time...

Easter break just passed and almost everyday was packed like hell,
erm.... I think it's more like heaven and hell.
'Hell' is because it's DAMN tiring
'Heaven' is because I'm with friends.

Seriously, it has been a long time since I last went so hyper. If not mistaken, the very last time I went so hyper, crazy and have this amount of laughter is during my college time. You won't see me acting so hyper and crazy in the Uni, unless you're the same type as me and know me pretty well.

I just can't find someone to go crazy and hyper like before..... just can't find.....
or maybe just haven't found? hope so! =D

Looking forward,
*ucked up,
many more....

I learnt something from my break this year:

"Instead of hibernating in your comfort zone, and do all sorts of indoor activities during your break,
It's always better to organize something and break away WE GO!"

"The time on Earth is always the same,
the only thing differs is who're the person you spending it with,
and the memories you all have"

Hopefully, I won't be too busy till I can't update you guys about the trip.

Class recommences ...... gonna get busy!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Adult content

Added 'Adult Content warning' to my blog....
(=  ____  =    )--l-- 

Don't look at my blog or me like this~ 
Please lah...
the blogger is still as lovely and adorable kay~

)3  XOXO
*feeling sick for the rest of the day after that lips smack*


Praying for good weather and 
everything runs smoothly
for this upcoming Easter trip
Ang Kong Po Pee Po Pee 

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Money is?

Just reporting another incident at my working place....

It was a busy night, or should I say "SUPERBly busy"?
The restaurant is basically fully booked, and there's a 20+ people group booking.
I didn't serve them but another colleague of mine did. They were celebrating a birthday and I can say that they're the most generous group of customers so far (since the start of me working in that restaurant).

They basically wiped out all the expensive wines we have in the shop, 
and most of them ended up kind of tipsy. 
The main thing is

There're 3 waiting staffs on that night, and we shared equally among ourselves. The amount of tips I got  is more than the pay I get for a night...... they're indeed very generous.

But... But .... But..... excess money always bring some conflicts, doesn't it?

After we divided the tips among ourselves (the waiting staffs), the boss told us that we should tip the kitchen hands as well.(but it's all up to us, coz the tips are meant for the waiting staffs) There're 3 kitchen hands, so we (the 3 waiting staffs) should tip 1 kitchen hand each. I grabbed all the small change I got (like one third of the tip I received) and handed to 1 of the kitchen hands. Another male waiting staff did the same to another kitchen hand.

But, the female waiting staff who haven't tipped any kitchen hand just stand there and acted like nothing has happened.

"WTF?! Will you die by sharing some of your tip?
*I know I've been using foul language on my blog recently.... 
but that's the best way to express my feelings*

Normally, she's always acting like as if she's very close with the kitchen hands and normally she would spend at least 5 minutes chatting with them before leaving the restaurant.

But, I'm not surprised to see how she reacted tonight, she's just another bitch on the street.
I don't like to back-stab others, but I just can't stand the way she treated others when it comes to money.

*click the GIF file below if it's not running automatically*

name brand sunglasses

I should have shown this to the poor kitchen staff who's not been tipped.

Banyak udang, banyak garam, 
Banyak orang, banyak ragam,
Banyak duit?
Mak you pun tak dapt CAM!



Saturday, April 16, 2011

hmm...I need some spice

Even though life's been busier than before,
but I just still feel that I need a pinch of spice......
spice into my life, star anise, chinese 五香粉,cinnamon sticks, garlic, dried chillies ....
and reduce on sugar intake.

For the past few weeks, I have been high on chocolate, ice cream..... etc.
but I tak mau diabetes
and spare tyres
haha..... XP

Another random post....

One of the drawings I did in the drawing class.
A1 size, done within 5 minutes with red and black ink 
(so you can imagine the quality of it) 
my friends called it "血洗赤壁 - Walls-of-after-war"
I call it "Chocolate in Cherry Dipping Sauce" ...... erbs~

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Sustainability... ha... ha... haaa...

Few days ago, we had a group discussion based on the reading material we were given during our History and Theory in Design tutorial session. Some how.... I felt like, WE , the future potential architects should present our assignments in another way. A way where no lies should be told.

Of course, we have to sell our designs and ideas with all the positive characteristics.
But, I think we should add in another session after all the positives are finish presented.
A session where we tell the clients, the tutors, the lecturers or who ever it can be, about the shit in our designs.

Then, why are we calling our design SUSTAINABLE? or 'more sustainable'?
From the view point of a pessimist, I personally think that we should name it 'less destructive'.

"Not that we are trying to deny the truth, but we are trying to look more positive."

"PO---po-poo--poo-po-po-po positive?  Porrrre-LARN la!hahaha...." XP

haha.... I know it's kind of harsh to put it this way. 
But it's good to know that we are actually nothing at all.

This is what you get when we know too much.
Destruction and Sustainability ....
just a line between them?

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



词曲唱都很不错,只是悲了点 :' )

(感觉上有点自己讲,自己爽的感觉...who cares?)

可以说“藕断丝连”吧?还是 fatt hau leh?






Assignments! 等我噢

(=_____=  lll)