Saturday, December 26, 2009

a trip with a bag on your back

Oh.....My........GODD!!! (what a lousy starting...)
I can't believe I let my blog rotting at this corner for more than 1 month!!
I think my blogging skill is going to be like the slug in the woods....

IT SUCKs....(lame....)
For those who do not know, I've finished my foundation course in KL.
This means I won't be going back to KL!! (maybe in future)
Okay, back to the topic.
Instead of letting our selves rotting at our own house during our 2 weeks holiday,
Chang Win (main organizer)suggested us to go on a tour around the north region of peninsula Malaysia.
(sorry, Kelantan is not in our list, somebody's gonna feel ..........SAD)
A trip has to be built up from a few members (only bustard who do not know this..XP), so does our team.


CHANG WIN koko & his gf (sweet~)

This one is without his gf XP

Fellow members: The weird'ss

Nicholas - the cutie representative
SOMEBODY's gonna fall sick tomorrow!

Beng Beng - The retarded representative (KCV likey!Yey~)


Wei Xin - The not-so-innocent representative

me : Self praise is never a praise, so does self-humiliation. (^~^)V

The see-act-see'ss:

Claire aka Fern - the lousy yet not-so-sexy pole dancer

(balik kampung tanam jagung lah...haha)

Ginger - Spicey~ and HOT~~~

(alamak! dah terbakar ni!!!)

Last and least......

KCV: RUN ah!!!

On the first day, we visited Penang National Park (one of my favourite spot in Penang). As usual, we hiked there and spend the whole afternoon there before hiking back. When people are bored, they can do all sorts of stuffs.

Like these......
Fern: Who's NEXT?!

I found out that my brother actually form a good combination with Ginger!

We were busy koreking our oysters while the fishermen busy with their fishing stuffs.

The result!!!

Pools of oysters!!

Ginger: Work!!
Beng: Yes....Master JJ.....

JJ: Let me take a nap while the slaves are working.....
without noticing....
one escaped......
some really put their life into the work....haha

some busy checking the diameter of their muscles...
Nicholas: Dear biceps, are you guys alright?
biceps: .................. ...........................

When the trip starts, I can see that everyone is looking forward to it and I hope I didn't dissapointed those who anticipated it.

Everybody has a style..... so do weeee!!!!

Group picture at the entrance before the beach.

Funny notice board at the registration counter.

A knot is tied to our friendship and so does this post.
When you have read this post, do come back for the second one.....till the end :)

-END of the 1st-